UPDATED BLOG: Redfern In Action; No Apologies; Absolutely No Apologies

Bryan Dubois
Sep 24, 2010

Language warning.

This is a video of Chris Redfern, former Dem state representative, at a town hall meeting.

And I face a quandary here:  Decency standards dictate that this type of material is not posted on the Sandusky Register however, I'm going to take a chance because the public needs to see how this guy conducts himself and the disrespect he has for political opponents.

Once again, language warning.  Redfern is the current leader of the Ohio Democratic Party. 

(Via New World Czar)

"Excuse my language!"

Want more Chris Redfern?  Check out his Twitter feed - where he spends much of his time cheerleading for Ted Strickland.

Yeah, sure, he's trying to whip up and excite the base during a townhall meeting.  He's just trying to sound passionate.  I know, I know.  He's not an elected official anymore.  I know.  He is the Democrat's political leader though - and this is how he believes political battles should be fought.


Redfern reacts with foolish stubborness.  Not only is he wrong - but his reaction is counter to the way a true political leader would react if he was interested in building support for his policies.  But then again, the Dems plan on ramming their policies down your throat, so why not use the same bullheaded principles when campaigning for them?  (Hat tip to L. for that link.)

In other words:  "THEY STARTED IT!!"

Mr. Redfern just can't seem to get the issues straight here.  Aside from pretending that the language he used wasn't obscene (it clearly was) - he makes no mention of the fact that disrespect towards political opponents is the tactic with which most people have a problem.  If that type of political attack were condoned, discourse in this country would quickly turn into back-and-forth name calling.  (Some people say it already has.)

My point about Redfern is that he's supposedly a party leader.  He's setting a very poor example not only with his language - but with the demonizing and name calling.  Redfern sets the bar no higher than some of the commenters on this site who throw the Hitler comparison around.  (Can anyone really respond to an accusation like that without being accused of wrestling with the pigs?)

The irony is that he closed his "No apologies" blog post with a condemnation of the other side's political tactics which, as I said before and most people know, will result in a back-and-forth that completely prevents any meaningful discussion of the issues.

Another Update: 

Redfern has again updated his blog at the Ohio Dem website with a refusal to set any kind of wise example.  He clearly doesn't get it.

It's kinda funny to watch because not only is he muddying the water on the healthcare issue, he's showing independents the Dem's style of governing.  It's a fascinating train wreck to watch.  Changing course this late in the game won't really do the party any good anyway, although it would be entertaining to see Redfern apologize after 2 blog posts explaining why he has refused to do so.  I can only imagine how many Dems with any political sense have pulled him aside and said, "Hey, this is probably not the way we should be conducting ourselves."

By the way:  Pundit has uncovered simply googled a news segment from CNN which tells a tale of Astroturfing in the Republican party.   (Actually it tells the tale of a pair of wealthy brothers who fund Republican activities, which is not exactly the same as bussing people in for a fake protest where the protestors fold under questioning, but whatever.  Watch the video.)

I'm shocked. 

The left has George Soros.  The right has the Koch brothers.


Captain Gutz

Well brutus,

If an erudite scholarly sort such as yourself can't decide, do you believe "the court" is wise enough to pass judgement on such an issue?

brutus smith

 gutz, you make no sense. I'm saying each case is different and jurys and courts should decide.