BLOG: Mortus: 'I just have to make the time'

Gary Mortus
Oct 12, 2010


The first week of October is gone and we're moving through the month. 

I worked with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance on Oct. 5 and Oct. 7. Derek keeps me on track and I am making strides toward my goals.

The past week was busy at work and with the township, so I was unable to work in the third session. I do continue to try and work in cardio on the off days, but that is still a struggle for me.

I continue to search the best way to balance everything to get more time in to work on cardio and core exercises. 

I know the bottom line is that I must adjust my schedule to work in the time if I want to continue on and maintain my weight and control the health issues. 

I believe that is a challenge for anyone trying to diet or get in better shape.  I know that I just have to make the time and stop making excuses or putting it off until later.



bodinbalance's picture

There you go Gary! Now you are learning something.  Fitness is not just for overweight people and body builders.  Exercise is like brushing your teeth.  You have got to do it everyday if you want to reduce your visits to the Doctor.  It is not easy to get into shape but it is not that hard to maintain.  Keep up the good work and make your goal.  after you reach your desired weight you will see that it doesn't take as much work to stay fit.  Shoot for at least 40 minutes on your off days.