BLOG: Rufus, You Have Lost Your Mind

Bryan Dubois
Oct 26, 2010

It's not fair that online readers don't get to shake their heads at this week's Rufus Sanders column, so here it is in its entirety:

And since it's not fair that Rufus spouts his left wing religious beliefs without response:

This political season is as toxic as it gets.

Of course it's "toxic."  But had the tables been reversed and the Dem's had the momentum, this toxicity would've been described as "positive energy."

It is only a mid-term election but you would think this was a presidential year.   

Because in Rufus's world, the electorate isn't supposed to be interested in politics during mid-term elections.

But maybe it really is in that it’s the successful policies of President Obama that is being challenged by right-winged angry conservatives, lost independents   , confused libertarians, “crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers,” and other impatient, ill-informed, and unreasonable Americans.   

Because if you oppose Obama's policies you must be either scared or ignorant.  In Rufus's mind, there's no such thing as opposition based on principle.  Also, the obvious:  Successful policies of President Obama?  [snort!]

While it is expected by many the Republicans will win back the House and maybe even take the Senate, I predict the Democrats will surprise even themselves and carry the day.

Rufus, you've lost your mind.

Despite slumping poll numbers and the hateful rhetoric I still have faith the American voter will see through the emptiness of the “do nothing” Republicans and the fragmented “no we can’t” tea party and do the right thing.   

Wait Rufus, you just called all of those people "angry," "lost," "confused," "crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers" "Impatient," "ill-informed" and "unreasonable Americans" but now you profess to have faith in them?   There's a new political tactic for you:  Rufus will call you names unless you vote for Democrats.

I just don’t see how any thinking person would want to go back to the failed administration policies of 2001-’08.

Actually I think people are opposed to a $13 trillion dollar debt and government run health care - neither of which plagued the country 2001 to 2008.  (Progressives always mislead their audience about the motivations of those who oppose Obama.)

To do so would be insanity and   pure political suicide.

Wrong again Rufus.  "Political suicide" would better describe the practice of  ramming through unpopular legislation without considering the wishes of the American people.  Or are you still trying to figure out the cause of the tea party?

You remember those were the policies that led us into two wars which has cost us over $3 trillion and were the cause of the largest economic collapse this country has seen since the Great Depression,  not to mention the longest war in our history.   


Again, Rufus misleads the audience by not acknowledging the housing crisis which had nothing to do with the war. 

I just don’t believe that the American people will actually put into office the likes of Christine O’Donnell, who has had to explain to us that she is not a witch, while admitting that she did dabble in witchcraft and black magic — all while trying to explain her extreme conservatism.

Believe whatever you want, but if you choose to ignore why supporters are attracted to O'Donnell, you commit political suicide - just like your party has been in the process of doing over the last 2 years.  Voters don't care about the youthful mistakes of O'Donnell - they care about how she will represent them.

It is not only troubling but verges on political lunacy.   

Not really.  (I'm starting to wonder if Rufus understands any phrase that contains the word "political."  If a tactic works during an election cycle, it's obviously not 'political lunacy,' is it?  Political lunacy would be ramming through legislation and then expecting people to praise you for it.

Then there is Sharon Angle in Nevada, who has declared America is   being taken over by Sharia law, while she continues to come off as a questionable backroom political dealer who has said just about any thing to get elected.   

Rufus, you're mixing Angle up with her opponent Harry Reid.  Speaking of which, have you seen Angle's ad that makes fun of Reid describing himself as someone who's on a "fixed income."  [snort!]  To me, Reid better defines a person who will say anything - no matter how outlandish - to stay in office.

Then there is the multi-millionaire Republican Linda McMahon in Connecticut, who is attempting to pay for her Senate run; while not even knowing   what the minimum wage is. Talk about being out of touch!    In New York the conservatives have one of the most embarrassing candidates in years in the big-mouth; intemperate Carl Paladino who wants to be governor, but who is inappropriate...

Yeah, Paladino is just entirely "inappropriate."  His entire being is inappropriate.  Not something he said, or something he did - Rufus believes his entire existence is 'inappropriate."

politically incorrect, insensitive and apparently a flaming homophobe in one of the most culturally diverse areas of the country.

Because in Rufus's world, one must be 'politically' correct.  (Again, does he understand the idea of 'political correctness'?  Does Rufus think that political correctness is something that one should strive for?  And apparently it's okay to be a flaming homosexual - just not a 'flaming homophobe!"  [snort!]

In Ohio there is Rich Iott who wants to represent the 9th district in the House, but who has been photographed wearing an SS uniform.   

