BLOG: Chairman Of Ohio Dems: Absolutely No Apologies

Bryan Dubois
Sep 24, 2010

...and he's their political leader!  (Way to build support with independents, Mr. Redfern!)  I can only assume that the level of wisdom the Democrats use in their political campaigns is the same level of wisdom they use when they draw up hope-and-change legislation?  (Short-sighted, wrongheaded.)

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It seems to matter that Bush was in office less than a year when 9/11 happened it is all his fault.

So using the wisdom of the Libtards on here, the current economy is entirely Obie's fault correct? He has been in almost 2 years, which is twice as long as Bush was in during that day in 2001. Using leftie math, that means it is all Obie's doing

Massengill Wins...

Was the 10% unemployment for 8 monthsduring Reagan's second year in office Obama's fault?  As of today I am not aware of any event close to 911 under Obama and he has been in  office twice as long as Bush was before he had his first.  Does that mean in wingnut math that Obama has a record twice as good as Bush's?

brutus smith

hugh, Reagan was President when unemployment hit 10%. 

brutus smith

 So pete, if we get attacked while Obama is Prez, he bears no responsibility right?

brutus smith

 pete, what would people like yourself, right wingnuts who rather see the country crash and burn rather than admit anything that Obama does helps our country, people like you who rather see people die from the lack of healthcare, be called? 

6079 Smith W


  bs writes:   “…rather see the country crash and burn rather than admit anything that Obama does helps our country,”  

By following the Cloward and Piven strategy of overwhelming the social services programs and fostering a socialist revolution, Mr. Obama is helping the country to “crash and burn.”


Bryan Dubois


Interesting that you brought up Cloward & Piven.  Obama's policies certainly fit the strategy.  Obama announced that he sought radical change in America - so why is it so hard to believe this?

Brutus, could you please share with us what the strategy is and what it means?  (Well, what you believe it means anyway.)

All,  below is a graph representing spending by the federal government from 1967 to 2009:

Brutus, do you see the hyper-spending as a problem? 

brutus smith

 Ahhh yes winnie, it's funny when you cut and paste something from Common Dreams. It's even more funny when you don't understand what it is saying. ROFLMAO!

6079 Smith W


@ Mr. Dubois:  

The following is a quote from a fantastic but also a rather long and somewhat technical business article:   “All told, the United States will have a fiscal-debt-to-GDP ratio of 100% this year, and 110% next year—if not higher, depending on the tax receipts in 2011. A lot of wishful thinking is going on for 2012, but the way the numbers are playing out, another trillion dollars’ worth of debt is very likely in the offing—which would put the total fiscal-debt-to-GDP ration to 120%.”

Suffice it to say that historically most democracies tend to inflate their way out of debt. By making the dollar lose value, savers and investors are gonna get hammered!   I was somewhat surprised to see that today on his NY Times blog, lefty economist Mr. Krugman writes that it’s gonna get "ugly”:     Even Mr. Bernanke says that he’s essentially clueless:   It reads as though he said:  The procedures were correct, but the patient failed to cooperate and died.     I bought a few gold shares (GLD) last Oct. I’m up about 23%. Thinking about buyin’ more. It’s acting like an alternative reserve currency.  

Unfortunately, there's not much shelter available from the fiscal and economic storm that's fast approaching.



brutus smith

 bryan, I'd be happy if the wealthy people would invest all that taxpayer money Bush gave them in American companies instead of gambling with it. That way the taxpayers wouldn't get double dipped.

6079 Smith W

@ bs:

Not-to-worry. As it currently stands, on Jan. 1, everyone will have a tax increase to help pay for Obama’s ballooning budget deficits.


Just remember when dealing with the left wing wackos. Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.