BLOG: Kasich Is Anti 2nd Amendment?

Bryan Dubois
Oct 6, 2010


According to politics daily, John Kasich (R) still holds a healthy lead over incumbent Ted Strickland (D).  I wonder how many other voters were shocked at the info in this latest mailing sent out by Strickland's campaign:

Kasich is anti-gun?


The pro-China/Anti-Ohio narrative they were beating into the ground was getting tiresome, but this new anti-firearm charge is definitely going to bring those poll numbers closer together...



The guy has been a guest host for Rush Limbaugh and a commentator  on Fox News.

Enough Said!!

Erie County Resident

Did the SR just wake up???

This is old news...  Kasich is a Dumpocrap in Republican clothing..

And no this has nothing to do with the NRA making this earth shaking annoucnement.

He's all for shipping jobs overseas. He loves bailouts.

He likes Cap & Trade which will make energy cost go through the roof for everyone.

He's against the Constitution.... Especially the 2nd, 4th, and 1st  Amendments.

This describes a liberal in my book.

I don't really care for Strickland but he'll be less damaging to Ohio in my view, he at least supports most of the Constitution.


Not to worry, under Strickland you won't be able to afford the bullets for it anyway.

Bryan Dubois

Kasich is a gun supporter according to his website:


One term Teddy, desperate and unemployed after Nov.2...


democrapers, higher taxes, unemployed Nov.2.....

Just Thinkin

As i keep telling the OLD Guard Dempcraps, WE no longer have a party ! the Repubic 's and the Demolib's are no longer for the common American but are for the groups who will get them votes. Ex. Obama gets the black and Lib Votes WHY Color that's all, The Repubic's get the votes from the upper classes . And the little middle American is still  [? ].Wake up and get the America we love back on track, Union guys just because we are taken to the water hole we need not have to drink ! ask if it is safe for us or just a stop on our road total control by our Goverment? Repubic's, Ask is making two groups the wealthy vs the poorer middle class really making you richer or degradeing you as a person! We as Americans worry to much about being PC that we are giving up our freedoms to belong in the world 's favor, SCREW the world God, Truth and HONEST NEWS Reporting will keep us free as long as we vote for AMERICA and what we used to stand for Freedom and Honest working Woman and Men, Vote for the Truth it will set us FREE ! 



1) Are the claims about the Kasich vote true?

2) Can you substantiate that this item in fact came from the Strickland campaign? (No "paid for by..." on what you posted.)

Bryan Dubois

Factitious,  yeah, it came from the Strickland campaign.  It was on the other side of the ad at the top.

6079 Smith W


@ Mr. Dubois:   Thanks for the link.   That’s a pretty weak worded endorsement for the 2nd Amend. Protecting the rights of sportsmen and hunters?   Hunting isn’t the whole ball of wax by a long shot.   H*ll, I own firearms and I’ve never went hunting.   I say keep your eye on the prize:   Get rid of old mister tax, borrow and spend Strickland first and then if Mr. Kasich proves to be a putz, kick his butt to the curb in four years too.  

If Mr. Kasich wastes time and effort focusing on 2nd Amend. rights as opposed to righting the state’s economy he deserves to be booted out of office.



The attack ads against Strickland are over the top... in number and in outrageousness. Strickland has done a remarkable keeping the budget in check, given the national economic disaster he was dealt by the Republicans under Bush. Blaming him for Ohio's job losses is just silly and desperate and shows a cynical distain for the voters' intelligence. Ironic that the attacks come from Kasick, a guy straight from the Wall street crowd that brewed up this mess. The more the Republicans get what they want, the worse things get.


facitious..are you kidding?  strickland has done a good job?  he is pushing for the high speed rail service here in ohio.  he has admittied that the state will have to subsidize this with taxpayer money, as it will NOT be self sustaining, by at least $17 million per year!  apparently he doesn't know that the state is already running a deficit of close to $2 billion.  you think that is responsible?

