BLOG: Question: Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on your airplane?

Bryan Dubois
Oct 22, 2010

In the wake of Juan Williams's firing from NPR, Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly asks CAIR spokesman if he's happy that Williams was fired:

At 7:20, Kelly asks if Williams has the right to start a dialogue about how Americans feel about this issue, but instead of answering the question the CAIR spokesman fires back:  Do you get nervous around Muslims on airplanes?

So.  Let's pose that question to you readers.  No hate,  just honest opinions please:

Do you feel nervous or apprehensive in any way if you board an airplane and see a person who appears to be a Muslim?  If so, why? 

(What a stupid question, no?  Only the liberal folks at NPR could deny every day reality with such chutzpah.  Behold the power of political correctness.)

While thinking about it, watch this short video of the Flight 93 memorial I shot during a visit to Shanksville PA over last weekend:

44 lives snuffed out by men who looked like Muslims.  Islamic extremists.   olive skinned terrorists. 

Hmm.  How are we supposed to explain 9/11 without raising the ire of CAIR?

Should we just say that those 44 lives were snuffed out by a 'plane crash?'

I'll be the first to answer the original question:  Of course I get nervous.  Especially if there's more than one person on the plane who appears to be Muslim.  I get nervous because 99.99% of all hijacked airplanes are overtaken by olive-skinned men who appear to be Muslim.  This paranoia, that dare I say is shared by most air-travelling Americans would be a whole lot easier to dispel if there were a larger portion of the Islamic faithful who denounced the small group of radicals who've hijacked the perception of their religion.

Is my fear irrational?

Of course.

If you compare the number of flights that are not hijacked to the number that are, the nervousness most people feel could be described as "irrational," but then again, when driving a car, in the back of one's mind is the fear of being involved in a car wreck.  When you compare the number of cars on the road to the number of wrecks and consider the unliklihood of actually being involved in a car wreck, you could also describe the car-wreck fear as "irrational." 

Defensive driving is born of a healthy amount of fear.  Defensive flying is too - but I guess you're not allowed to come right out and say it.


Pastor Ron

99.99% of hijackings are by olive skinned muslims?  Interesting fact........ as a journalist you should probably provide a source for that statement.  I am pretty sure you are providing misinformation and it is people like you that spread fear that is based in warped perception and not reality.  So back to your original claim,  if only 1 out of every 10,000 is done by a non-muslim..... what would you say if I told you that there have been over 100 planes hijacked by people from Cuba or have family in Cuba?  Unlike you I will provide a link to this claim (I will wait for you to do the same for your 99.99% statement).  So if your statement is correct..... that would mean that muslims would have hijacked 1 million planes!  So Bryan can you provide reports for these 1 million hijackings?  We both know the answer to that one.  Sounds like you are providing false testimony against others which you know is breaking one of the Lord Gods 10 Commandments. 

If anybody should be suspect it should be the Catholics from Cuba and from Northern Ireland.  In fact, 5 planes have been hijacked by Cubans since 9/11.  So next time you fly and feel unsafe..... maybe you should point the finger at the Cubans!

Pastor Ron

Here is the link to my fact.  As a professional you should follow suite.... unless you just want to admit you made up that figure and in essence is part of the problem.

Bryan Dubois

Pastor Ron,   I had no idea that Cubans were so fond of hijacking!  Thanks for the link.  Maybe I should add a qualifier to the original statement:  99.99% of suicide mission hijackings are committed by olive skinned men who appear to be Muslim.   I'm trying to come up with a notorious suicide mission hijacking case by a fair-skinned person that may supplant this public perception, but am having no luck.  (And why are you telling me to fear Cubans instead of Muslims, when the Muslim hijackings involve suicide and murder while the Cuban hijackings appear to have political motivations as opposed to religious motivation?  From the wiki link, it appears that the majority of Cuban hijackings did not have suicide and murder as the end goal.) 

Of which church did you say you're the "pastor"?



I do not like or have use for any stinky, sneaky acting, careless rude drivers, lurking Middle Eastern  Liberal. Who for a fact, totally think American's are stupid, wrong in culture and religion. We are being used.

Truth be know, i've been fortunate to have been translated a conversation by a trucker, former army, while standing in line paying for fuel.  They talked like a couple preppy girls at the mall about everyone else, but themselves..Fact is they don't us, don't force me like them.. THE END

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Mime Bloggling

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I think the difference is that you know your fear is irrational.   The Fox Pundits think that the more firmly they hold their irraitonal opinions and the more they rise to the level of fact.  


Mine, isn't purely fox. I am out there in so many small and large cities, various different gas stations, hotels, warehouses, constant interaction with the Middle Eastern Liberals. 

I have a different views towards these people as you, secluded in north central Ohio. I see the dress, smell the oder, experience the rudeness.  Not like on tv.  REAL life.


