BLOG: Question: Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on your airplane?

Bryan Dubois
Oct 22, 2010

In the wake of Juan Williams's firing from NPR, Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly asks CAIR spokesman if he's happy that Williams was fired:

At 7:20, Kelly asks if Williams has the right to start a dialogue about how Americans feel about this issue, but instead of answering the question the CAIR spokesman fires back:  Do you get nervous around Muslims on airplanes?

So.  Let's pose that question to you readers.  No hate,  just honest opinions please:

Do you feel nervous or apprehensive in any way if you board an airplane and see a person who appears to be a Muslim?  If so, why? 

(What a stupid question, no?  Only the liberal folks at NPR could deny every day reality with such chutzpah.  Behold the power of political correctness.)

While thinking about it, watch this short video of the Flight 93 memorial I shot during a visit to Shanksville PA over last weekend:

44 lives snuffed out by men who looked like Muslims.  Islamic extremists.   olive skinned terrorists. 

Hmm.  How are we supposed to explain 9/11 without raising the ire of CAIR?

Should we just say that those 44 lives were snuffed out by a 'plane crash?'

I'll be the first to answer the original question:  Of course I get nervous.  Especially if there's more than one person on the plane who appears to be Muslim.  I get nervous because 99.99% of all hijacked airplanes are overtaken by olive-skinned men who appear to be Muslim.  This paranoia, that dare I say is shared by most air-travelling Americans would be a whole lot easier to dispel if there were a larger portion of the Islamic faithful who denounced the small group of radicals who've hijacked the perception of their religion.

Is my fear irrational?

Of course.

If you compare the number of flights that are not hijacked to the number that are, the nervousness most people feel could be described as "irrational," but then again, when driving a car, in the back of one's mind is the fear of being involved in a car wreck.  When you compare the number of cars on the road to the number of wrecks and consider the unliklihood of actually being involved in a car wreck, you could also describe the car-wreck fear as "irrational." 

Defensive driving is born of a healthy amount of fear.  Defensive flying is too - but I guess you're not allowed to come right out and say it.



I once worked with a woman that didn't like me because she thought I looked Japanese (which I don't) but I do have somewhat oriental eyes because I am part Hungarian.  She grew up during the encampment of the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor but still carried that fear of another race with her.  I suppose it's understandable but I still feel it's wrong to blame whole races for what a few of a race do.  No one likes it that whites are blamed for slavery still because not all white people were responsible for that, but yes, many blacks still hate the white man.  I don't think most people are capable of being objective or not prejudicial when it comes to others that are not just like them, which is a shame, but it's a fact of life.  The world would be really boring and dull if everyone were just the same not to mention that no one would stand out or be special.  While I may not agree with the religions or practices of other cultures, I still have to be tolerant in order to be allowed to have my own.


Greek God to the rescue!!!!!!!!

Juan Williams may be gone from National Public Radio's line-up of commentators, but billionaire liberal icon George Soros has donated $1.8 million to hire 100 new reporters for 50 of its member stations.

Bryan Dubois


Greek god indeed!  So much for even attempting to hide NPR's left leaning tendencies.  As you point out:  Soros identifies it as left leaning, CAIR identified it as left leaning, and now the attack on Juan Williams cements it.

Now that the liberals have given up on hiding it, the debate can move on to the next point of contention:  Should American taxpayers be funding it?

brutus smith

 I thought you guys said Juan Williams was a Liberal? Funny I didn't hear the outcry for Dan Rather or Bill Maher when they were fired.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, you didn't hear an outcry when Dan Rather retired because he stepped down because of backlash from pushing forged documents.  Forged documents.

You didn't hear outcry when Bill Maher was fired because...

Sure, you could counter Maher's remarks with debate - but six days after 9/11?  The shock and pain hadn't even settled and nobody was in the mood to hear Maher attack anything American. 

Juan Williams merely shared his very human opinion that he gets nervous around Muslims on airplanes.  For that he was fired. 

Outrageous things = outcry.

You don't remember outrage when Dan Rather retired because there wasn't any outrage.

You don't remember outrage when Bill Maher was fired because there wasn't any outrage.

Massengill Wins...

Juan Williams is not a liberal...... he just plays one on Faux!

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re: but I do have somewhat oriental eyes because I am part Hungarian.

Being a Magyar........

Could we be related to Chung Lee?????


Like Kermit says, "It ain't easy being green".


