BLOG: Rufus, You Have Lost Your Mind

Bryan Dubois
Oct 26, 2010

It's not fair that online readers don't get to shake their heads at this week's Rufus Sanders column, so here it is in its entirety:

And since it's not fair that Rufus spouts his left wing religious beliefs without response:

This political season is as toxic as it gets.

Of course it's "toxic."  But had the tables been reversed and the Dem's had the momentum, this toxicity would've been described as "positive energy."

It is only a mid-term election but you would think this was a presidential year.   

Because in Rufus's world, the electorate isn't supposed to be interested in politics during mid-term elections.

But maybe it really is in that it’s the successful policies of President Obama that is being challenged by right-winged angry conservatives, lost independents   , confused libertarians, “crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers,” and other impatient, ill-informed, and unreasonable Americans.   

Because if you oppose Obama's policies you must be either scared or ignorant.  In Rufus's mind, there's no such thing as opposition based on principle.  Also, the obvious:  Successful policies of President Obama?  [snort!]

While it is expected by many the Republicans will win back the House and maybe even take the Senate, I predict the Democrats will surprise even themselves and carry the day.

Rufus, you've lost your mind.

Despite slumping poll numbers and the hateful rhetoric I still have faith the American voter will see through the emptiness of the “do nothing” Republicans and the fragmented “no we can’t” tea party and do the right thing.   

Wait Rufus, you just called all of those people "angry," "lost," "confused," "crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers" "Impatient," "ill-informed" and "unreasonable Americans" but now you profess to have faith in them?   There's a new political tactic for you:  Rufus will call you names unless you vote for Democrats.

I just don’t see how any thinking person would want to go back to the failed administration policies of 2001-’08.

Actually I think people are opposed to a $13 trillion dollar debt and government run health care - neither of which plagued the country 2001 to 2008.  (Progressives always mislead their audience about the motivations of those who oppose Obama.)

To do so would be insanity and   pure political suicide.

Wrong again Rufus.  "Political suicide" would better describe the practice of  ramming through unpopular legislation without considering the wishes of the American people.  Or are you still trying to figure out the cause of the tea party?

You remember those were the policies that led us into two wars which has cost us over $3 trillion and were the cause of the largest economic collapse this country has seen since the Great Depression,  not to mention the longest war in our history.   


Again, Rufus misleads the audience by not acknowledging the housing crisis which had nothing to do with the war. 

I just don’t believe that the American people will actually put into office the likes of Christine O’Donnell, who has had to explain to us that she is not a witch, while admitting that she did dabble in witchcraft and black magic — all while trying to explain her extreme conservatism.

Believe whatever you want, but if you choose to ignore why supporters are attracted to O'Donnell, you commit political suicide - just like your party has been in the process of doing over the last 2 years.  Voters don't care about the youthful mistakes of O'Donnell - they care about how she will represent them.

It is not only troubling but verges on political lunacy.   

Not really.  (I'm starting to wonder if Rufus understands any phrase that contains the word "political."  If a tactic works during an election cycle, it's obviously not 'political lunacy,' is it?  Political lunacy would be ramming through legislation and then expecting people to praise you for it.

Then there is Sharon Angle in Nevada, who has declared America is   being taken over by Sharia law, while she continues to come off as a questionable backroom political dealer who has said just about any thing to get elected.   

Rufus, you're mixing Angle up with her opponent Harry Reid.  Speaking of which, have you seen Angle's ad that makes fun of Reid describing himself as someone who's on a "fixed income."  [snort!]  To me, Reid better defines a person who will say anything - no matter how outlandish - to stay in office.

Then there is the multi-millionaire Republican Linda McMahon in Connecticut, who is attempting to pay for her Senate run; while not even knowing   what the minimum wage is. Talk about being out of touch!    In New York the conservatives have one of the most embarrassing candidates in years in the big-mouth; intemperate Carl Paladino who wants to be governor, but who is inappropriate...

Yeah, Paladino is just entirely "inappropriate."  His entire being is inappropriate.  Not something he said, or something he did - Rufus believes his entire existence is 'inappropriate."

politically incorrect, insensitive and apparently a flaming homophobe in one of the most culturally diverse areas of the country.

Because in Rufus's world, one must be 'politically' correct.  (Again, does he understand the idea of 'political correctness'?  Does Rufus think that political correctness is something that one should strive for?  And apparently it's okay to be a flaming homosexual - just not a 'flaming homophobe!"  [snort!]

In Ohio there is Rich Iott who wants to represent the 9th district in the House, but who has been photographed wearing an SS uniform.   

