BLOG: Question: Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on your airplane?

Bryan Dubois
Oct 22, 2010

In the wake of Juan Williams's firing from NPR, Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly asks CAIR spokesman if he's happy that Williams was fired:

At 7:20, Kelly asks if Williams has the right to start a dialogue about how Americans feel about this issue, but instead of answering the question the CAIR spokesman fires back:  Do you get nervous around Muslims on airplanes?

So.  Let's pose that question to you readers.  No hate,  just honest opinions please:

Do you feel nervous or apprehensive in any way if you board an airplane and see a person who appears to be a Muslim?  If so, why? 

(What a stupid question, no?  Only the liberal folks at NPR could deny every day reality with such chutzpah.  Behold the power of political correctness.)

While thinking about it, watch this short video of the Flight 93 memorial I shot during a visit to Shanksville PA over last weekend:

44 lives snuffed out by men who looked like Muslims.  Islamic extremists.   olive skinned terrorists. 

Hmm.  How are we supposed to explain 9/11 without raising the ire of CAIR?

Should we just say that those 44 lives were snuffed out by a 'plane crash?'

I'll be the first to answer the original question:  Of course I get nervous.  Especially if there's more than one person on the plane who appears to be Muslim.  I get nervous because 99.99% of all hijacked airplanes are overtaken by olive-skinned men who appear to be Muslim.  This paranoia, that dare I say is shared by most air-travelling Americans would be a whole lot easier to dispel if there were a larger portion of the Islamic faithful who denounced the small group of radicals who've hijacked the perception of their religion.

Is my fear irrational?

Of course.

If you compare the number of flights that are not hijacked to the number that are, the nervousness most people feel could be described as "irrational," but then again, when driving a car, in the back of one's mind is the fear of being involved in a car wreck.  When you compare the number of cars on the road to the number of wrecks and consider the unliklihood of actually being involved in a car wreck, you could also describe the car-wreck fear as "irrational." 

Defensive driving is born of a healthy amount of fear.  Defensive flying is too - but I guess you're not allowed to come right out and say it.


Swissshhhh… That’s the sound of my point flying right through your ears. (pretty good, I got to remember that one)   First let me interpret your last reply, because I need a good chuckle right now. Brutus implies, there is no such thing as a liberal judge or media. There is only those lying and conniving wingnuts at FOX. Woohoohaha… Stop, you’re killin’me!!!   OK, now, sorry about that. Why is this loophole still in the law? Why hasn’t anyone lobbied for it to be changed? Since you missed my innuendo earlier, I’ll spell it out clearer. All those outlets I mentioned do the same thing and nobody wants to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. God help anyone who relies solely on one side or the other to establish their thoughts or opinions. CNN, etc. is just as pathetic at unbiased, truthful reporting as FOX. The funny thing is, I never realized it until I saw a different perspective when FOX came along.

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brutus smith

 Tell me which Liberals own CNN, ABC, MSNBC and so on. And the Supreme Court is Liberal? What an amateur.

BS – Leave it to a liberal to deny there is liberal bias in the courts and media.   There are many ways to lie and the TV news networks know them all! Lies come in many forms. Partial truths, selective facts, out of context quotes and information, partial historical perspective and outright misrepresentation of facts. It is easy to manipulate the public. If you become aware of the methods of deception you are better prepared to sift through the propaganda for the few facts that are actually true.   The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure (brutus) and the intelligent are full of doubt.

