BLOG: Single Photograph From High School Dance Highlights More News Stories

Bryan Dubois
Oct 25, 2010


Bellevue Janitor Commended For High Sheen Wax Job

Bellevue High School janitor Steve McGillicuddy was recently commended for maintaining a high sheen wax job on the gym floor.  "Mr. McGillicuddy is a beacon of professionalism that we all wish we could be," said Bellevue janitor's union representative Jim Thorn.

A recent picture of the high sheen wax job.  Read more in later editions of the Sandusky Register

Black, Brown Dress Shoes, Suspenders On Sale At Bellevue Pamida

A wall to wall dress shoe sale is underway at the Bellevue Pamida this week, says Pamida manager Alex Sberna.  "We're slashing prices because everything must go," said Sberna.

Shoes and suspenders similiar to the ones pictured above are currently on sale at the Bellevue Pamida.

Bellevue Teen Saved From Fall During School Dance

A Bellevue teen was miraculously saved from a potentially devastating fall during a recent school dance said an anonymous cell phone photographer said last week.  The photo reveals the teen safely in the arms of a fellow classmate who reportedly saved her from falling to the ground after she lost her step while performing "The Running Man," a popular dance in the late 90's.

The photographic evidence of the miraculous save.


Julie R.

Geez, those floors DO look good! My hardwood floors don't shine like that. Please find out from the janitor what kind of wax he's using.


Bryan Dubois:

I hope that the upper brass of the Register takes you to task for making fun of the students in these photos.  This incident was taken very seriously by the administration of Bellevue Schools and your article only undermines their authority.

I also find it offensive that you would imply that Bellevue students would shop at Pamida for clothes.  For the record, that store has been closed for about two years.

You should have stopped at admiring the work of the school janitor.  Everything else is quite offensive.


Middleright what would be wrong with shopping for clothes at Pamida? Not everyone can afford the high priced mall stores. Are Bellevue students too good for department store clothes? My children went to Bellevue and they wore clothes from Goodwill many times. Maybe that attitude is part of the problem there.


Pamida went out  more than 2 years ago.  Hey maybe the guy's waxing more than just floors. eh?


I see  the same tame photo on this  article too.  funny though  the NR & Gazette  had the nasty (pole dancing version)   and  SR and NR are owned by the same company.


Uh, folks....this is what's known as satire...the author is lampooning the situation.  At least Julie & Starry got the joke....