...Yeah, because Rich Iott's entire campaign should be discredited because he was a WWII reenactor who was photographed playing a bad guy.

And just to think if these loonies take over we will be stuck with the sleazy, slicklooking, chain-smoking, ultimate insider lobby-peddling   John Boehner as the speaker of the house.

If somebody had trashed Obama like this, Rufus would've went into vapor lock indignation mode - yet it's okay for him to trash Boehner.  (By the way, Rufus, you do know that Obama smokes, right?)

The rest of Rufus's column consists of unsupported claims that Obama is our savior and that the world has been a better place since he was elected.

Or something like that.

The column gets too tiring to read.

Something tells me that Rufus is going to support Obama to the grave.  And we'll have the privilege of reading every Obama-based (or race-based) column of his until then.

 Just remember:  We are the ones we've been waiting for!!




When reading through opinionated newspaper columns, one must wade through the swampy detritus made up of innuendos, fiction, lies, opinions, half truths, hidden facts or whatever.

6079 Smith W

@ bs: 

That “Birther Certificate” looks about as valid as Obie’s “Certificate of Live Birth” that his campaign printed up on a computer for the consumption of his gullible sheeple.   Who knew that there were laser printers in 1961?   Funny, I was born in Sandusky and my "birth certificate" has a whole lot more info printed on it like delivery doctor, etc.   Why can't citizens see a copy of his actual birth certificate?     I ain't sayin' that our first (and hopefully last) Kenyan-American President wasn't born in HI, I'd just like a little bit of confirmation. 




HAHAHAHA...Thanks for my laugh today, Rufus.  You really are an intelligent one, aren't you?


There are many doctored (edited) photos just as there are many so called "edited" news releases to the public. Obama is a smoker. Is a photo required? No. I see a lot of doctored photos on the internet that show Obama smoking. Here is what I believe to be a real photo of Obama smoking when he was younger, probably in college.

You can view this particular photo and other young Obama photos on the website posted. You can also view some examples of fake or doctored photos of Obama smoking on the same website.



Crumpet cracker eating tea drinkers?????

Are crumpet crackers made by cutting crumpets into thin slices and baking them until crisp? (y'know, like bagel chips?)  Maybe they'd be good, but I haven't seen them in Kroger's yet.

Methinks that ol' Rufus' crumpet is cracked.


Does anybody have photos of an original 1961 era Obama's Hawaii birth certificate?  Those modern day copies of birth certificates could be as phony as those Obama smoking photos. I only want to see a photo copy of the ORIGINAL 1961 birth certificate of Obama's. The photo below shows an example of a 1961 Hawaii birth certificate to give you an idea of what I am looking for. I have already seen modern copies of Obama's birth certificate.


Time to face facts: 90% of the American voters are moderate right. Voters get upset when incombants make such statements as(paraphrased) Illegal aliens have a right to government financed  transportation to work. Heck I don't even have that right. Or the Federal government goes after Arizona for enforcing an exact copy of federal immagration law at the state level,or the fact that congress is discussing a 35% VAT tax on everything including food. Need I go one.

I have given up on the issue of Obama's birth in Mumbasa, the non transference of citizenship because his mom was too young, the fact that his dad's mother was there at the time, the multiple certified Kenyan Birth certs, and the lawsuit being thrown out of court because it "had no bearing on the election". All I can say is Arnold in 2012.

Massengill Wins...

Since we are back to phantom documents....... has anybody ever seen George Bush's Honorable Discharge Papers?  Dubious you are a trip suggesting that people who hide a smoking habit are pathological.  Didn't Rush have a illegal drug problem that he kept secret until he got busted?  What does that say about him or is Obama held to a different standard?  What does it say about the people that have to post fake photos to knowingly misrepresent issues?  By the way was it laundry day the other day because Rand Paul's thugs were not wearing their brownshirts!

Bryan Dubois

Eh...Rush Limbaugh has the same pathology.  Massengill, where did you get this idea that he's held to a different standard?

I'm serious about this:  Where did you get the idea that I hold them to a different standard?  Can you show me where that I made that statement?

Massengill Wins...

So you do agree that Rush is pathological?

Bryan Dubois

Rush and Obama are similar in that they suffer from addiction that they both try to hide.  Yes.  The awareness that they both have that the addiction is shameful demonstrates their pathology.  It's foolish to attack somebody for an addiction.  The only reason it was brought up was because Rufus attacked John Boehner for smoking, while his idol Obama smokes too.  Rufus clearly has a double standard.

