BLOG: Clark lists her Top 10 changes

Ellyn Clark
Sep 28, 2010


This past week, which was the week of Sept. 19, I gave a lot of thought to how this weight loss has changed my life. When I wrote my essay to FIT, I gave the top 10 reasons as to why I thought I ought to be chosen to participate in this challenge. This gave me the idea to list how many ways losing 45 pounds and counting has changed my life so far.  

So, in no particular order, I share these with you. 

1. I am now wearing my wedding rings on my middle finger because they have gotten too big to wear on my ring finger. I am not going to get them sized until I have lost all the weight, which is another 25 pounds.

2. I have given away my "big girl" clothes, as I call them. They were sizes 16 to 18. I am now wearing sizes 10 to 12. One of my goals by the time this competition is done is to be in a size 8.

3. I have completely changed the way I eat. I no longer eat foods that are deep fried. I stay away from snack foods like donuts, cookies, chips, pop, etc. I stick to healthier snack foods, such as nuts, hard-boiled eggs, frozen and fresh fruit and granola, to name a few.

4. When I go shopping for clothes, I am no longer shopping in the plus-size section. I used to wear tops that were size 16 to 18 or 1X. To those of  you who have experienced large amounts of weight loss, you know how good it feels to try on smaller sizes. It's a feeling that gives you the incentive to continue to keep the weight off.

5. OK, so I did keep one pair of pants that I was wearing when this competition began. I wanted a reminder of where I began and how far I've come. I tried them on a few nights ago; it blew my mind. They looked huge!! I also tried on my wedding dress from when Scott and I got married, five years ago. It was too big, too!! Yea! Scott has never seen me smaller than a size 14.

6. It has been such a long time since I have enjoyed clothes shopping for myself. I now want to shop shop shop, but I don't don't don't. I am trying to learn   how to be more frugal with money.

7. I have made exercising a part of my life. Scott and I took a mini-vacation this past weekend and I specifically made reservations at a motel that had an exercise room. Something I would never have done eight months ago.

8. I am running. I never thought I would or could run again ever in my life. I had not ran for any great distance since high school. I graduated in 1981. That's 29 years ago folks. And this ol' broad is running again! Amazing what losing 45 pounds can and will do for you!

9. People who have not seen me in quite some time or don't see me that often tell me I look great! Those weren't compliments I heard at 210 pounds.

10. I can cross my legs! Not just like one leg over the other, but I can cross my legs "Indian style." I had trouble crossing one leg over the other and keeping it there at 210 pounds.