6079 Smith W


@ Factitious:   Is Mr. Strickland’s canceling the last two yrs. of the income tax reduction and stealing the hard earned money of Ohio’s workingmen and women evidence of a “remarkable job?”   More like he’s attempting to balance the budget on their backs.   Yep, blame the Repubs, blame Bush that’s all the incompetent Dems have to run on.    For decades, Ohioans have been voting with their feet and moving out of the state.   According to initial estimates by the U.S. Census, Ohio will lose two Congressional seats due to the loss of population.   Ohio has one of the worst income and business tax schedules in the country.   The Tax Foundation ranks Ohio 47th in the nation for business friendliness:   Give Mr. Kasich a chance, he certainly can’t do any worse than Mr. Strickland.   And retire Mr. Fisher too.  
brutus smith

 bryan, so Kasich being pro China and Anti Ohio is OK, but being anti gun is not? That is a strange set of priorities. It's funny people try to paint Strickland as being a Liberal, but his voting record in Congress was very Conservative, voted against NAFTA, is pro 2nd Amendment which I am too, and overall is really a fiscal Conservative. Kasich wants the Wall Street guys to have your money and we all saw how that worked out.

Bryan Dubois

brutus, no, it's not okay.  It was a point that I was getting tired of hearing about though.  They were harping on it.

6079 Smith W


@ bs:   Mr. Strickland’s all but gone, you’re beating a broken drum.   Pro Second Amend? Even for assault rifles? You may need them for your lefty re-education camps and the executions.   Why should you even care if you don’t live in Ohio?     New ADP job numbers out this morning – not good for Obie.   The U.S. Labor Dept. report coming out on Fri. will show that the unemployment rate ticked up - yikes!   Keep the faith, but it's looking real bad for the Dems in Nov.



If these economic conditions were only occurring in Ohio then I suppose you could blame Gov. Strickland, but unfortunately they are nationwide and began several years ago.  You know where the blame lies and it is not with Gov. Strickland or President Obama.

maverick12's picture

My freedom for a loaf of bread....yay!!!!


I just checked the NRA website... No more arguing about this... NRA has endorsed Strickland, With an "A" rating. Kasich scored a "B" rating. Close enough for me to stick with Kasich.


Erie County, you claimed that he is against the 1st, 2nd and 4th admendments.

I understand the 2nd, but not your claim concerning the 1st and 4th.
I'm seriously confused on your post, I'm not stiring the pot here. Care to share with us your further thoughts?


Once again, NO CHOICES in an election.



Im so disgusted with posters talking about WHERE we've been, I want to look forward and NEITHER of these millionairs give a hoot about the State. I detest both of them.


It is all about their voting and performance HISTORY.  If this is true about his voting record then I am sure the NRA National Matches at Camp Perry will be in jeapordy.  NO conservative would vote so negative about the 2nd Amendment.  NONE!  I just hope he does not "flip-flop" like so many have done before.  John "reach across the aisle" McCain come to mind?  I will give Kasich a chance.  You know, exactly like all you liberals who gave a FAILURE a chance in the White House.  And just look at the magnificient leadership and direction we are going through.  Can't admit YOU were WRONG?  Then how does it feel?  The recession over?  At least there is a 100% increase in WH parties all PAID for by taxpayers.  Have any of you liberal crybabies been invited to those taxpayer PAID parties?  No?  You know, we need to spread the wealth around.  Ha! Ha!  I admire John Kasich for his faith and his direction.  But, know this.  NO one will stay in office if they are committed "flip-floppers" and LIARS.  If Kasich is against the 2nd Amendment, it come to light and he will get the BOOT.  You know, exactly like the title, "Worse Single Term President in the History of the United States."  NO one is exempt from the rath of the PEOPLE.   

6079 Smith W


tk writes:   “…these economic conditions… began several years ago.”   You are partially correct, however;  they began DECADES ago.   LBJ wanted “guns and butter” for Americans and so he began stealing from Soc. Security for one, to shore up his looming budget deficit. The U.S. experienced rabit inflation not long after.   Since then, the liberals and conservatives have supported their fiscal programs with: Too much spending, too little taxation while borrowing the difference.   Pres. Bush just happened to be holding office when the national economy finally blew up.   Gov. Strickland just happened to be holding office when the national economy blew up.   Pres. Obama said that he could fix it – he can’t.   Candidate Kasich says that he can fix it – he can’t.    

