BLOG: Guerra so close to breaking 200-mark

Annette Guerra
Sep 24, 2010


So this past week has been one again of a roller coaster kinda week. I am so close right now to breaking the 200-mark, I can taste it!  It's so frustrating, though that it is taking me so long to get to that point.

I mean, yes, I have come along way in losing 60 pounds, but to never been able to say that I weigh 200 and some odd pounds again would be so fantastic for me.  

Gym time this month with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, has not been that often. I thought once the kids got back in school things would be easier, but boy was I wrong.  

My husband and I have been looking to purchase a home and have actually successfully accepted an offer from a seller. But man does all the details of buying a home take up a lot of your time, especially when you are a first-time buyer like us. I have only been able to meet with Kevin two times this month.

It's hard to believe that September is going to be gone in a little more than a week.  I'm starting to think, "where did the time go?"

I am very excited to see the start of the show "The Biggest Loser."  After watching the season premiere Sept. 21 and seeing the one contestant who weighed exactly what I did when I started this FIT Challenge, it was very emotional for me.  

To know that just nine months ago, I looked like that.  That show is such a motivator for me. Hopefully, it will keep me going the next three months to be able to cross the finish line of this journey and losing 100 pounds.




Yellow Snow

I just read this the other day, and from trying it, it does seem to help.  When you think you're hungry, think back to the pleasure you got from eating yesterday's filing meal.  Remember the food, remember the good feeling from having a satisfying meal.  I know it sounds silly, but try it, really.


Oy Annette and the other two in the FIT challenge. If you can't make it to the gym then dance fast to the music. It is very easy and fun to do. Check out this Doo-Wop song for example.  Move those leg muscles.