...Yeah, because Rich Iott's entire campaign should be discredited because he was a WWII reenactor who was photographed playing a bad guy.

And just to think if these loonies take over we will be stuck with the sleazy, slicklooking, chain-smoking, ultimate insider lobby-peddling   John Boehner as the speaker of the house.

If somebody had trashed Obama like this, Rufus would've went into vapor lock indignation mode - yet it's okay for him to trash Boehner.  (By the way, Rufus, you do know that Obama smokes, right?)

The rest of Rufus's column consists of unsupported claims that Obama is our savior and that the world has been a better place since he was elected.

Or something like that.

The column gets too tiring to read.

Something tells me that Rufus is going to support Obama to the grave.  And we'll have the privilege of reading every Obama-based (or race-based) column of his until then.

 Just remember:  We are the ones we've been waiting for!!



One thing you neglected to mention:   By 2012 there will be peace in the Middle East.  You heard it from Rufus first.  Its a good thing he stopped shortly after writing that.  Who know what he would have written next.


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Bryan Dubois

Pete,  I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were analyzing all the reasons for voter anxiety this election cycle and I got a kick out of the litany of reasons they listed.  They said that "race" was a major voting issue, but they omitted government run healthcare and skyrocketing spending as a reason people are disenfranchised with goverment.  Hilarious!


I have been upset with the Federal Government for going on two decades now. It has turned into a behemoth that it was never intended to be. And I am beginning to think it cannot be reined in anymore. It has it hands in everything an everage person does on daily basis. And the D's and R's are not going to fix it. Neither has the answers.

The racial thing they keep floating out there is a cover. They figure if the push that it will work on the "white guilt" to try and shame people to their side. Brutus on here does it all the time.

I have said it before, if people actually put in as much effort deciding who to vote for as they did finding out if Lindsey Lohan passed her last drug screen or who won on American Idle this country would be a lot better place and in a lot better shape!

Bryan Dubois

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Those are some bold statements backed by cherry picked data slices. Look past the smoke screen of your personal attacks and take a look at the big picture. I have and my summary ends a bit differently than your version of 2012. More can be accomplished by mobilizing the middle than arguing about the extremes but, I understand you need sensationalism to fuel your slight of hand.


He also left out a cure for cancer and heart disease in 2012.

6079 Smith W

In his list of apocalyptic predictions, I'm surprised that Mr. Sanders fails to mention that the coming of the Messianic Age of Obama also portends the imminent winning of two Super Bowls by the Browns in consecutive years!

Matt Damon

The entire last paragraph is absurd. Saying peace can happen in the ME by 2012 especially considering the current direction of US foreign policy is more ridiculous than some of the things O'Donnell or Palidino have said in the last few months.

Secondly, Obama has not ended the war in Iraq as Rufus states. I guess it was a pretty smart political move on Obama's part, declaring combat operations over, but our troops are still there, they’re still getting shot at, and they are still shooting back (obviously). That sounds like war to me. I'd like the war to be over as much as most Democrats, but it's not. And there's nothing Obama can say to change that. The troops are still there.

Rufus later says that the war in Afghanistan will be over by 2012. Unless 100% of American troops leave Afghanistan, the war will not be over. If the US still has a presence over there, they will still be attacked, there will still be war going on. The people we're fighting in Afghanistan are not just going to wake up and decide that they are done fighting. Either they're Al-Qadea (they only have aprx. 50 members) and they're looking to become martyrs, or they are a part of an Afghan tribe, and they're pretty much in it for everything since the US has ravaged their homeland. If we just leave, they aren't going to counter attack or anything, considering they have no resources what so ever, maybe a few US weapons (that we gave them in the 80's) or Soviet Ak-47s, that they don't even know how to use. They just fire and pray to Allah that they hit somebody.

Third. Rufus tries to group Rich Iott with Palidino and O'Donnell. This shows that either he's an idiot, or he doesn't really pay attention to anything, he's just going to support the Democrats no matter what even when he knows that their position is absurd. Rich Iott participated in WWII re-enactments. In some of those re-enactments he portrayed a Nazi soldier. In order to have a re-enactment, somebody has to portray the bad guy. Considering how many actors turned politicians hold office I don't understand how some people cannot recognize the difference between real life and a movie, a play, a re-enactment, ect…

Also, Mr. Dubios acting as the typical, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" character, comes off as an idiot in his response to Rufus. He continually says “[snort!]” which I really don’t understand, but anyway

"Because in Rufus's world, the electorate isn't supposed to be interested in politics during mid-term elections."