And here we are awaiting the bigger and badder economic crash to come.


brutus smith

 Yeah Kasich is not a liar. He is pretty straight forward in wanting to sell off the US to China. No mincing words there. 

brutus smith

The largest attack campaign against Democrats this fall is being waged by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a trade association organized as a 501(c)(6) that can raise and spend unlimited funds without ever disclosing any of its donors. The Chamber has promised to spend an unprecedented $75 million to defeat candidates likeJack Conway, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Jerry Brown, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA), and Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA). As of Sept. 15th, the Chamber had aired more than8,000 ads on behalf of GOP Senate candidates alone, according to a study from the Wesleyan Media Project. The Chamber’s spending has dwarfed every other issue group and most political party candidate committee spending. A ThinkProgress investigation has found that the Chamber funds its political attack campaign out of its general account, which solicits foreign funding. And while the Chamber will likely assert it has internal controls, foreign money is fungible, permitting the Chamber to run its unprecedented attack campaign. According to legal experts consulted by ThinkProgress, the Chamber is likely skirting longstanding campaign finance law that bans the involvement of foreign corporations in American elections.


Why would the Chamber bother you Brutus when you didn't have a problem with Accorn, a company that TAUGHT how to cover up crimes of SLAVERY, ABUSE, PROSTITUTION and we know that all these types of crimes produce murders. Seems your hypicritical at best....


Any politician that stands against the rights penned under our constitution are committing political suicide.  If he votes against the 2nd ammendment, which one will be next?


Portman and Kasich are both slam dunks now.

Unless some bombshell comes out against Kasich then Strickland is going to be crushed.

The sad thing is I don't think it matters who is elected, the economy will still stink for the next few years.


Hey Cross, you are correct.  It still will not matter until we get rid of the ring leader in 2012.  THEN we shall see if the Republicans can perform for the PEOPLE.  NOT just for YOU, but for the majority of the PEOPLE.  If not, they will all get the BOOT and I will help in getting them out.  ALL politicians who represent the PEOPLE must and will learn they are there because of the PEOPLE, NOT for them to serve themselves.  I will vote for those who are responsible and want conservative values no matter if they are democrack or Republican.  I can name a few so called Republicans that already got the BOOT and a few are in jeapordy in 2012 along with 0bama.  One of the worst moderate Republicans is Sen. John "reach across the aisle" McCain.  I can see why he lost in his bid for the presidency.  He barely had the backing of the conservatives.  I love the TEA Party.  We have NO leader, NO commitment, NO central funding.  We are just taxpayers and people who are concerned with the total liberal destruction of this great nation.  All Washington politicians BETTER get with the program instead of taking care of themselves, family members on the taxpayer dime, entitlements, false premise of POWER, earmarks, reparations, kickbacks or they can join everyone else in the extended unemployment line.   

From zero to well-publicized nothing in record time     Print

October 6, 2010 Posted by Paul at 10:35 PM GA_googleFillSlot("PL_GEO_300");

Journolist, or its functional equivalent, must be alive, well, and working overtime somewhere in cyberspace. At least that's my explanation for how accusations of impropriety and illegality against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spread in about a day's time, from the lefty Think Progress blog, to Huffington Post left-winger Sam Stein, to MSNBC, and then to editorial pages of the New York Times and, via funnyman Al Franken, to the U.S. Senate.

The allegation is that, in the words of Think Progress, "the Chamber is likely skirting longstanding campaign finance law that bans the involvement of foreign corporations in American elections." Supposedly, the Chamber is doing so by using money from foreign corporations associated with Chamber affiliates overseas in U.S. elections.

I'd like to make three points about this claim. First, there doesn't appear to be any evidence to support it. The Chamber says it has a process in place to ensure that foreign funds are not spent in U.S. elections. If so, as I understand it, there is no unlawful conduct. Moreover, neither Think Progress nor any those who picked up their claim, appears to have any evidence that contradicts what the Chamber says. Simply put, the left's attack on the Chamber appears to be made up out of whole cloth.

