BLOG: Guerra feels defeated

Annette Guerra
Oct 26, 2010


Struggling. That is the word that describes my October. 

When the FIT Challenge started in January, I was fired up and ready to go. Now, 10 months later, I'm lucky if I can even concentrate on the diet and exercise. 

My motivation has definitely dwindled. I feel partially that I've been defeated already since Gary is beating me by such a large margin. 

It makes me even more depressed knowing that I wanted to win so bad and now doesn't seem like there's much hope in that.

I know this isn't all about the challenge and it is about me being healthier and fit and I'm hoping once this challenge passes and I'm out of the starlight, I can concentrate on me.  I know how to do it and what it takes to do it, but for now I think I'm just in a deep slump.

I wanted to thank the couple readers that did respond to my request last week on getting some diet advice. It was all great advice and I really appreciated it.







Annette. Is "Guerra feels defeated" your actual feelings? What can I say to you young lady? Struggling? Life is a struggle but I am very happy to wake up each morning with all of my aches and pains and health problems. Do you feel like you are under the microscope? Don't feel that way. The Fit Challenge is NOT a race against the other two. The challenge is only for you. You set out to become more healthy. If I recall, I said if you lost 30 pounds in a year, then you have attained your goal. I believe that you went way past that. Sometimes you need a little vacation from the challenge. But don't take a permanent vacation. Being healthy is a life long commitment. I would love to be a couch potato and eat all of the good tasting junk foods. But I want to stay around a few more years if the Supreme Being doesn't call me home. I get depressed at times. I think that all people do from time to time. Don't worry about what Gary is doing. It's all about YOU. Remember that I told you that there is only one of you and you are very unique. This challenge is all about you to become healthier. It only been 10 months. Look towards the next 10 years in becoming more healthy. That's 120 months. You have traveled only 10 months. That is just baby steps and look what you have attained so far. The only race that matters is your own for your own health. Look back on the 10 months and see the success that you have attained. You take 3 steps forward and 2 back. After you take 300 steps forward and 200 back, you are still 100 steps ahead. Does that make sense to you, young lady Annette?