BLOG: Rufus, You Have Lost Your Mind

Bryan Dubois
Oct 26, 2010

It's not fair that online readers don't get to shake their heads at this week's Rufus Sanders column, so here it is in its entirety:

And since it's not fair that Rufus spouts his left wing religious beliefs without response:

This political season is as toxic as it gets.

Of course it's "toxic."  But had the tables been reversed and the Dem's had the momentum, this toxicity would've been described as "positive energy."

It is only a mid-term election but you would think this was a presidential year.   

Because in Rufus's world, the electorate isn't supposed to be interested in politics during mid-term elections.

But maybe it really is in that it’s the successful policies of President Obama that is being challenged by right-winged angry conservatives, lost independents   , confused libertarians, “crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers,” and other impatient, ill-informed, and unreasonable Americans.   

Because if you oppose Obama's policies you must be either scared or ignorant.  In Rufus's mind, there's no such thing as opposition based on principle.  Also, the obvious:  Successful policies of President Obama?  [snort!]

While it is expected by many the Republicans will win back the House and maybe even take the Senate, I predict the Democrats will surprise even themselves and carry the day.

Rufus, you've lost your mind.

Despite slumping poll numbers and the hateful rhetoric I still have faith the American voter will see through the emptiness of the “do nothing” Republicans and the fragmented “no we can’t” tea party and do the right thing.   

Wait Rufus, you just called all of those people "angry," "lost," "confused," "crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers" "Impatient," "ill-informed" and "unreasonable Americans" but now you profess to have faith in them?   There's a new political tactic for you:  Rufus will call you names unless you vote for Democrats.

I just don’t see how any thinking person would want to go back to the failed administration policies of 2001-’08.

Actually I think people are opposed to a $13 trillion dollar debt and government run health care - neither of which plagued the country 2001 to 2008.  (Progressives always mislead their audience about the motivations of those who oppose Obama.)

To do so would be insanity and   pure political suicide.

Wrong again Rufus.  "Political suicide" would better describe the practice of  ramming through unpopular legislation without considering the wishes of the American people.  Or are you still trying to figure out the cause of the tea party?

You remember those were the policies that led us into two wars which has cost us over $3 trillion and were the cause of the largest economic collapse this country has seen since the Great Depression,  not to mention the longest war in our history.   


Again, Rufus misleads the audience by not acknowledging the housing crisis which had nothing to do with the war. 

I just don’t believe that the American people will actually put into office the likes of Christine O’Donnell, who has had to explain to us that she is not a witch, while admitting that she did dabble in witchcraft and black magic — all while trying to explain her extreme conservatism.

Believe whatever you want, but if you choose to ignore why supporters are attracted to O'Donnell, you commit political suicide - just like your party has been in the process of doing over the last 2 years.  Voters don't care about the youthful mistakes of O'Donnell - they care about how she will represent them.

It is not only troubling but verges on political lunacy.   

Not really.  (I'm starting to wonder if Rufus understands any phrase that contains the word "political."  If a tactic works during an election cycle, it's obviously not 'political lunacy,' is it?  Political lunacy would be ramming through legislation and then expecting people to praise you for it.

Then there is Sharon Angle in Nevada, who has declared America is   being taken over by Sharia law, while she continues to come off as a questionable backroom political dealer who has said just about any thing to get elected.   

Rufus, you're mixing Angle up with her opponent Harry Reid.  Speaking of which, have you seen Angle's ad that makes fun of Reid describing himself as someone who's on a "fixed income."  [snort!]  To me, Reid better defines a person who will say anything - no matter how outlandish - to stay in office.

Then there is the multi-millionaire Republican Linda McMahon in Connecticut, who is attempting to pay for her Senate run; while not even knowing   what the minimum wage is. Talk about being out of touch!    In New York the conservatives have one of the most embarrassing candidates in years in the big-mouth; intemperate Carl Paladino who wants to be governor, but who is inappropriate...