Second, as the Center for Competitive Politics points out, there is a serious tension between the claim of Think Progress and other leftists that the Chamber's alleged conduct violates the law and the standard leftist talking point that the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United opened the floodgates to foreign spending in U.S. elections. In reality, as Think Progress' allegations of illegality against the Chamber acknowledge, foreign spending in U.S. elections remains illegal. Again, however, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that the Chamber is facilitating such foreign spending.

Third, Think Progress' fallback position is that even if the Chamber isn't putting foreign money into American campaigns, money is fungible, so that foreign money frees up other money for campaigns. But to the extent this argument has any validity, it also applies to a number of unions. The AFL-CIO has a robust foreign program. Moreover, as the Center for Competitive Politics notes, the Service Employees International Union represents employees in Canada. So does the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. And the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has members not just in Canada but also in Panama and several Caribbean nations. Don't their dues free up money that these powerhouse unions can use in U.S. political campaigns?

The Chamber's conduct is no more scandalous than that of these unions, which is to say, on the evidence presented so far, it is not scandalous at all.

Dr. Seuss

 wow Strickland is REALLY desperate and that is obvious in his most recent television advertisements.  I say desperate times call for desperate measures.  Can you say Governor Kasich!!!  

Captain Gutz



Be careful of what is posted here,


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
The Center for American Progress is a progressive[1] public policy research and advocacy organization. Its website states that the organization is "dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action."

Its President and Chief Executive Officer isJohn Podesta, who served as chief of staff to then U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The Center for American Progress was created in 2003 as a left-leaning alternative to think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise InstituteThinkProgress has an extremely slanted agenda. Some open government groups, such as the Sunlight Foundation and the Campaign Legal Center, criticize the Center's failure to disclose its contributors, particularly since it is so influential in appointments to the Obama administration.

Formerly known simply as the American Progress Action Fund, the Center for American Progress Action Fund is a "sister advocacy organization" and is organizationally and financially separate from the Center for American Progress, although they share many staff and a physical address. Whereas the Center for American Progress is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the fund is a 501(c)(4), allowing it to devote more funds to lobbying.[16] In 2003, George Soros promised to financially support the organization by donating up to three million dollars.

The Center has no information on its website about its funding, but the Washington Post reported that "seed money pledged by such deep-pocketed Democrats as financier George Soros and mortgage billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler" assisted its formation.


brutus smith

 bailey, since no one else can come up with anything ACORN was found guilty of, maybe you could be that one person in this country that could prove something.

brutus smith

 goofus, paul, a right wingnut blogger? Why not talk about all the money the US Chamber of Commerce gets from foreign Governments?


I'm a Republical for Strickland!  Why?  Because when I vote for him I'll know I'm getting a basic Democrat who has been a good govenor.  Also:

1-Kasic's ads are not true.  He blames Ohio's hard times on Strictland, ignoring the fact that the whole country is in the same situation and the current Washington administration's appointed advisors don't have a clue on how to improve the situation.  Kasic is a free trader and votes for free trade.  The fact is that this country has lost many more good jobs than it ever gained with free trade.

2-Kasic is not a Second Amendment supporter as he and some claim.  While in congress he voted in favor of Clinton"s ugly gun ban (Assault Weapons).  The legislation was a joke and was allowed to expire under Bush.  If he had half a brain he should have figured out that true assault weapons (automatics) were already banned for private ownership.  The ban he voted for was just one step in an agenda of progressive gun limitations by the anti-gun crowd.  Strictland on the other hand has been pro citizens' rights concerning firearm ownership and use, including sighning into law the Castle Doctrine.

So that's why I'm a Republican voting for Strictland!


So which Republicans do you support, Restless1? What are your conservative principles?

Are you voting for Iott? How about Portman?


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From an old song: "The truth is in the eyes

cause the eyes don't lie."

Look at his eyes....check his actions.

This guy doesn't look good 4us.




Caps locks are bad. Please learn to turn them off.

Anyways, to answer your question we have too many government workers in Ohio. If we cut spending and offer business incentives based on that extra money we'll create more and better jobs. Administration costs for big cities schools is silly high. If we could cut half the administrators and use that money for charter schools Ohio would be much better off education wise.

