BLOG: Chairman Of Ohio Dems: Absolutely No Apologies

Bryan Dubois
Sep 24, 2010

...and he's their political leader!  (Way to build support with independents, Mr. Redfern!)  I can only assume that the level of wisdom the Democrats use in their political campaigns is the same level of wisdom they use when they draw up hope-and-change legislation?  (Short-sighted, wrongheaded.)

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Redfern has decided to clean up his act with this training video.;hl=en_US"></param><param



Brutus doesn't get here till later but this will put his skivies in a bunch.

Hey Bryan, can someone do an IP check and see what state he is posting from? As usual for a Libtard, he won't answer questions (see video above)

brutus smith

 What is there to apologize about? 


Sheesh BS if you can't figure out what they have to apologize for you are dumber than I thought.  Do us all a favor in November, DON'T VOTE!!!  It's people like yourself that kept all the corrupt politicians in Cuyahoga county in office for so long.  Hell most of you can't even read the politicians name, you vote only based on whether there is a D after the name.  Absolutely shameful.

6079 Smith W

The 2010 campaign song for the Dems locally and nationally should be "All Apologies": 

 RIP Kurt.

digger nick
Nobody really listens to this Redfern character. Like most dimocrats he never had a real job running a business or managing people. He is just a career politician full of hot air on a sinking boat owned by the dimocrats.
brutus smith

 Did the Repubs apologize for getting us in the Iraq war? Did Bush apologize for letting 3000 people die on 9/11? And you are concerned over a word?


So Bush is responsible for the 9/11 attacks now? Seems that guy could do anything huh. Or you could just blame him for anything


I don't know, did the Dems apologize for getting us into the Iraq war? The Dems voted almost unanimously to get us into the Iraq war also.  I know, you are going to give me the liberal media line that they were given false intelligence about WMD.  Wrong!!! I fought in the Iraq war, did 3 tours there before retiring, we uncovered tons of WMDs, however the mainstream media wasn't too keen on reporting it because it didn't further their agenda.  Bush let 3000 people die in 9/11?  What are you in bed with the President of Iran?  Terrorists already took responsibility for 9/11. Just think if Pres. Clinton would have taken custody of Bin Laden when he was offered up to him 9/11 may never have happened, so tell me who is responsible for 9/11? It wasn't Bush.

6079 Smith W


@ pete:   Know this: bs is a “truther”.   At the UN yesterday, didn’t President Ahmadinejad agree with him?     ----------------  

One of my favorites of the morning:

"GM Resumes Political Giving"

Sen. Brown has been a recipient.

Should campaign contributions be given to Democrats from a mostly U.S. taxpayer owned co.?



What I found funny was they need $133 a share for us to make our money back. Wonder if that is gonna happen!


Pete - For 9/11, Bush deserves way more blame than he gets. It's not just that on Bush's watch, the FBI brushed aside clear signs that something was about to come down. It's that it happened because, despite the fact that on his way out, Clinton warned that terrorism was our #1 threat, Bush and Rice blew it off; backward-looking, they were still on red threat page and and picked up where Reagan left off (All Rice had was a commie-beating hammer, so everything looked like a commie nail.). Now, if you insist, you could argue, however improbably, that 9/11 would have happen anyway, but Bush's domestic security policy gaff clearly paved the way.


Yep. Just as I thought. Bush caused 9/11.

And Winston, I have owned Fords. Was brought up on them so that is what I buy. I do also own a Jeep, but that is not really a road vehicle. Has another purpose. A Hardley mostly made here, and a Hardley made in Italy. The Sprint is more of a rarity that I use for vintage motorcycle events

6079 Smith W


@ pete:   I ain’t buying the stock outright. I'll undoubtedly own it in some of my passive diversified equity funds.     Each and every car that my nuclear family has owned came from cos. H.Q’d in the U.S.   Among us we’ve owned 14 cars over the yrs. (Even owned an AMC Hornet once.)  

We currently drive GM autos – these will be our last.


I vote for the truth
So keep up the good work, Chris
Tell it like it is

6079 Smith W


@ Factitious:    

If you want to fault Pres. Bush for 9-11 when he was only < 8 mos. into his presidency; then you must hold Pres. Obama responsible for the state of the economy after he’s been in office for 20 mos.

The fact is that most of the military and intelligence operations were still in place and functioning as they had under the Clinton Admin.