Gee  Truth or Bare I don't know how many people were killed in the Crusades and neither do historians. So what's the number ? They didn't have Walter Cronkite reporting nightly how many people were killed in Vietnam, and they didn't have the daily body count from Iraq that the New York Times would run. How do you know any innocent people were killed because warfare back then was all hand to hand. Were you ASSUMING innocents were killed. Were the Knights Templer as bad as the child rapists of the United Nations Peacekeeping Army.? Which crusade are you an expert in, the first or all of them up to the ninth crusade,theAlbigension,the northern crusade, the crusade against the teutonic order, the swedish crusade, the balkan crusade which was made up of three separate crusades, the wendish crusade, the stedinger crusade, the aragonese crusade, the alexandrium crusade, the mahdian crusade, or the hussit and the crusade against the tartars. So in you expert opinion which crusade had the most innocent killed. Are you sure that spare the rod and spoil the child is in the bible, I thought Granny from the Beverly Hillbilles said that. Nice lesson on Jesus but I was concerned about Allah, the bloodthirsty warrior that Islam come from


Hell no!!!  I just watch em like a Hawk!!  I fly alot and have a family to live for, so no matter who it may be I will defend my life and all americans.  Sterotypical it may be, call it what you like!! 

Massengill Wins...

Judges are liberal so that must be stupid and the "intelligent" are uneducated bloggers like thinkagain that are full of doubt?  I wonder if maybe his doubt was created by watching Fox news?  They sell fear over there and some people have trouble sleeping thinking that the black, mexicans, and muslims are waiting right outside their door ready to attack them.  It is not being doubtful....... it is downright paranoid!

brutus smith

 So goofus, using your logic, how do you know Allah was a blood thirsty warrior?


And thinkagain, I forgot, when a right wingnut says something, it's gotta be true. What was I thinking. (slaps self on forehead).

What’s wrong guys? You seem to be in a bad mood. Oh, I know why! The Nov. elections are almost here and you know you’ll be getting a good beat down.    At least I was willing to admit that FOX is biased, as is the liberal media. You except all they tell you and never question anything. Have a nice big drink of kool-aid.   When arguing with fools (BS and MW) never lower yourself to their level, as they will always win by experience. 

Think Again, I don't think that fox slants the newa as much as they pixkup and run stories that Obama's state run media refuses to because it will their diminish their leg tingle.


I guess I should get a cup of coffee in me before blogging, pardon the spelling errors


Ya know it seems that Obama had a grandmother that was a '"typical white person " that had fears about black men. I do not recall any liberals commenting on that statement. I feel that there would have been many comments if a white person would have just used the term "typical black person"

Also why do NPR persons such as Nina Totenberg express their opinion and nothing is said ?

Bryan Dubois

Anthras, that's because Nina Totenberg's opinions are in keeping with NPR's editorial standpoints.  :) 

brutus smith

 Why do you right wingnuts hate anyone who reports the facts and doesn't promote propaganda?

Bryan Dubois

Speaking of that, here's Nina Totenberg reporting facts and not promoting propoganda:

brutus smith

 You didn't even know who Nina was until Fox news brought her up.Repubs have hated her since the Nixon era. 

brutus smith

 bryan, being the "independent" blogger you are, why don't you dig up what Jesse Helms said about AIDS victims?


Try being a social studies teacher and discussing race and class in the classroom.  Although issues of racism exist in ALL of us, and our adult opinions often transcend to our children, the issue remains pervasive.  Racism tends to exist just under the surface, but for some reason, we don't talk about outside of our homes and with our families.  I see this time and time again in the classroom.  

The firing of Juan Williams has done nothing more than to exacerbate the problem.  It creates an environment where "it's okay to be racist, but don't ever talk about it publicly."   This, in fact, unquivocally stifles and erodes the validity of the First Amendment of the Constitution.  I absolutely agree that along with our rights as Americans comes responsibility, but if we don't talk about racism, we can never work to irradicate it in a meaningful, academic way.


 An important lesson for you Dubious: racism gets attention.

6079 Smith W


Isn’t Mr. Williams black?

Why are the usually sanctimonious libs not howling about his firing by NPR?

Kinda like Shirley Sherrod being fired by the WH and then trying to blame it on others, when only they had the power to hire and fire.

LIberals aren’t racist?

How many low-income housing projects are there on Cape Cod; where’s the “affordable housing”?

Does anyone have a count on the number of mosques that are located near Hyannis Port?