Yeah, Paladino is just entirely "inappropriate."  His entire being is inappropriate.  Not something he said, or something he did - Rufus believes his entire existence is 'inappropriate."

politically incorrect, insensitive and apparently a flaming homophobe in one of the most culturally diverse areas of the country.

Because in Rufus's world, one must be 'politically' correct.  (Again, does he understand the idea of 'political correctness'?  Does Rufus think that political correctness is something that one should strive for?  And apparently it's okay to be a flaming homosexual - just not a 'flaming homophobe!"  [snort!]

In Ohio there is Rich Iott who wants to represent the 9th district in the House, but who has been photographed wearing an SS uniform.   

...Yeah, because Rich Iott's entire campaign should be discredited because he was a WWII reenactor who was photographed playing a bad guy.

And just to think if these loonies take over we will be stuck with the sleazy, slicklooking, chain-smoking, ultimate insider lobby-peddling   John Boehner as the speaker of the house.

If somebody had trashed Obama like this, Rufus would've went into vapor lock indignation mode - yet it's okay for him to trash Boehner.  (By the way, Rufus, you do know that Obama smokes, right?)

The rest of Rufus's column consists of unsupported claims that Obama is our savior and that the world has been a better place since he was elected.

Or something like that.

The column gets too tiring to read.

Something tells me that Rufus is going to support Obama to the grave.  And we'll have the privilege of reading every Obama-based (or race-based) column of his until then.

 Just remember:  We are the ones we've been waiting for!!


brutus smith

 Who is la lydia and what accredited new agency does he/she work for?

6079 Smith W

bs writes:

Really bothers you doesn't it. Good!

So you're admitting that you're a troll? Good for you!


brutus smith

 Ok winnie you got me, I fess up. I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia, assigned to watch right wingnuts posing as Libertarians. Also I Fact check far right wingnut bloggers. 



Wasn’t I just having a conversation with you about the Iott Nazi photos where you said that you didn’t (paraphrase) propagate the internet photos of Obama??


When will you realize that by continuing on this insane course you can not be taken seriously with anything you post?   Is Elvis still alive?  Was there someone on the grassy knoll?  The president is the son of a Kenyan and black.  Deal with it. Get over it.  Get a life. 

 Bryan Dubois,

Wasn’t much a rebuttal.  More like talking points and straw man arguments.  OK, so Rufus is expressing his opinion in the opinion section.  Woopty do!  But I didn’t read any actual statements that had a counter point or conflicting facts.  In stead, you chose to take a 5th grader attitude.  One of your responses was “Rufus, you've lost your mind.”  mso-bidi-font-style:italic">Really?  That’s all you had? 


color:#363630;font-style:normal;mso-bidi-font-style:italic">  I’m really not seeing anything false here.  O’Donnell DID dabble in witchcraft.  Angle DID make these public statements about Sharia law.  Iott WAS photographed in a SS uniform.  And Boehner DOES have large connections to lobbyists.  And mind you, the chain smoking and unnatural skin color makes him look pretty sleazy.  But that’s MY opinion. I think some of you could have used a dose of the Rally to Restore Sanity.




  color:#363630;font-style:normal;mso-bidi-font-style:italic">So, in conclusion, I’m sorry Rufus hurt your tea partying feelings, but lets at least try and make sensible rebuttals here.  Oooohh, the president smokes.  I would too if I had his job.  He11, I’d have to be on “Presidential Painkillers” and about two interns a day.


Very interesting says artie johnson in a german uniform. Us Tea Party members can't help it, in the words of JohnF.Kerry,who served in Viet Nam on swift boats, we have lost our minds. Then how did libtards lose their memory? While being heckled at a blumenthal fund raiser Osama came up with a good one. By the way, why is Odama campaigning in states that were supposed to be a sure lock for democraps, but i digress. His response to some of the heckling was that Okama and his party were funding aids research and the other side is not. Excuse me but with a few of my tax dollars in there I'm funding aids research. Then I remembered being angry at Bush for all the money he gave for aids in africa so my next post is part of an article from the Washington Times.  But then again all us tea partiers are racist as well as the republicans.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. Discussion Guidelines


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. Discussion Guidelines


goofus..i find it interesting that you posted the 2 articles about everything bush has done to help the aids cause.  bush allocated and raised more money than any other prez for this cause.

however, obamass doesn't think so.  matter of fact obamass believes that he has done more for aids than bush!  see statement below.

