BLOG: Mortus: Getting healthy is best result

Gary Mortus
Oct 5, 2010


 The month of October has started and I am ready to kick the weight loss in gear. 

I have still struggled with losing weight this past month. It seems for the last couple of months I have continued to stay close to the same weight. I feel like I have hit a wall with my progress.

I know I need to keep a better record of food I eat. I talked about this before, but I now have a written journal and an electronic version to help me see what I am doing wrong. 

When I check the calories of the food I eat, I found the little things add up in a bigger way. I know that this weight loss is simple – the calories you burn during the day must be more than the calories you eat. If you can burn 3,500 calories and take in less, you can lose a pound.

The past week was just fair for working with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. My schedule allowed me to work with Derek only once Oct. 2. I did work on my own, but surely not at the level that Derek pushes me. 

We continue to change up the sessions to work toward my goal. I must kick myself into high gear if I expect to reach my goals of better health, less medications and more energy.

The other goal I am focused on is winning the FIT Challenge. The results of the last month will be published Oct. 12 in the FIT section.

I hope I stay a little ahead, but Annette and Ellyn are still pushing forward with their sights on winning the FIT Challenge.

I continue to receive many comments on my journey toward better health. I did see several people that had not seen me since the first of the year and they were surprised at my new and improved appearance. I am always pleased to report to people that I am getting healthier - and that is truly the best result of the FIT Challenge.






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bodinbalance's picture

Gary - remember we are focusing on fat loss only.  I don't care how much weight you lose, but how much body fat we can reduce.  So the 3500 calories you are talking about needs to come from fat calories.  you are burning about 800 calories in your workout with Derek at about 55 to 60 percent fat.  If we do the math it will take about 8 workouts to reduce the weight of your body fat 1lb.  Lets get back to basics and Derek will be giving you some homework.  Forget all that other stuff, and let our system do its magic.  Ready for the Derek Nimrichter mind freak?