BLOG: Mortus feels 'whipped'

Gary Mortus
Sep 24, 2010


The month is flying by with just two weeks left in September. I am slowly moving toward my goals, but I'm at least going in the right direction.

On Sept. 14 and Sept. 16, I worked with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. He is pushing me hard to help me be successful. 

On Sept. 14, we worked on my leg muscles and it really put me in the world of hurt again. I talked with Derek about this and being "whipped" at the end of the sessions. 

He informed me that he is driving me harder than in the past. I really appreciate this as I thought I was just slacking and not being able to keep up. I did feel better after discussing this with Derek.

On Sept. 18, I was unable to make my schedule work and I had

to miss my session with Derek.  Derek did text me back that morning to remind me to keep up with the cardio exercise. I am always pleased with how Derek and the rest of the staff at Bodi N Balance are engaged in my success.

On Sept. 18, I stopped at the grocery store and talked to four people

about the FIT Challenge and my weight loss. Carrie and I stopped in at Berardi's for an early lunch and again several people commented on my success thus far. 

I am constantly reminded about how many people are watching my progress. This makes me feel bad any time I don't work out or waver from my diet.

When the competition is complete and I am moving forward, I must keep this year in mind and remember all the positive input I have received from everyone watching the competition.