So let me get this straight.  Juan Williams, who is a black moderate LIBERAL, gets fired by two white women who are running NPR because Juan gave a PERSONAL opinion on Fox News??  Juan is the ONLY black liberal on the NPR news team!  So, WHERE is the NAACP?  WHERE is the New Blank Panther Party?  Where are Jessie and Al??  NOT a PEEP!!  Can ANY of you blacks explain that??  WHY is it perfectly acceptable to fire a credible and outstanding journalist who is the ONLY black man at NPR??  NOT a single word from the "civil rights" groups??  This goes to PROVE Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP and the NBPP are ONLY in it for the money!  No protesting about any violations of civil rights?  Here is a tip.  They could care LESS about what a liberal news agency, that gets TAXPAYER FUNDING, does to destroy a black journalist.  Do YOU think our failure of a president will get before the teleprompter and state NPR acted "stupidly" to defend Juan??  No??  NOT A PEEP!!!  It is absolutely amazing the hypocrisy of liberals and the left to make the PEOPLE feel so guilty about race and NO one is getting into the fight to help out Juan Williams.  Oops, Fox News gave him an extended contract which far exceeds what Juan was getting with PBS.  Can ANY of you blacks and liberals explain that?  Not even critical thinking can help with that.


 Hell, I get nervous when I see anyone. Seriously, How can you tell what religion a person practices by looking at them? 

6079 Smith W

I liked and often watched Bill Maher’s old ABC show.

I enjoyed the segment where he had a panel of four, usually 2 libs and 2 conservatives. They often engaged in some lively and thoughtful debates. I thought that it was one of the most intelligent shows on TV.

I believe that I understood the meaning of Maher’s comment, but the timing and the wording were poor.

One of Murphy’s Laws: If it can be misunderstood, it will be.

I've tried repeatedly to watch his new one on HBO, but the stench of the Progressive nonsensical bias is overwhelming.


brutus smith

bryan, Dan Rather was reporting on info given to him by producers. He was forced to retire. Fox news people do false reporting purposely on a daily basis but no firings or forced resignations there.

And aren't you for freedom of speech? Or only when it's something you agree with? Bill Maher was stating his opinion on his OPINION SHOW. And you tell me what takes more courage.

And we all know if it wasn't for Juan being on Fox news, this would be a non story in right wingnut world. 

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, you're wrong. 

1.  Dan Rather has the final say on his narratives.  He approves what the teleprompter says.  You don't really want to argue that, do you?

2.  I'm for freedom of speech.  You made a statement about how you don't remember hearing outrage when Maher and Rather were fired.  I simply explained to you why there was no outrage.  You're mistakenly interpreting that as me not supporting free speech.  Nice twist.

3.  The Juan Williams story was a topic of discussion with nearly every news organization.  If Juan Williams wasn't on Fox News, this wouldn't be a story in "right wingnut world?"   If Juan Williams had not made the statements on Fox News, the story would've never happened in the first place!  

Truth or Dare

"No hate, just honest opinions.", right?    K.   Bill O'Rielly and those like him are nothing more than fear mongers, playing upon that fear to justify their means for political even religious gain.   Their speech, which is rather prejudicial, racist and bigoted is meant to enflame and divide!   

I have a female cousin,  who due to work flies frequently all around the U.S..   She happened to be here visiting and on 9/11, she was to fly out of Cleveland, back home, but was grounded as were millions of others!  Since this day, she has been pulled aside numerous times, more than likely due to here physicallity.  Brown/Blk. hair, hazel eyes that change color depending on what she's wearing, and olive colored skin.  She's Native American Indian and Sicilian.  All this time I thought she got the good skin coloring!  She jokes that she should have somekind of security clearance card given to her, how many times they gonna check her out before they realize she's not a TERRORIST!  She's learned to TOLERATE the inconvenience, therefore leaves even earlier whenever flying.   Myself and 4 other family members were flying w/her to Cali  (her homestate) a few years ago and witnessed it for ourselves.   To equate being a Muslim,  which is a religious faith,  that of Islam and the 2nd. largest in the world, to being a TERRORIST is just plain wrong!   Does she get scared?  No.  Do I?  Yes.  However, my fear has nothing to do w/what someone LOOKS LIKE, OR MAY LOOK LIKE.  It has everything to do w/having no control once those doors close and that plane takes off!  I refuse to allow fear to guide me! 

The real question regarding the firing of  Mr. Williams from NPR after his comments, seems to be more about our freedoms of speech.  Great responsiblity comes w/that freedom, does in not?  Especially when it comes in the form of NEWS, whether over the radio-waves or television.   Will your speech enflame and incite violence, causing imminent danger?  Many U.S. Citizens who happen to be of the Muslim faith  think so, especially since 9/11.   By the way,   I must say that Kelly gal, how rude is she!  Why ask someone to come onto your show only to so rudely interrupt them everytime they tried to open their mouths to answer your question! .   Could Mr. Williams's comments been taken out of context, misused so to speak.  Let's be honest here.  With all the fearmongering coming from our very own government for quite sometime now, even the pulpits of our churches (I recall being told during Sunday church srvc. following 9/11, it happened because of all the homosexuals within our country).   Who can honestly say the thought never crossed their mind?  I'll be honest, it did mine, and that was my first time flying after 9/11. However, it was the last.   What I did was take the time to learn a tad bit about the Muslim Faith.  All you haters, those that are so willing to equate being a Muslim w/being a Terrorist,  are you at all aware of the role/ influence that both Judaism and Christianity played in the forming of this faith way back in 6 A.D.?  Especially Judaism!  Are you at all aware of the tenants of this faith?  Kinda like Christianity's 10 Commandments, of which by the way are found within the O.T.!    To be a Muslim, one must believe in:

1 God   

God's Angels

The books of God, especially the Quran

The Day of Judgement (meaning the afterlife)

The supremacy of God's will 

And the 5 Pillars of Islam being;  Faith, Prayer, Fasting, Pilgrimage and Alms. 