"Not long into the Obama's stump speech, he was heckled by AIDS activists, whose presence clearly rattled him. "

"Excuse me, excuse me -- let me just say this," the president scolded. "Young people! You've been appearing at every rally we've been doing, and we are funding global AIDS, and the other side is not."

and the other side is not?  obamass is a LIAR!

Read more:

brutus smith

 What does aids have to do with this election? Oh that right, trying to prove you are not racist. I bet you have a black friend too.

6079 Smith W
Duhast wrote:   “(I) didn’t (paraphrase) propagate the internet photos of Obama??”   I have no idea what you’re referring to; you’ll have to do better.   So simply asking for more confirmatory documentation is nonsensical? Good to know that you accept the word of politicians as substantial proof.   Race has never been the issue – politics and trust are.  

For example: I enjoy reading and listening to Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell – both are black and both are  libertarian thinkers.  

Massengill Wins...

Winston, it appears that Duhast was calling you out for posting fake photos of Obama.  It doesn't surprise me that you lack the intellect to figure that one one.  For some playing dumb is not a very difficult task.  I guess you don't see a problem with posting photos that are fake when you post your arguments and other nonsense that you know is not true. 


"Libtards", "Obamass"???  There is no use debating with children.  And Winston, if you choose to pretend that these well documented and visually recorded incidents didn't happen, you need to lay off the pipe 1st thing in the morning.  

6079 Smith W

 @ Duhast:

If you wanna call a web based laser printed piece, "well documented and visually recorded" – so be it. As far as I'm concerned you're entitled to your opinion.

As I've written previously, I don't believe, I don't dis-believe - I'm an agnostic on this issue.

No matter how you wanna slice it, that "certificate of live birth" ain't a birth certificate and a mule ain't a horse.

Heck, Bernie Madoff had people believing for 20 yrs, that he knew the "secrets of Wall St." and could create 10% annual ROI regardless of market conditions. I coulda told you that it ain’t possible.

The skeptic in me likens to Reagan - Trust, but verify. Circumstances surrounding Obie's birth haven't been verified to my satisfaction.

“Pipe”? Are you speaking from personal experience with use of the Obie hopium pipe?


brutus, just pointing out that obamass is a big liar!  i mean if you are stumping for someone you shouldn't be up there making one lie after another.  oh wait he's a leftwinged radical, thats typical behavior.  when your a habitual liar it is hard to stop.  it must be painful for the obamass family not knowing what is real and whats a lie!


Mikel, read Brian Dubois's definition of troll in his blog about the election being over. Never argue with trolls like Brutus and femine hygene man. It excites them. Normal people can realize the fallacies and irrational responses they generate. Unlike the dems, we know people aren't stupid and in a few days people should show them. I'm anxiously awaiting my winter hiatus in Florida to partake of the victory parties of Marco Rubio. Afterall the hard grassroots work, it's gonna be great.


OH Golly Gee O Donnell dabbled in witchcraft,can I assume you have the name of the person that witnessed it? In Eldridge Cleaver's book he stated that Dr. Martin Luther King has a fondness for caucasian prostitutes. I'll take Samantha Stevens please, but you can keep the first Darrin, never liked the second. With a twitch of her nose she could fix the world's problems. Unless your a muslim what offense was made by Angle's statement about Sharia Law. If Sharia Law was here, that guy in Norwalk would have gotten off for shaking the baby, he was just correcting bad behavior. Iott dressed in uniforms. Didn't J. Edgar Hoover have a yen for wearing woman's skivvies? And then there was good ole Milton Berle. Oh my gosh John Boehner has lobbyists, I thought you were given them when you were elected. Didn't Marcy Kaptur get a female appendage caught in a ringer with her involvement with the PMA lobbyist group, something about a scandal or ethics or something. Duhast you condescending attitude toward every day people coupled with your elitism make you one good Libtard I reckon. But dem again I ain't as smart as youins. But i is kinda takin to book larnin Mr. Duhast sir.