Brian, don't be confused, Pastor Ron is a flaming liberal using the personna as a means to degrade and impune the consevatives and the religious right. Frankly I was confused as to the Cuba analogy myself. I was looking for a link on the moonbat websites Daily Kos,Media Matters and their ilk but realized it came from the search engine that gives 75% of their donations to the democrats, Google. Today's Drudge Report has the story. Cuba pops up when you type in airline hijackings. Finally, have you everseen Pastor Ron and Chung Lee comment on the same story?


Frankly, I get nervous driving near Dearborn Michigan. Try looking up the website The Religion Of Peace.Com


I have a greater fear of Wingnuts, they are out to get me and are dressed in everyday American garb.

Sometimes the use of the word "Liberal" (as if we are second class citizens) gives them away.

Sometimes they dress in Nazi garb.......................

Captain Gutz

Do I get nervous when I see a Muslim on an airplane?

Not as nervous as when I see a politician in a suit and tie anywhere.

6079 Smith W
Saying what a "Muslim" looks like is like identifying a "typical" American - it ain't possible. Now if we're talking about Muslims in Middle Eastern garb, that's a different story.   Regardless of their clothing, I have to assume that if that if I saw a couple people praying on prayer rugs just prior to boarding a flight with me that I might become a bit apprehensive.   TSA is a joke, a make-work program and a feel-good bureaucratic boondoggle.   There are numerous objects that can be purchased in shops after passing through security that in the hands of a properly trained individual can be used as lethal weapons.   The Corp. For Public Broadcasting should have been de-funded decades ago. It's outlived its original purpose.   Sunset provisions should be built into every agency as well as every law. Let legislators and political parties periodically defend using precious taxpayer money to fund their crony campaign contributors.



Massengill Wins...

Hey Goofus that Google Search thing is pretty amazing.  You claim that Pastor Ron and Chung Lee never comment on the same story....... disproven in like .00017 seconds.  Then again you are not really to strong on the facts.  Here is a link:


Twenty years ago, I was on a flight heading out west and I was seated next to a "muslin looking" person. He was reading an important looking leather bound book that said US Senate or something to the like. It WAS 20 years ago, so I'm not sure. I was scared to death. In my mind I knew I was going to die that day. Thank heavens I was wrong, but my point is I was scared to death and had never even dreamed something like 9/11 would happen years later. So to answer your question...  yes, I get nervous. That was way back before I knew how evil they really could be.

Massengill Wins...

Is there a chance the Dubois and Pastor Ron went to the same college to get their credentials?  I guess it is pretty common on these blogsfor people to call themselves whatever they want may it be a journalist or a pastor.

Bryan Dubois

Massengill, I never identified myself as anything other than a blogger.  That requires nothing more than a desire to write.  It's something you and I both share - yet you seem to have a problem with it.   Why?  Is that your liberal "tolerance" creeping out again?

Underthebridge, I think the Fox pundits know it's irrational too.  But I'm willing to bet that most Americans fear muslim-appearing men on airplanes and for good reason.  The images of 9/11 are burnt into the collective psyche exactly as intended. 

The irony in the Williams firing is that NPR holds themselves out to be protectors of the first amendment - yet they fire one of their senior correspondents for voicing dissent with their politically correct narrative.  This is not even contested.  NPR admits it - even suggesting that Williams should see a psychiatrist.

And to think:  a few years ago it was a little more difficult to prove that NPR was run by liberals.  Now they proudly wear it on their sleeves, as the sequence of events crystallizes public opinion against them. 

6079 Smith W
@ Kimo:   Nah. Libs don’t even qualify as “second class citizens”; they’re a lower form of parasitic life, not unlike a mosquito – in other words useless.  

Per usual, you’re confused. The Nazis, like the Marxist liberals believe in authoritarian rule, not individual freedom and personal responsibility.


 The question is valid - very - and my answer would definitely be yes.

But like a large part of Americans, I feel fear doing most anything any more, and it's not due to the color of anyone's skin.  Getting on a plane/bus/taxi - or heck, even going into a public place,  with other PEOPLE (which, of course, is necessary) is scary enough. One might have a communicable disease... one might have just been dumped by their significant other and isn't in their right mind... one might have lost their job and are facing homelessness and hopelessness... one might feel overzealous in politics/religion/sexual orientation or simply their opinion that something is "wrong" and they need to DO something. 

I don't live in fear... but I FEEL fear... living these days. Walking anywhere in town after dark - I am suspicious of everyone else's reason for being out there, and I'm sure they are wondering what I am doing, too. Did I really forget to lock my door while running to the store quickly, or is someone in there?  Hoping there is not a 'bad person' in the car behind me at the ATM when they seem to park too close to me. 

There is no solution any more - Americans, and probably people in general, have a large sense of entitlement. I'm all for personal freedom as long as it doesn't hurt someone else - but every action, good or bad, has a consequence. The "me" factor no longer cares about the consequences - and it's often"do to them before they do to me". 