Strickland's gone. I know the union followers and DNC people won't like it but he's a casualty of the bad economy. The wide swath of non partisans will toss him out. On the good news front, the clock starts ticking immediately for Kasich.

brutus smith

 So the guy (Kasich) responsible for NAFTA, "free trade", and sending millions of our jobs overseas will bring jobs back? 


Brutus, since when was Bill Clinton running for Governor of Ohio? ;)

NAFTA was a Clinton creation, ya know. I believe Kaptur also voted for it. I'm sure you'll be voting against her, BS.

On an aside, I'm really sick of political advertisements. I rarely watch TV, but the baseball and occasional drama I try and watch is so overrun with idiot advertisements it somewhat ruins my watching experience.

We still have another three weeks to go, and I'm sure they'll get sillier and nastier.


6079 Smith W

 @ bs:

Mr. Strickland is kaput!  - give it a long rest.

You don’t even live in OH, why do you care who’s Guv?


brutus smith

 win, so why were you run out of Chicago?


Brut, so where do you live?

6079 Smith W


@ bs:   “Run out”? LOL. Per usual you’re shootin’ blanks.    It's apparent that you don't live in OH, so where do you live?   If you’ve never even lived in the area, why’d you pick the SR?   You're obviously unaware that Northern Ohioans have traditionally tended to be very conservative. Your socialist message is mostly lost on the locals and is a waste of your time.  

Come on be a man for once and tell us; you'll feel better by not continuing to live a bald-faced lie and pretending that you live in OH.     

brutus smith

 cross, do you bother checking on anything? NAFTA was thought of in the Reagan era, put together during Bush 1 by Kasich, then signed by idiot Clinton. For the record both Kaptur and Strickland both voted against it.


The Dems controlled Congress and the White House when NAFTA was signed into law, Brutus. It is DEMOCRATIC legislation that they own.

You and I both know a lot of votes were done for symbolic reasons. The Dems could have prevented the legislation, vetoed it, and certainly could have repealed it when they held the only super majority in congress recently.

I await your bizarre otherworldly answer why they did not, and how this bill is the GOP fault despite it being passed at a time when the entire government was in the hands of the Donkeys.



Where do you live?

We already know you think most Americans are Nazi's

We already know you support foriegn corporations (Drive Dodge's)

We already know you think anyone who disagrees with you should be put away in a a camp

So why won't you tell us where you live? Or is it against the paid Netcrooks rules to say?

brutus smith

 So were you ever charged or just asked to leave?

6079 Smith W


@ bs:   If you're not afraid to respond to a reasonable question, answer it:  

Where do you currently live?


6079 Smith W


bs writes:   “Idiot Clinton”   And so using your rationale, why don't idiot Obama, idiot Pelosi and idiot Reid care enough about working class Americans to repeal NAFTA?   Where's the anti-NAFTA legislation? The Dems have had a majority in Congress for almost four years!   Maybe Obie should blame the Repubs again?  

Again; where exactly do you live?

brutus smith

 Hey right wingnut pete is back. Just get out of the pokey?

6079 Smith W


Speaking of campaigns -

When Mr. Obama was running for President, Al-Jazeera actually ran video of Obama phone banks in Gaza:

 Read more:



When will voters turn off their voluntary matrix (i.e. mass media tv's) and find out what's going on? 

There are 5 candidates for governor of Ohio, but you're only hearing about the two that the 5 billionaires who operate the mass media cartel can count on to carry on the status quo. 

Ken Matesz, Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate, is the only conservative on the ballot for Ohio. 

Ken Matesz, is the only gubernatorial candidate to have produced a budget plan for Ohio. 

Tired of the same?  I am. 

Tired of the lies?  I am.

Want to fix it?  Then vote Libertarian!



Jeez, Brutus, if Kasich really IS against gun ownership, then I'll be looking forward to you switching parties in the gubernatorial race! He sounds right up your alley...



I can't remember who it was that first said it, but it's true: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the outcome to be different.

