BLOG: Rufus, You Have Lost Your Mind

Bryan Dubois
Oct 26, 2010

It's not fair that online readers don't get to shake their heads at this week's Rufus Sanders column, so here it is in its entirety:

And since it's not fair that Rufus spouts his left wing religious beliefs without response:

This political season is as toxic as it gets.

Of course it's "toxic."  But had the tables been reversed and the Dem's had the momentum, this toxicity would've been described as "positive energy."

It is only a mid-term election but you would think this was a presidential year.   

Because in Rufus's world, the electorate isn't supposed to be interested in politics during mid-term elections.

But maybe it really is in that it’s the successful policies of President Obama that is being challenged by right-winged angry conservatives, lost independents   , confused libertarians, “crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers,” and other impatient, ill-informed, and unreasonable Americans.   

Because if you oppose Obama's policies you must be either scared or ignorant.  In Rufus's mind, there's no such thing as opposition based on principle.  Also, the obvious:  Successful policies of President Obama?  [snort!]

While it is expected by many the Republicans will win back the House and maybe even take the Senate, I predict the Democrats will surprise even themselves and carry the day.

Rufus, you've lost your mind.

Despite slumping poll numbers and the hateful rhetoric I still have faith the American voter will see through the emptiness of the “do nothing” Republicans and the fragmented “no we can’t” tea party and do the right thing.   

Wait Rufus, you just called all of those people "angry," "lost," "confused," "crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers" "Impatient," "ill-informed" and "unreasonable Americans" but now you profess to have faith in them?   There's a new political tactic for you:  Rufus will call you names unless you vote for Democrats.

I just don’t see how any thinking person would want to go back to the failed administration policies of 2001-’08.

Actually I think people are opposed to a $13 trillion dollar debt and government run health care - neither of which plagued the country 2001 to 2008.  (Progressives always mislead their audience about the motivations of those who oppose Obama.)

To do so would be insanity and   pure political suicide.

Wrong again Rufus.  "Political suicide" would better describe the practice of  ramming through unpopular legislation without considering the wishes of the American people.  Or are you still trying to figure out the cause of the tea party?

You remember those were the policies that led us into two wars which has cost us over $3 trillion and were the cause of the largest economic collapse this country has seen since the Great Depression,  not to mention the longest war in our history.   


Again, Rufus misleads the audience by not acknowledging the housing crisis which had nothing to do with the war. 

I just don’t believe that the American people will actually put into office the likes of Christine O’Donnell, who has had to explain to us that she is not a witch, while admitting that she did dabble in witchcraft and black magic — all while trying to explain her extreme conservatism.

Believe whatever you want, but if you choose to ignore why supporters are attracted to O'Donnell, you commit political suicide - just like your party has been in the process of doing over the last 2 years.  Voters don't care about the youthful mistakes of O'Donnell - they care about how she will represent them.

It is not only troubling but verges on political lunacy.   

Not really.  (I'm starting to wonder if Rufus understands any phrase that contains the word "political."  If a tactic works during an election cycle, it's obviously not 'political lunacy,' is it?  Political lunacy would be ramming through legislation and then expecting people to praise you for it.

Then there is Sharon Angle in Nevada, who has declared America is   being taken over by Sharia law, while she continues to come off as a questionable backroom political dealer who has said just about any thing to get elected.   

Rufus, you're mixing Angle up with her opponent Harry Reid.  Speaking of which, have you seen Angle's ad that makes fun of Reid describing himself as someone who's on a "fixed income."  [snort!]  To me, Reid better defines a person who will say anything - no matter how outlandish - to stay in office.

Then there is the multi-millionaire Republican Linda McMahon in Connecticut, who is attempting to pay for her Senate run; while not even knowing   what the minimum wage is. Talk about being out of touch!    In New York the conservatives have one of the most embarrassing candidates in years in the big-mouth; intemperate Carl Paladino who wants to be governor, but who is inappropriate...

Yeah, Paladino is just entirely "inappropriate."  His entire being is inappropriate.  Not something he said, or something he did - Rufus believes his entire existence is 'inappropriate."

politically incorrect, insensitive and apparently a flaming homophobe in one of the most culturally diverse areas of the country.

Because in Rufus's world, one must be 'politically' correct.  (Again, does he understand the idea of 'political correctness'?  Does Rufus think that political correctness is something that one should strive for?  And apparently it's okay to be a flaming homosexual - just not a 'flaming homophobe!"  [snort!]

In Ohio there is Rich Iott who wants to represent the 9th district in the House, but who has been photographed wearing an SS uniform.   

...Yeah, because Rich Iott's entire campaign should be discredited because he was a WWII reenactor who was photographed playing a bad guy.

And just to think if these loonies take over we will be stuck with the sleazy, slicklooking, chain-smoking, ultimate insider lobby-peddling   John Boehner as the speaker of the house.

If somebody had trashed Obama like this, Rufus would've went into vapor lock indignation mode - yet it's okay for him to trash Boehner.  (By the way, Rufus, you do know that Obama smokes, right?)