American Al-Qaeda Spokesman Praises Ft. Hood Shooter – Calls For Attacks Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, October 23, 2010, 11:40 AM

This image from video provided by the SITE Intelligence Group shows Adam Gadahn as he appeared on a video released on militant websites on Oct. 23, 2010. The U.S.-born spokesman for al-Qaida on Saturday urged Muslims living in the United States and Europe to carry out attacks there, calling it a duty and an obligation. (AP)

American Al Qaeda pig Adama Gadahn released a new tape today. He praised the Ft. Hood killer and urged more attacks on Americans.

The New York Daily News

Al Qaeda’s American mouthpiece Saturday urged wannabe terrorists in a new video to act alone instead of trying to join cells attempting 9/11-type spectacular strikes.

Californian Adam Gadahn urged individual violent jihad in a 40-minute tape, which endorsed an Al Qaeda ally’s call last week for sympathizers to mimic the Ft. Hood killings and attempted bombings over Detroit last Christmas and in Times Square in May.

“My brothers: know that Jihad is your duty,” Gadahn ranted in Arabic. “You have an opportunity to strike the leaders of unbelief and retaliate against them on their own soil.”

The message is significant because Osama Bin Laden’s operational goal has long been to kill hundreds, if not thousands, in simultaneous multiple attacks on U.S. targets with cells of extremists – and Gadahn speaks for Al Qaeda.

brutus smith

 winnie, another omission, Kennebunkport. 

Obama asked what it would say "when we start acting as if their religion is somehow offensive." It would say that Americans are starting to wake up to the insidious spreading of an intolerant religion! It would let muslims know that just because we are a nation that espouses religious tolerance, we won’t be blind to Islam’s extremism.  Islam has utter contempt for unbelievers and teaches that it is an Islamic duty to be prepared to wage war on them, not metaphorical or allegorical war but real and bloody war.   The muslim community doesn't get it. Religious freedom is a right only if it is demonstrated that terror and murder are not condoned. Lack of visible and strong repulsion of terrorism by the muslim community indicates they condone such behavior. Of course they do because it’s mandated by the writings of the quran. 

 I don't believe I am racist (I actually work for 2 doctors that are Muslims)...but I did recently board a plane with a handful of  people who appeared to be Muslim. I didn't really think much about it until a few of the stewardists gathered wispering to each other and then one walked up to a Muslim man and asked him to follow her. They left heading to the front of the plane. I must admit, during that split second I was slightly nervous. I couldn't help it. It was a natural reaction I guess due to 9/11? Nothing else happened after that, so I'm guessing that man was in the wrong seat or something minor. 


I don't believe I am racist (I actually work for 2 doctors that are Muslims)...but I did recently board a plane with a handful of  people who appeared to be Muslim. I didn't really think much about it until a few of the stewardists gathered wispering to each other and then one walked up to a Muslim man and asked him to follow her. They left heading to the front of the plane. I must admit, during that split second I was slightly nervous. I couldn't help it. It was a natural reaction I guess due to 9/11? Nothing else happened after that, so I'm guessing that man was in the wrong seat or something minor. 


Massengill Wins...

If "Islam has utter contempt for unbelievers"..... what do you think many Christians show them?  Psy 101 case book projection!

Pastor Ron

I am intolerant of intolerant religions that are not Christianity! 

Massengill thinks the 9/11 Islamic terrorists were just on their way to a religious tolerance conference, when their planes ran out of gas. Textbook!  Denial -the capacity for rejection of external reality and crisis’s: even when the facts are indisputable.
Massengill Wins...

Thinkagain do you really think you can judge a religion of 1.5 billion people by the actions of 19 people?  Would it be fair to do the same with any other group? 

Let me see if I read you right. You’re saying that Islam has only produced 19 people that are proponents of violence?    Look what they are doing in Europe. They moved to a non-Muslim Europe and began to build Mosques to spread Islam. They portray themselves as peaceful and misunderstood. But their ultimate goal is now being revealed, the introduction of Shania law. America has chosen to pretend the problem won’t happen here. I stand against the Muslim hidden agenda.    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." - Ronald Reagan