So heck, yeah, I'm scared and nervous. But to be frank, that's just the way it is. I won't let fear keep me hidden in my home with a gun in my lap, but I am afraid I see people as guilty until proven innocent. As much as I love to fly, I don't think I'll be doing it any time soon, though. I've got enough navigating Sandusky, much less the rest of the world, right now. 

I hope I don't sound too paranoid... it's not paranoia. It's just being extra aware of my surroundings. 



6079 Smith W
The last time I believe that I really felt fear was on 9/11 while living in Chicago.   I felt in fear for the life of my spouse who managed an office in a high rise near the Sear Tower. Having her return to the perceived safety of our suburban home was my primary goal.   I know where my handgun is, but I’d have to put rounds in the chamber. I know where my rifles are, but I’d have to unwrap and load them.   Also, learning and practicing martial arts tends to make one less fearful.    Comparatively speaking, Northern Ohio is bucolic compared to Chicago where I also personally never felt in fear for my life.   ---------- I've written this story before and it might bear worth repeating in this context:   On 9/11, while my spouse was riding the packed train returning home, she said that she saw a man, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern decent who was crying.   He had his face in his hands and he was sobbing and repeating, “What have they done? What have they done?”  

Who was the real “Muslim;” this man or the murderous b*stards?  

Massengill Wins...

As a blogger Bryan would you say that your "contributions" are divisive in nature or do they promote cohesiveness?  Is is possible that your intolernce creates fear and misunderstanding amongst some?  Is that what you are trying to achieve or is that just the net result of your poorly worded diatribes?

Bryan Dubois

Massengill, please explain what I wrote that you believe is intolerant and divisive.  If you can do that, then please explain why it's relevent to this discussion and then urge people not to take part in this "intolerant" blog.  You can do this most effectively by clearly explaining your position and then urging others not to participate in the commenting section under these posts.

The New World Czar

What NPR did with Juan Williams was a pure hatchet job. It is time for the next assembled congress to cut off all future federal funding for NPR. Let them try and make a go of it like Air America did.


"The Founders  Have Awakened.....and They Want Their Country Back!!!!" - Mike Church




the office cat

Don't fly much.  At least persons who dress like Muslims are identifiable.  BD Cooper was a common caucasian.  I'm more concerned in enclosed areas with persons who claim to be Christians...but I can't tell if they're tolerant or at a football game when someone who appears completely 'normal' turns into a redfaced raging animal.  I always remember that one well-placed bomb could wipe out half a stadium.  So I try not to profile.

the office cat

Timothy McVeigh was no where near an airplane.  Should I be fearful whenever I see someone driving a rental van?  The crazies are out there and come in all colors and all kinds of clothes.  And as is proven often here, "you can't talk to crazy"

brutus smith

 It was a good thing the brave people on Flight 93 weren't a bunch of scared sissys like you guys. Fear, what Fox and Repubs love the most. Be afraid, very afraid.

brutus smith

 Use to be a union worker was the boogeyman to the Repubs. Now its Muslims and Mexicans. Be afraid, very afraid, so we (Repubs) can finished fleecing the middle class.

Motive?   Insightful: discerning, wise, perceptive, prudent.   Veiled attempt: Having or as if having a veil or concealing cover; "veiled threats"; "veiled insults"   Is it possible that “someone” with “Insight” is using this as a “Veiled” attempt to attack “Liberals”? It didn’t take long for the attacks on “Libs”, could this have been the “Motive” all along?   Just asking………………..
6079 Smith W


 Kimo writes:

"It didn’t take long for the attacks on “Libs”,"

Hey, any social parasitic form of life that attempts to control my life style and also steals the fruits of my labor for its own sustenance, IMO deserves the highest level of contempt.

You’re rich while also getting Soc. Security and Medicare – what do you have to complain about?

6079 Smith W


@ the office cat:   DB Cooper was an idiot and is D-E-A-D.   A couple points from one of my skydiving instructors of yrs. ago:   

1. No skilled skydiver would have asked for a chute. Trusting no one else, he’d have packed and brought his own.

2. He wouldn’t have been able to hold on to the moneybag. Upon exiting, at the speed and altitude of the aircraft, the air blast would have ripped it out of his grasp.


Do I worry when I see those who are obviously Muslim waiting to board a plane? Absolutely. In fact, when I was getting ready to board a plane back to Ohio from Phoenix, there was a group of Muslim men also waiting to board. I very seriously debated going to the counter (discreetly, of course) and changing my flight. Fortunately, the men were on another flight that day (and, as it obviously turned out, they didn't do anything wrong).

Next question: Was it FAIR that I was worried? Yes and no. Given the experiences of 9/11, those who AREN'T worried are fools. At the same time, it's obvious that not all Muslims are radicals who are bent on the destruction of the "infidel."

Final question: Is it fair that those of us who ARE nervous are blamed for it? Not even remotely. As far as I'm concerned, cut number 1 in government spending needs to be NPR.