Tired of politics as usual? Stop voting for the usual politicians. Vote Libertarian. Vote Constitution Party. Whatever. But it was professional politicians that got us into this mess, and I believe that only professional BUSINESSMEN (and women) can get us out. And if these professionals actually have a clue as to American history, they get bonus points...

brutus smith

 Professional businessmen are the ones who got us into this mess. Does Wall Street ring a bell?

6079 Smith W

bs writes:

“Professional businessmen are the ones who got us into this mess. Does Wall Street ring a bell?”

So let’s get rid of business and Wall St. and let Obozo and the merry Dem clowns run the country and everything will be fine eh?

All those clowns know how to do is print and borrow money while leading the U.S. down the path toward the fiscal cataclysm.

Do you subscribe to either the SR or the NR, or are you just a freeloader?

Since it's so easy, how many people do intend to hire for your new factory?

Question: Where do you live and why do you care about this area?


brutus smith

 winston, why are you so obsessed with me? Kinda weird don't ya think?

brutus smith

 Everyone already thinks you are the creepy old man in the corner.


 BLOG: Stars and bars forever?

 It’s a common sight along roads in rural Ohio, a fluttering and often frayed relic of a lost cause. I speak of the “blood stained banner”, the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, or as it is more commonly known, the rebel flag.

In Mississippi or Georgia we expect to see it, but here in rural north central Ohio? After all, Ohioans fought proudly for the Union and two of the greatest strategic minds of the war were from Ohio: Grant and Sherman.

We see it several places on 269, on 6, on 53, and across from Wal-Mart in Port Clinton. In Castalia it can be spotted not far from a Civil War memorial. So why do so many Ohio houses, garages and especially trailers, fly the colors of our former enemy?

Could these flags belong to Southern transplants, or people with second homes here? Certainly it’s not Ohioans demanding succession and a return to slavery, I hope. Has it become a general symbol of rural pride, a way to prove how “country” one is? Is it a generalized symbol of rebellion, with perhaps those flying it not really connecting it to its original purpose? Is it racism, as in a way to proclaim whites only?

 In the South the motivation can reasonably be traced to heritage and yes, people can display what they like out in front of their homes and I encourage them to do so. When it’s on the state flag things get a little bit more controversial, but save that thread for another day.

What I want to know is what motivates an Ohioan in 2010, often in very prominent locations, to fly the rebel flag?


*** This is a blog post by Pundit. It offers an alternative to Bryan Dubois. If you support this kind of insightful, original, and locally focused content, all concepts lacking in the ironically titled 'Insight' blog, please contact Matt Westerhold and ask him to make the Pundit blog a regular feature.



I can't stand KASICH!    I know he wants to privatize my job.    I live paycheck to paycheck as it is!   I pray he DOES NOT GET IN!    Strickland hasn't done the best job either but his hands are tied with alot of issues...ALEAST i HAVE HELD ONTO MY JOB WITH HIM.....JUST BARELY... BUT I HAVE.

6079 Smith W


@ Pundit:   You may want to brush up on your War-Between-the-States history.   See: The Copperheads   Ohio was a pivotal state. It could have potentially joined the Confederacy, split the Union and perhaps doomed it. There was and is a distinct difference in the mindset and sympathies between northern and southern Ohioans.   I don’t think that Southerns are moving into Ohio, I believe that the migration is just the opposite. Southerners notoriously hate cold weather. Whereas Northerners like warmth.   I think that those Stars and Bars may perhaps merely represent a dislike for the overeach of Federal power.      Why don't you go interview a couple of 'em and find out?  

Perhaps Ohioans who feel disenfranchised will adapt a version of the symbol that I’ve often seen in my travels to the Lone Star State:



I am no fan of Ted or Kasich. It is easy to make campaign promises. I feel that the Republicans should have chosen a better candidate. I admit that Ted has done some good in the past such as being pro gun and trying to help those with all electric homes. I feel that Ted should have been pro gambling early on to help with the creation of jobs. I am still undecided here. I might vote third party, be neutral and leave the ballot blank or might vote for the lesser of two evils and cast a reluctant vote for Ted. Still too early for me to decide on this particular race.