BLOG: Mortus frustrated with his progress

Gary Mortus
Sep 28, 2010


It is hard to believe we are entering the last week of September. The FIT Challenge is down to three months and the heat is on to pick up the pace. 

I still want to reach my minimum goal of 80 pounds. I have reached 65 pounds and can see the goal of 80 pounds. I did talk with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance about what to do to even push harder these last three months. 

I will increase my weight training during the week, on my own, to help with weight loss. 

I am starting to be impatient with myself as I want to reach my goals and I am not seeing the results as quickly as I did when I began the challenge. The one thing I have to stay focused on is that my health has improved and I continue to make additional gains in improving my health.

This past week has gone well working with Derek on Sept. 21 and Sept. 25. Our schedules didn't come together this week to work in the third day of training. I feel I am still making headway in getting in better shape. I keep looking at the future to keep my mind on the fact that soon I will be on my own and must continue on my better path of eating habits and exercise. 

There is no doubt that doing this will be a challenge. 

I will stay the course on improved health as going back to the health problems, lower energy and larger clothing size will not be an option for me. The FIT Challenge has shown me that I can change bad habits and that I have the will power to make the necessary changes to improve my health.