UPDATED BLOG: Redfern In Action; No Apologies; Absolutely No Apologies

Bryan Dubois
Sep 24, 2010


Language warning.

This is a video of Chris Redfern, former Dem state representative, at a town hall meeting.

And I face a quandary here:  Decency standards dictate that this type of material is not posted on the Sandusky Register however, I'm going to take a chance because the public needs to see how this guy conducts himself and the disrespect he has for political opponents.

Once again, language warning.  Redfern is the current leader of the Ohio Democratic Party. 

(Via New World Czar)

"Excuse my language!"

Want more Chris Redfern?  Check out his Twitter feed - where he spends much of his time cheerleading for Ted Strickland.

Yeah, sure, he's trying to whip up and excite the base during a townhall meeting.  He's just trying to sound passionate.  I know, I know.  He's not an elected official anymore.  I know.  He is the Democrat's political leader though - and this is how he believes political battles should be fought.


Redfern reacts with foolish stubborness.  Not only is he wrong - but his reaction is counter to the way a true political leader would react if he was interested in building support for his policies.  But then again, the Dems plan on ramming their policies down your throat, so why not use the same bullheaded principles when campaigning for them?  (Hat tip to L. for that link.)

In other words:  "THEY STARTED IT!!"

Mr. Redfern just can't seem to get the issues straight here.  Aside from pretending that the language he used wasn't obscene (it clearly was) - he makes no mention of the fact that disrespect towards political opponents is the tactic with which most people have a problem.  If that type of political attack were condoned, discourse in this country would quickly turn into back-and-forth name calling.  (Some people say it already has.)

My point about Redfern is that he's supposedly a party leader.  He's setting a very poor example not only with his language - but with the demonizing and name calling.  Redfern sets the bar no higher than some of the commenters on this site who throw the Hitler comparison around.  (Can anyone really respond to an accusation like that without being accused of wrestling with the pigs?)

The irony is that he closed his "No apologies" blog post with a condemnation of the other side's political tactics which, as I said before and most people know, will result in a back-and-forth that completely prevents any meaningful discussion of the issues.

Another Update: 

Redfern has again updated his blog at the Ohio Dem website with a refusal to set any kind of wise example.  He clearly doesn't get it.

It's kinda funny to watch because not only is he muddying the water on the healthcare issue, he's showing independents the Dem's style of governing.  It's a fascinating train wreck to watch.  Changing course this late in the game won't really do the party any good anyway, although it would be entertaining to see Redfern apologize after 2 blog posts explaining why he has refused to do so.  I can only imagine how many Dems with any political sense have pulled him aside and said, "Hey, this is probably not the way we should be conducting ourselves."

By the way:  Pundit has uncovered simply googled a news segment from CNN which tells a tale of Astroturfing in the Republican party.   (Actually it tells the tale of a pair of wealthy brothers who fund Republican activities, which is not exactly the same as bussing people in for a fake protest where the protestors fold under questioning, but whatever.  Watch the video.)

I'm shocked. 

The left has George Soros.  The right has the Koch brothers.



Decency standards dictate that this type of material is not posted on the Sandusky Register so you do it anyways thats why The Sandusky Register is not a credible source of news.

Captain Gutz

Decency standards dictate that this type of material is not used by the chairman of a state party. Don't kill the messenger.


Tool Biden uses language like this all the time. The worst one I heard was LBJ. Guess he had quite a mouth on him

Of course I have no room to talk.......


Seriously, Register. An impashioned speach with a slip of the tongue immediately apologied for. The same word here is impossible to post and alluding to it would get the comment removed, yet you let your hack for the Republicans columnist post it?!  Itn't that beyond hypocritical?


Faced with a quandry,
Bryan Dubois searched his soul,
then did the wrong thing.

"And I face a quandary here:  Decency standards dictate that this type of material is not posted on the Sandusky Register..."

The New World Czar

Redfern is trying to take a Chianti mentality into a Pabst Blue Ribbon atmosphere. What a joke.


"Chianti" is to "PBR" what "orange" is to "Red Delicious." New World Czar, please explain further?

brutus smith

 Gee, we give Cheney a pass as usual for his comments to Senator Leahy.


In response to Cheney, Leahy reminded Cheney that the vice president had once accused him of being a bad Catholic, to which Cheney replied either "f--- off" or "go f--- yourself."



Transcript from the clip, in its entirety:

...away from college, now he or she gets healthcare, your healthcare, while he or she looks for a new job.  It's in the very base terms, we win these arguments, and every time one of these [ef'ers] says, 'scuse my langu...

From this little deliberately out-of-context you can't really discern the message, just the naughty word. So sorry, wingnuts, if it offended your delicate sensibilities.

Chris is a passionate advocate for the people. Right-wing talk shows are hypocitically making hay of this because they can't make a rational case for their wingnuttery.

This this better:



I'm surprised Redfern didn't blame this on George Bush.


It's Obama's fault. And all those LIBERALS. Hah hah hah


Democratic spokesperson explains the entire comment..


brutus smith

 Redfern was mild compared to what I would have said. And I wouldn't apologize either.

Bryan Dubois

The idea that offends - and should offend is that Redfern believes those who disagree with Obamacare should be described as such.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines


Bryan's right. I don't care all that much about the language, either. The truth is that I have something of a mouth myself. But I wouldn't DREAM of letting any of those words out in a professional setting!