What type of vehicle does brutus drive around?  Maybe this one?

brutus smith

 Would you believe it if it came out of Christine O'Donnell's own mouth?

brutus smith

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines

brutus smith

 So Sunday night is your night to moderate eh bryan?

6079 Smith W

brutus smith writes:

“I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia.”

Sounds like interesting work, tell us more.

Goofus, I Reckon the live footage on Bill Mahr’s talk show of her admitting to dabbling in witchcraft is proof enough.   The point I made was that the events happened and Rufus reported them. Your defense of the actions is non sequitur.   Elitist? Why do you throw this epithet around like it’s a bad thing? If well educated leaders are such a bad thing, then here’s a challenge for you. Next time you need medical work, go to someone that isn’t educated or trained in the medical field. Try your muffler guy to pull a tooth. Or your plumber to give you a heart bypass. Why would you expect people that pass federal laws to be as equally unqualified?    Winston, So, Obama invented a time machine and went back to put his own birth announcement in the newspaper?? Or is that a fake too? Being agnostic on the subject, you sure do a good job of propagating innuendo. 
6079 Smith W


 @ Duhast:

So "proof" is now reduced to a web based newspaper birth announcement? Other than the fact that it was perhaps printed - what does it prove?

Why all the seeming game of hide and seek? Let’s see a @#$% registered birth certificate; game over - case closed.

Why are Obie’s forces spending thousands of dollars in lawyer fees to keep it out of the public realm?

Ever heard of the phrase: Beyond any reasonable doubt?

See the definition of the word agnostic and just live with the "fact" that there are those who have doubt:

"Time machine"? If he had access to one, ol' narcissistic Obie woulda made himself king. LOL.

Massengill Wins...

So Winston do you ever want to see GWB's discharge papers?   Seems like that was never proven.  Why go after Obama and let Bush slide.  If indeed Bush was AWOL....... shouldn't he have been removed from office?  As far as Obama he has already released a certificate of live birth.  Once you right wingers got the birth certificate you would probably find another reason to go after him.  Sad but true.

6079 Smith W
@ MWS:   Bush ain’t POTUS.   The controversy will most likely die down in 2013 when Obie’s out too.   

So why'd you choose a feminine hygiene product for your user name?

Massengill Wins...

When Bush was POTUS did you call for the release of his discharge papers?  What does it matter?  For starters he should be prosecuted for being AWOL and he should repay the money spent to train him for starters. Why can't you be consistent?  Or can't you admit you are a hypocrite?

Winston, Now the newspaper announcement is fake??? Which other presidents did you demand a birth certificate from? To insinuate that the copy of the birth certificate shown is a fake must be some sort of “grasping at straws” attempt to invalidate Obama’s presidency. Does it make you feel better in your head? Do you think the congress is going to remove him from office? What’s the point constantly making this outrageous claim? It’s been debunked numerous times.   I’m guessing, that since his “real” birth certificate must not be in existence, such things as his drivers license, passport, federal security clearance as a US senator, official Illinois and ballot submission were all just handed to him because they liked his smile.
6079 Smith W
MWS writes:   “What does it matter?”   Exactly.   Bush ain’t currently POTUS.   The bc controversy will most likely die down in 2013 when Obie one-termer is out too.   

So why'd you choose a feminine hygiene product for your user name?


brutus smith

 Good ole winnie, true to form. When he can't answer something instead of just shutting up he moves on to personal attacks. You are so predictable. Still trying to remove that hook in your mouth? ROFLMAO!