- Actually, in the real world the electorate is not interested in politics durring the mid-term elections, including this one. Check out some figures after Nov. 2, you'll see what I mean.

"Voters don't care about the youthful mistakes of O'Donnell - they care about how she will represent them."

-These same voters care about seeing Obama’s birth certificate. I’m a voter (not in her state unfortunately) and I care about the idiotic things she’s said.

"And apparently it's okay to be a flaming homosexual - just not a 'flaming homophobe!"  [snort!]"

-It’s not okay to be a bigot.

"The rest of Rufus's column consists of unsupported claims that Obama is our savior and that the world has been a better place since he was elected. Or something like that. The column gets too tiring to read."

I guess that means, Rufus made a few decent points, and you’re not going to credit him at least for that.

"And we'll have the privilege of reading every Obama-based (or race-based) column of his until then."

-Pulling the race card (out of nowhere).





Bryan Dubois



Last time I checked, it was just as racist to cut Obama some slack because he's black as it would be to criticize him because he's black. For the record, I think Obama ranks as just about the worst president we've ever had. Also for the record, his many failures have nothing to do with his skin color. In fact, I supported a black man for president years ago (Alan Keyes). Where were all of you politically correct "we need a black president" Democrats THEN? Oh, I forgot...Keyes actually supports the Constitution as written rather than as he'd wish to re-write it!

Sanders' glowing prose about Obama's brilliance in the clear face of evidence to the contrary makes me wonder if it isn't perfectly fair of Dubois to draw a race bias parallel there. In fairness to Sanders, however, Obama HAS been very successful in his endeavors if one assumes his goal is to systematically destroy the economy and the country. At that, he's been far TOO successful!

Last but not least, for Sanders to assume that anybody who supports the Tea Party agenda or who, in fact, supports anything less than a "progressive" agenda is stupid, I'll put my IQ (not to mention my common sense) up against his any day. I'd like to say I'm just that smart, but I'm afraid Sanders doesn't provide much of a challenge in that regard. The real pity is that there are people out there who think just like he does, and who'll vote just like he suggests. Say buh bye to prosperity and freedom when you do!

brutus smith

 Wow bryan, all that hate wrapped up in a little package.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus!  We finally agree on something! 

I think the following passage best captures what you're talking about:

It's a new day, I tell you!  Brutus and I agree on something.  Finally.


brutus smith

Allen Keyes? What a B S story. I have a black friend too? Who are you trying to s%#$. 


and al gore invented the internet!...lmao...rufus is as big an idiot as all of jim jones followers that drank the kool-aid.  please rufus do not drink anything that may be placed in front of you!

brutus smith

 Ah yes, leave it to non-comprehending right wingnut to not know I'm talking about him. (bryan)

brutus smith

 mikel, Al Gore never said that, but coming from another non-comprehending right wingnut.


Ah Rufus. Dons his funny hat and raising his index finger to the sky has (once again) proclaimed peace, prosperity, free medical healthcare, free dental care, free medicine, a new home, a Cadillac, and a baby's arm holding an apple . . . . all courtesy of liberal democrats and the Obama Administration.

All this free stuff might be good for you, but I have to pay for mine, and apparently you think I need to pay for yours, too.

The Democrats want another four years "to finish the job." What job, bankrupting the country? Giving it away to lobbyists and bankers? Selling it out to the Chinese? Maybe we can put a dragon head on Mr. Lincoln in his memorial and make the new owners feel more at home. At least fireworks would be legal again.

The Republicans are just as bad. More money for the banks and those who cheated the middle class out of their retirements. Bunch of bandits, all of them! Too bad tar and feathering went out of vogue.

Vote Libertarian, Constitutionalist or SOMETHING different. Lose the career politicians and put the system in the hands of those willing to listen to the wise counsel of their constituents. Unplug the liberal media and begin voting based on knowledge, not some empty promises from a bunch of con artists who pick your pocket with their left hand while they shake your right hand.

And for Heaven's sake, read Rufus' remarks for what they really are, satirical fiction. 


ahh brutus but indeed al gore did make that claim to fame when he was running for prez as one of his major accomplishments.

brutus smith

Proof mikel, actual speech where he said that. I'll clue you in, don't bother looking because you won't find it.

Massengill Wins...

Republicans believe that you repeat a lie often enough it becomes "reality".  No need for facts.


Hey D-Bag, welcome to the conversation!

Some people are starting a company over in Norwalk. I bet they are wealthy to have capitol to do that. I suggest you and Brutus and Rufus go over and give 'em two to the back of the head. We all know that rich people are evil.

Massengill Wins...