1.  I never attacked Obama for smoking.  I simply pointed out that he does in fact smoke - the point being that Rufus has a double standard that he might not even be aware of.

2.  I never attacked Rush Limbaugh for his addiction either.

Massengill, you pretend that I have some left/right double standard when it comes to criticisms.  It's not there.


Way to go libtard, bring up the convicted felon Move On.Org plant at the Paul speech. He was merely following his orders from Herr Soros. Can you imagine what  the secret service would have done if it was Osama that was rushed. If tea partiers are Nazi's how can you explain the tea party emerging in Israel. A whole bunch of Israelis are fed up with Osama's prejudice of the jews and his devotion to Islam. What if Putin told the United States that because Alaska is so close, he forbids us from building any housing in Alaska. Say what you want about Rush, at least he is factual and and is documented to be correct 99.6% of the time.

6079 Smith W
@ Mr. Dubois:   To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Limbaugh is off Oxy, whereas Mr. Obama has admitted that he is “95% cured” of his smoking addiction.   (I’d still like to know more about that “alcohol moderation” issue.)   Also, unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Limbaugh is not an elected bureaucrat and outside the scope of his microphone has little-to-no actual power.   Face it; we are tragically a society with a huge substance abuse problem.   For all our rules, regulations and prohibitions, the U.S. is the largest consumer of both legal and illegal drugs in the world.   ----------------   After the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, prominent Westerners would often visit the country and proclaim and write glowingly about the wonders of Communism to the outside world.   V.I. Lenin used the term, “useful idiots” to describe them.   In light of Mr. Sander’s overly sycophantic attitude toward Mr. Obama, I tend to paint him with the same epithet.



Democide. Look that word up and read about it. There are many websites that discuss that word. I have to wonder why Americans died fighting socialists and communists during wars. Yet American voters are allowing the Trojan Horse of communism to come to America. The Trojan Horse of communism is now here in the Unted States. Not a shot was fired to allow this Trojan Horse to come into this country. The voters through ignorance welcomed this Trojan Horse into our country. Why were wars in Vietnam, Korea and other battles fought? Did those soldiers fight those wars and battles in vain?

Massengill Wins...

Interesting......... calling the POTUS "pathological" is not attacking him?  Some people probably think it is pathological to be so fixated on the president.  Some probably think it is rather pathological to play the victim all the time especially when you fail to ignore your numerous attacks on others. 


95% of what Rufus, aka In the Light , has to say is racist.  He's fixated on it, just read his comments on other blogs.

brutus smith

 sal, where has Communism taken hold in this country? What laws were changed, Amendments to the Constitution? You can't use healthcare because it is all private companies. So please elaborate.


I'm truly sorry to report this, but two months ago 45% of the people surveyed thought Osama was a better president than Bush 43%. Newest poll, 48% polled thinks Bush was a better president than Osama43%


Brutus asks "where has Communism taken hold in this country?" Brutus, I didn't say that communism has taken hold. I said that the Trojan Horse of communism is now here in the Unted States. You probably heard about the Trojan Horse story during the Trojan war. Or a Trojan Horse virus that may load itself onto your computer. I like this definition of a Trojan Horse as it best expresses my thoughts. "Someone or something intended to defeat or subvert from within usually by deceptive means."

Here is the official website of the Communist Party of the USA. You may want to read it if you really care what is really happening to our once great country. and I will copy and paste a few things from the website because self rightious people like "gemini logic" thinks that I have an agenda. My agenda is that I love my country and don't like what has been happening to it the past 10 years.

"A better world is possible — a world where people come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA."

"If the grand alliance that elected Barack Obama comes out in full force to vote we can stop the Tea Party/Republican takeover and continue moving forward."

"Socialism will meet the needs of the great majority of our people and lay the basis for solving our social, economic and environmental problems."

"This activism will ensure millions will also march united to the polls on Nov. 2. to guard the change they voted for in 2008. Those who choose to stand in the way of this expression of the highest ideals of our nation, stand against the interest of the vast majority of the American people."

"Greetings comrades and friends. This weekend has convinced me yet again of two things: first, this world needs a strong Communist Party USA more than ever and second, I hate computers. We in the newly formed Internet Department are in solidarity with oppressed computer users everywhere. We love to hate computers and especially that damned Internet."

"We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people."

"The Marxist practice of reducing every crisis to overproduction and overaccumulation is correct, but if left there makes it difficult to understand this crisis. To gain such an understanding it is necessary to fold into our explanation financialization as well as neoliberalism and capitalist globalization. This triad largely determined the specific dynamics and specific path of the economy over the past three decades and the specific scope and specific character of the current crisis."