The rest of Rufus's column consists of unsupported claims that Obama is our savior and that the world has been a better place since he was elected.

Or something like that.

The column gets too tiring to read.

Something tells me that Rufus is going to support Obama to the grave.  And we'll have the privilege of reading every Obama-based (or race-based) column of his until then.

 Just remember:  We are the ones we've been waiting for!!


6079 Smith W

 @ Duhast: 

I've seen it.     Annenberg is a lefty organization. I should trust them why?   Got a non-partisan political site?   Hey, I’m willing to be convinced – I just ain’t there with ya. It's obviously bugging you more than it is me. I'm OK living with my doubt.   Ultimately it's the guy's politics I can't stand, not where he was or wasn't born.   When I moved back to OH, the driver’s license bureau wanted an actual SS card.   I highly doubt that I coulda gotten away with a photocopy, ala: “Certificate of Live Birth.”  
6079 Smith W


bs writes:

“I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia.”  

So what’s on the agenda today agent?



I thought factcheck was pretty non-partisan myself. 

When I went to get my driver's permit (back in the day) I needed a birth certificate.  We brought a certificate from the hospital that my mom thought was a birth cirtificate.  They made us go to the court house and get an official embossed birth cirtificate copy. 

Have you ever gotten a passport?  You have to send in that original copy.  They do not accept photo-copies.  Then they return it you you with the passport.  Assuming Obama is not a citizen, then he could not have gotten a US passport for travels abroad before and after becoming a senator. 


Golly Gee Mr. Duhast youins sure are smart. Dem words like nonseketur sure are pretty you must be one of dem dere fellows dat went to harvyard. I has to ask Bubba what  nonseketur means. I might got no book larnin but I got backwoods smarts and I knows when somebody is a lyin to me. Yall don't worry causin Hank Williams Jr. says it all, A country boy can survive.


um, OK.


Ah yes, election eve. The final rock poll is in 8 Iott signs, 1 Marcy Kaptur, 1 Josh Mandell and 2 Murrat. This  is an exit poll, I'm leaving SBI tomorrow before the snow comes this weekend.

brutus smith

 Do you need help getting that hook out of your mouth? Ask bryan, I'm sure you 2 like minded individuals can get it out.

Pastor Ron

Goofus = Sinner Troll


Troll? We'll kinda sort of, I do so enjoy riling up libtards in hopes of converting some uniformed citizens into the fold of conservatism. Sinner? A definite yes! For awhile I was like Charlie Sheen's character in "Two and a Half Men". Out grew the Charlie Sheenism but never my conservativism. In college I was a flaming liberal but after going to work for a living I grew up.


Oh by the way, we attack at dawn tomorrow.


Oy!! Mama Mia!! Pastor Ron!! Where have you been? Still crying because the Supreme Being took all the money that you tossed into the air? I thought that your sermon was very funny. It goes well with the photo of your church that I posted a couple of weeks ago.


Reading Sunday's paper I see that Mattie stated "I found myself tamping down my bleeding liberal heart......"   Proof that this paper is biased. The same editor who backed McClung as the best police chief now says pick Kaptur. Such a biased statement from a liberal. Oh, and don't vote for that repuke judge Yarbrough. Vote for Howdy Doody or anybody else than Yarbrough. I checked up on Yarbrough and found some very negative information about him. Don't give Tone or Binnette any courtesy votes. They are unopposed. Too many courtesy votes keep others from running for judge.

Julie R.

I checked up on Yarbrough, too, and NEGATIVE isn't the word for it. As for Binette-----I would NEVER in a million years ever give HIM a courtesy vote! 

Julie R.

It was said that after Binette was elected the first time ( the 4th judge that wasn't supposed to cost the taxpayers a dime )  he gave his entire staff generous 30% raises. Wonder if he will again after this election? Remember how he also arrogantly gave his well-deserving magistrates, Christopher Stallkamp (choke) and the other one a big raise over the objections of the county commissioners?Binette has showed his true colors right from the start. 


The Ragister and Mattie sure did remove this particular story really fast from the top comments on the main page. Maybe because the newer comments were not politically correct?


Just watch all of the clueless people give Binette courtesy votes because they have no idea how to vote. They go to the polls and have no idea what is on the ballots and then go eeny meeny miny moe and vote blindly. They think that a ballot has to be filled in completely. Most people have short memories. Remember this story about King Binette? "Common Pleas Judge Roger Binette has become the first Erie County judge since 1989 to issue a court order to set his budget, a move that didn't sit well with the Erie County Commissioners. But commissioners criticized him for raising the pay of his two magistrates by $7,000 apiece and compared him to a quarterback deserting his team during a football game"  Don't give courtesy votes. Courtesy votes discourage  others from running for office. If an unopposed incumbent gets over 50% of the votes from those who bother to vote, it shows confidence to that incumbent. If the incumbent only gets 40% courtesy or confidence votes, then a future candidate may think that they might have a better chance of winning because of the 60% non-courtesy votes or lack of confidence votes, in essence a no vote to the incumbent.


That's why I get absontee ballots. That way, I can sit at home and do proper research on every item.