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Aww D-Bag, did I mess up some spelling. Gee that is terrible

And calling me gay? WOW! I thought you Libtards weren't bigots. Guess I was wrong on that too

Attn: Rufus Sanders Per Your “Not So Fast” Diatribe in the Monday’s Sandusky Register I would like to thank Rufus for the very entertaining editorial. I stopped getting the SR over a year ago due to this type of mindless editorial, and only read this paper because I picked it up at work to look at the Obituaries. (Yes, a good friend of mine was in them.) When after I read the first two paragraphs I was angry and forced myself to read the rest so I could have an educated opinion of Rufus’ Opinions. I am glad I did, as it was the best laugh I had all week! 1st Point: You commented you “would think this is a presidential year.” It is my good man, it is the first opportunity for “we the people” to let the President know what we truly think of what he has and is doing to this once fine country, and to begin implementing CHANGE! 2. “Right wing angry conservatives, Lost Independents, confused Libertarians, Crumpet Cracker-eating Tea Drinkers, and other Impatient Ill-Informed and unreasonable Americans? “ Well, at least thank you for the “Americans” admission! I’m gonna add: “Caring Informed Patriots!” (P.S. You can talk to and about us Americans that way, but don’t say it about Muslims!) 3.  Paragraph 2 really makes me laugh! “Hateful Rhetoric (YOU are the Master of that!) I’ve never heard more from all of the afore mentioned “Americans” than I hear from you each time you write! 4. “I just don’t see how any Thinking Person”  (Gonna finish this line for you) could fail to see the devastation of Obama’s Forced policies and ineffective bail outs! 5.  To correct you, I believe sir as does most of the “Thinking People” that Obama’s Socialistic Agenda is what has cost us the 3 Trillion Dollar deficit. 6. “Loonies?” Really? Did they teach you how to endear yourself to all your readers by calling the majority of us “Loonies?” BTW: You also fit neatly into that category. 7. Fanatical Wingnuts? Tell me, how many of Obama’s appointees either couldn’t pass the background check, could not do the job, or have already deserted their post? 8. Health Care Bill: Your going to see the very expensive consequences and further economic disaster if this is not either drastically modified, or repealed entirely. 9. “This administration stopped the world ….economic depression and stopped the war.” I guess I’m still waiting for Europe, France etc. to send Obama a thank you note for helping them to avert economic disaster, and anemic one sided arms control with multiple “Enemies” that are unenforceable and unverifiable? Pa-leeze!   10. “Appointment of two female Supreme Court Judges.”  Is that a good thing, or the best thing he could manage to do? History will probably show that is the one thing you are correct about, and that is very sad in a very big way! 11. “By all accounts the economy is turning around.” What? Where? Then why have unemployment benefits been extended to 99 weeks? The unemployment numbers are inaccurate, as they do not reflect those who have run out of benefits, or those that are working 2, 3 or 4 jobs at minimum wage to make ends meet. 12. See you kin 2012. The war in the Middle East will NEVER be over, we like the Russians may have withdrawn, but the war has raged on for thousands of years and will certainly continue without us. 13. “And this fickle Electorate” The greatest Freedom/Truth Searching Electorate in the world will have seen the error of this administrations way and you will be saying “B’bye” to it! 14. In closing, Juan Williams is an INTELLIGENT Honorable Patriot,  you on the other hand sir are a Hypocrite and Bigot. I would call you Ignorant as you just have most of the “Electorate,” but to do that would be to make an excuse for your ranting, and  for that sir, there is no excuse!   Not so respectfully Submitted: David E. Moore Norwalk, Oh

Gee, everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten. Still having a hard time with that play well with others, teacher never told me about libtards.


If your teachers were like the one in Cincy that had vans give students a ride to the board of elections then passed them out a sample democrat ballot (during school time), then they were Libtards Goofus.


A lawsuit has been filed against the Cincinnati Public School system after high school students last week were driven in church vans to a polling station and given sample ballots listing only Democrats.

Read more:



6079 Smith W
How is Mr. Sander's use of the phrase “crumpet cracker-eating tea drinkers” not racist?   Isn’t the word “cracker” a black negative epithet for whites?        



Believe what you will, but I DID support Allen Keyes in his run for the presidency. In fact, if somebody would talk him into running again (I suspect he's smarter than that, but he might also see how desperately we need genuine patriotic American leadership so you never know), I'd vote for him in a minute. With a single exception (some of his religious views), I agreed with him right down the line. Still do. The fact that he's black never entered into it. Sort of like, as far as I'm concerned, Obama's not our first black president. He's our first overtly RED president.


William Jefferson Clinton was our first black president.