"Because of the election of Barack Obama, the American people in their great majority have a leg up, but there is still a long way to go. To his credit, the new president is off to a quick start."



 There is a lot to read on the USA Communist Party's website. My question is why the Communist Party thinks so highly of Obama. I can agree to some socialism. Remember that word democide? Remember that word. 



Illinois Soldiers Wait for Ballots. Prisoners Get Hand Delivery.
Big Government ^ | October 19, 2010

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 5:56:39 PM by La Lydia

Over 35 counties in Illinois missed the deadline to mail military ballots to our soldiers defending America. But in Chicago, county election officials have taken special steps to ensure that no inmates at the Cook County Jail are unable to cast a ballot. The Chicago Board of Elections hand delivers ballots to the jail.

They don’t even wait for the inmates to apply – they bring the applications with the ballots! Over 2,600 inmates have cast ballots so far – strikingly similiar to the 2,600 soldiers who will likely not recieve a ballot for the Nov 2 election.


Disgraceful does not begin to describe the Illinois Election system.


Brought to you by Obama and his cronies from Cook County. Disenfranchise ou servicemen while rewarding felons. What Would Rufus Do.


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brutus smith

 sal, are you against people before profits?

brutus smith

 goofus, did Cook county get their military ballots out on time?

brutus smith

Posted by Oscar Avila at 12:30 p.m.

Six Illinois counties will wait longer to receive absentee ballots for the Nov. 2 election from citizens serving in the military or living overseas under an agreement announced today by the Department of Justice.

Boone, Hancock, Jersey, Massac, Schuyler and St. Clair counties sent out absentee ballots more than two weeks later than federal law requires. Under the agreement, those counties would extend the Nov. 14 deadline to receive absentee ballots by four or five days. Voters from those counties will also have until Election Day, Nov. 2, to postmark their absentee ballots. That's one more day than the rest of the state.

Some Republican candidates and the state Republican Party had made the ballot delays a campaign issue, focusing on military service members they said would be disenfranchised.

The Department of Justice filed suit in federal court to enforce the agreement but both the federal government and Illinois State Board of Elections have agreed to the details.

An additional 29 counties missed the Sept. 14 deadline to send out ballots overseas by less than two weeks. Those counties would not have to extend their deadline for receiving ballots because state law builds in a 14-day cushion after Election Day to process incoming overseas ballots, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

The Department of Justice has intervened in 10 states, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia to ensure that military service members and other U.S. citizens living overseas would have adequate time to submit absentee ballots on time.

In a statement, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez praised the agreement with Illinois officials that would let voters "know that their votes will be counted."

Dan White, executive director of the Illinois State Board of Elections, said today he is confident that the agreement will ensure that all absentee votes are counted. 

6079 Smith W

@ bs:

 I’m not surprised about the problem with absentee ballots. IL is broke.

After CA, it and OH are near the top of the list for Federal taxpayer funded life support.

So, how are absentee ballots going in the state where you live?

brutus smith

 I don't pay attention to Ohio's early voting. It is all speculation.


woww did you guys see where the venezualan gov took over all of the owens-illinois plants down there?  communism at its finest.

kinda of like obamass taking over gm & chyrsler?

6079 Smith W
bs writes:   “I don't pay attention to Ohio's early voting. It is all speculation.”     If you don’t pay attention to OH, why do you care about IL?   So are you now falsely claiming that you live in OH? LOL   You never have any meaningful contributions to local events. You only throw out comments about Obie and other national stuff. Early on, you made it easy to figure out that you don’t live locally or even in OH.   Have you ever even been to Sandusky, Norwalk or Erie and Huron Cos.?   So how's early voting in your state?  

Are you a paid Democratic troll or do you just spew socialist nonsense for free? Did you pick the SR or did your Marxist superiors assign it to you?  


brutus smith

 Slow day today winnie? goofus brought Illinois, I didn't. Really bothers you doesn't it. Good!


Who is Oscar Avilla and what news agency is he working for? Isn't the whole article undocumentable? I believe he must be your uncle. The illinois primary was 6 months ago why are they still late, that's if the article has any merit. Bogus article from a bogus troll. Answer the questions of 279 Smith. Hey Mikel, isn't Owens Corning headquartered in Perrysburg? That's smearmeister Kaptur's area. I'm sure Rich Iott's dressing as a SS soldier made Chavez mad.