Pres. Reagan beefed up defense spending, Pres. Clinton reduced it in order to help support increased domestic spending. Remember the "peace dividend"?

Red threat? The USSR imploded in 1991.


"Tons of WMD'S" ?!!
Methinks hUGHjASS is taking liberties with the definition of WMD.


Me thinks unabash is speaking from his arse, like I said, I was there and was part of a team responsible for safely removing them.  At one site alone we found in excess of 50,000 pounds of munitions that had warheads containing both sarin and tabun.  This was just one site.  Like I said the media and the government will only tell you what they want you to hear.  The Bush administration did not release information on what was found on the basis of national security.  The current administration won't release it because it would expose them as the liars they really are.

6079 Smith W


@ Unabasho:

So you seriously believe that the U.S. govt. has told its citizens all the facts about the Iraq Invasion and it’s aftermath?

Unfortunately, it would not be in Mr. Obama and the Dems best interests to release some info that may help to counter the detrimental image that they wish to paint regarding Pres. Bush.

It’s more politically useful to them to obfuscate. We're talking politics here - not "truth." 

Saddam had it; where did it go? (I still think that Syria may hold part of the answer.)

Where’s the credit to Mr. Bush for causing Libya to dismantle their WMD program?

You do know that Ike abandoned American POWs in N. Korea don't you?

Secrets come out years later. Usually after those who really cared are long dead.


 Bryan are you sad the Fern hasn't mentioned you?

It seems that he has turned his foul language into a successful new narrative. (again, simply google redfern to see all the positive coverage of this incident.)

6079 Smith W


In this video, Mr. Redfern helps to illustrate the absurdity of the Democrat socialist policies.   They seriously and idiotically believe that a piece of legislation guarantees a positive result in the world of reality?   Just exactly how are college age adults and those who graduated and are now looking for work guaranteed health insurance?   To think that this will not push up health care costs and therefore premiums is absurd.   If the parents lose their jobs and the premiums aren’t paid – doesn't everyone in the family potentially lose their health insurance coverage?   If their health care garbage was so good, it would be evident and they wouldn't have to put on the hard sell. Only hucksters have to work so hard in attempting to convince the gullible.  

Redfern? Is that a communist houseplant?    

brutus smith

 I get a kick out of you Ford supporters. The UAW is in Chrysler, GM and FORD! So it wasn't the unions who brought GM and Chrysler down, it was the Repub CEO's. Such tools.


Comments on Fords from a guy who admitted he drives Dodge's? And wasn't it a FOREIGN company that owned Chrysler for the longest time?

Just curious as to why you support German companies Brutus? Thought you would be one to keep the money in the USA. You hate America don't ya? Admit it. Ya do.

And calling 60% of the US Citizens Nazis? Tisk tisk tisk

brutus smith

 Hey hugh, who was Commander and Chief when 9/11 happened? Typical Repubs, they would blame their own mother before accepting responsibility for anything. Disgusting.


Hey BS who was the Pres when the unemployment rate shot up to 10%? Typical Dems, they would blame their own mother before accepting resposibility for anything. Revolting. LOL.  Sorry, you can't have it both ways.  Using your own rational the current economic mess this country is in sits squarely on the shoulders of Obama and the Dem controlled congress (which was controlled by the Dems before Bush left office).  Glad to see you are finally coming around.

brutus smith

 Were you polled pete? I wasn't, nor anyone I know.


What does it matter? Even if it is your 20% who disagree with you, to equate them to one of the most notorious genocidal regimes in the world is, unbelievable. So anyone who isn't of the same mind as you is carrying out a Final Solution as Hitler was trying to.

Pol Pot too? Baby Doc? Who else? WOW


Oh, and while we are on the subject of American automakers and who is at fault for their demise please feel free to paste this link into your browser to see the quality of the UAW worker.  After seeing this you'll know why American cars aren't as good as they could be and why the auto industry is failing.

Massengill Wins...

In the effort to cannonize Reagan many of the people on the right don't realize that during the second year of Reagan's first term the unemployment rate was over 10 %.  Apparently it only matters if Obama is in office. 

How dare Brutus use nazi comparisons....... Glenn Beck has the copyright on those and his tools like taxpayer and goofus like to repeat them like parrots.

Republican arguments are fact lite.


Redfern is losing it but, considering what is going to happen on Nov.2, can you blame him.

democrapers, higher taxes, potty mouth, and unemployed Nov.2