What FOX condones, amongst other things,  is Ethnic, Religious & Racial PROFILING.  If that is how Mr. Williams truely feels, then maybe his firing was a blessing in disquise,  for  FOX News anyways.     


brutus smith

 bryan, once again you missed my point. Fox news stirred up the fake outrage. If he didn't work for Fox, no outrage plain and simple. If you are going to be outraged because a person gets fired for what they said don't be selective that's all. Everyone on Fox has been calling for the defunding of NPR and PBS for a long time. So why does this come as a surprise to anyone? And I noticed you skipped right over the Fox news people purposely lying everyday. But I wouldn't expect anything less from you.


 Nervous??  Only if he has a bomb in his Turban.


No, but I get nervous when I have to sit by a fat man who brought his own salami.


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Brutus you marvelous basement troll, name one individual from Fox News that has been successfully prosecuted for perjury, slander or just plain lying.


If a muslim woman is dressed from head to toe in a black robe, how can one ascertain physical marks. Islam, the true religion of peace.

You can bet your sweet bippy I keep a suspicious eye on them!   I will remember 9/11 as a day of great sadness and also anger. Anger at how we could let ourselves be caught unawares   President Reagan said: "We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free."    LET’S ROLL!!!

Truth or Dare, Christianity traces it's roots to a non-violent jewish carpenter, Islam traces it's roots to a ruthless warrior that killed people.

brutus smith

 Yeah goofus, I'd forget about the Old Testament too if I were you. I'd forget about the Crusades too.

brutus smith

In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

Lawyers paid by Bill O'Reilly's bosses argued in court that Fox can lie with impunity.

It's their right under the 1st Ammendment


FOX asserted that there are no written rules against distorting news in the media. They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves.

Brutus Smith – Sounds like you’re a proponent for truth in news. I can respect that! To avoid hearing any lies, I recommend not tuning in or reading from these outlets as well: NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Salon, Slate, Time, Newsweek, Nation, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, The View, The Daily Show, HP, Vanity Fair, Village Voice,The Nation, The Atlantic,the Boston Globe,Chicago Sun-Times,The New Republic,The Seattle Times, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Media Matters, The New Yorker.   Oh yeah, and MSNBC, so-called ‘news’ network but more like a porn channel, with all that Obama a** kissing going on.
Truth or Dare

I'm well aware of the roots of Christianity thank you very much.  Actually Jesus was of Hebrew descent,  a direct descendent of the House of Judah, of King David, just one of the 12 Tribes of Isreal, therefore a TRUE Jew,  and  according to O.T. Scripture, God's chosen Nation.  Two Tribes remain, 10 are lost.  By that, I mean scattered throughout the earth.  I know I'm more than grateful that (so-called) heathens, those not belonging to these tribes,  have been given an opportunity for SALVATION, the gift of GOD'S GRACE!  "Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given"!  

 You don't think there are " Christian" Churches out there that interpret scripture, just like some do the Quran, thinking  it's ok to strike their wives and children, to suppress them?  Scripture tells us "spare the rod, spoil the child" does it not?  It also speaks of where a womans' place is within the home,  the church, does it not?   Jesus also warned what would happen to us when harming a child, does He not?  He also instructs a husband how he's to love and care for his wife, and visa versa, does He not?  He's also told us to not judge another according to the days they keep, or don't for that matter. He's also warned what will happen to those that mis-lead! 

To Christians, Jesus is the Prince of Peace, is He not?  He was a pacifisct, although showing his humanity at times, through anger.  He was also a seer.  By that I mean a Propeht.  Did he not speak of those that would preach falsehoods and what would happen to them?  I'm referring to a counterfiet/false religion prophesied about.  You can read about it in the Book of Revelations.  How many men, women and children were slaughtered during the many Crusades?   Villlages ransacked and booty stolen, victims of religious warfare,  done all in the name of our peaceful Prince and Christianity?!  Don't you suppose everyone of those individuals were TERRORIZED?!  Violence isn't the answer.  Besides, if you were sittin next to Jesus today on an airplain, it seems many would be lookin at Him w/suspicion in thier hearts and minds.  Cause if ya think He was fair-skinned, w/long hippy-like hair and blue eyes, chances are you're way off!   



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brutus smith

 thinkagain, how many of those media outlets sued so they could lie?

brutus smith – They didn’t have to sue. Since the liberal judges and the liberal media are in cahoots, they get a free pass.
brutus smith

 Liberal judges and liberal media? I guess when you have nothing you go back to the old standby huh?