BLOG: Guerra ready for FIT Challenge to be over

Annette Guerra
Sep 28, 2010


This past week has been stressful for me. Like I had talked about before, we are in contract to purchase a home and recently did the loan application and are waiting to hear back about the approval. 

The waiting game really messes with me. I 'm more stressed out than I've ever been. Maybe that is why my multiple sclerosis has been flaring up.

This whole year I've been doing OK with not having any numbness or tingling in my body, which is a sign of an MS attack.  Until now.  Almost every single day I have been losing feeling in my hands or they start to tingle.  It's really not fun when you're a server and trying to carry food and you lose feeling in your hands.

I called the Cleveland Clinic to get an appointment, but as usual you have to wait about two months to get in.  And for me, it's not an "emergency," so I'm not going to go to the ER.

This really took a toll on my body over the weekend.  My husband was gracious enough to let me get some sleep this morning, but unfortunately I had an appointment with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, which I ended up missing due to over sleeping.

I'm also starting to wonder if the stress of the competition is taking part of all of this. The scale is not moving the way I want it to and it's not like I'm pigging out.  

After I came back from vacation at the beginning of the month, I have been almost spot on with my diet. No indulging and piggy out.  I watch everything I eat.

Part of me wishes this competition was over. I even talked to Ellyn this past week and she agreed, too. It's very stressful and maybe getting back to a normal life will eventually help with the weight loss.