Redfern's disrespect for his audience (assuming, I suspect, they'd think he was "cooler" if he behaved and spoke more like "their kind"), and the disrespect for those who disagree with him, is both telling and disgusting.

As for Dick Cheney, I actually AGREED with what he said, but I also made it very clear I thought what he said was unprofessional and, especially given the setting, inappropriate in the extreme. Sort of like the "Boy Blunder" (Joe Biden) who spoke so crassly in the White House when he obviously didn't realize a mic would pick it up. That, too, was inappropriate at BEST.

Like I said, I don't find the language remotely offensive. But I find the way it was used, and how it was all too clearly meant, to be more than a little worthy of offense!


brutus smith

 Seeing how my name and post were deleted, Redfern should have prefaced it with Nazi, because instead of putting people in an oven, they will let 50 million people die a slow death with no healthcare.


So let me get this straight Brutus: The people who don't believe in socialized health care in this country are just as bad as the Nazi's? They are going to put down 50 million people? WOW! And you call right wingers radical!

Massengill Wins...

Just wondering why the resident hack at the Register chose to provide the  video without the immediate apology?  Funny that Mr. Dubois is upset that protestors were bussed in so I was shocked when I found a bus schedule from Freedom Works who..... well..... bussed people into an event.  Doesn't it seem odd that the Koch brothers want to call this "grassroots" when the funding actually comes from a couple of big donors?  Seems like a little deception in play but then again it seems to be par for the course.




A couple of weeks ago, on the Sandusky Mall $1 million improvement story, I posted a link to the Discovery Channel Mythbusters (yes, children watch it) that polishing poop can be done. The Ragister deleted my comments.

Sep 11, 2010
07:05 PM

Salvatore says

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained obscenity. Discussion Guidelines

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb1n1X0Oqdw&feature=pyv&ad=5414294194&kw=... Please spend less than an hour of your time to watch this documentary. The nation now depends on YOU THE PEOPLE.   But the Ragister allows the F word on a video posted by Bryan. The Ragister even featured that x-rated work of art at Firelands College that depicted a child giving a man oral sex.  But then again, I have to give Bryan a thumbs up for showing the true colors of Redfern.


"What's the big deal? It was a slip of the tongue this small"

brutus smith

 What would you call denying people healthcare pete, a celebration?


How are people denied health care Brutus? Who have you heard of that has gone to Firelands and been turned away?

And the 60% of American's who don't want socialized health care are as bad as the Nazis? Reallly?

brutus smith

 So when you run up a $500,000 bill and can't pay it will they treat you again? Will they diagnose and treat your cancer? How about dialysis treatments? And isn't funny the Repub plan contains a lot of what is in "Obamacare"? 


I thunk that is what Medicare and Medicaid is for. It worked that way for my mother when she had a stroke and cancer. So other people don't know about these programs? We should spread the word!

brutus smith

 bryan, what Repub is voting Democratic? Are you? Are you denying the tea party is the right wing of the Repub party? 


Last week the Kochs were shoved unwillingly into the spotlight by the most comprehensive journalistic portrait of them yet, written by Jane Mayer of The New Yorker. Her article caused a stir among those in Manhattan’s liberal elite who didn’t know that David Koch, widely celebrated for his cultural philanthropy, is not merely another rich conservative Republican but the founder of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which, as Mayer writes with some understatement, “has worked closely with the Tea Party since the movement’s inception.” To New Yorkers who associate the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center with the New York City Ballet, it’s startling to learn that the Texas branch of that foundation’s political arm, known simply as Americans for Prosperity, gave its Blogger of the Year Award to an activist who had called President Obama “cokehead in chief.”


The other major sponsor of the Tea Party movement is Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, which, like Americans for Prosperity, is promoting events in Washington this weekend


brutus smith

 Call them up pete and see if they will diagnose and treat cancer.


The 60% of people in this country who do not want socialized health care are as bad as the Nazis Brutus? You are saying that your Progressive Party stance is that the majority of Americans are like the SS?

digger nick
Nobody really listens to this Redfern character. Like most dimocrats he never had a real job running a business or managing people. He is just a career politician full of hot air on a sinking boat owned by the dimocrats.   Brutis get a life. healthcare is a business. Not a god given right. The USA owes you nothing more than the freedom to live life well and prosper.   if you do not hae health care, the government has NO business forcing a company to provide it for you. Whats next, a baby has no formula because the parents were not responsible and CZAR Obozo mandates all the formula companies provide free formula?   Socialism at its best.

Actually Nick, the Gov't will pay for irresponsible parents to have formula. WIC Program


 "hat tip" someone's reading mike allen.

6079 Smith W


Actually, it's not that Mr. Obama is Hitler, but his socio-economic beliefs and actions in the area of corporatism and collectivism have a certain similarity. 

Also, fascist leader Mussolini was an admirer of Keynesian economics as is Mr. Obama and many other East and West Coast liberals.

If ObamaCare was really beneficial, it would be evident and the Progressives wouldn't have to do a hard sell.

Generally only scam artists and hucksters have to work so hard in attempting to convince the gullible of the worthwhile value of their useless product.

The Dems could really use a Bernie Madoff to help sell their snake oil.


brutus smith

 pete, yes and yes.


So the vast majority of Americans are just as bad as the people who put the Jews into the ovens at Aushwitz because they do not agree with a minority opinion on health care? Huh.

Vote Democrat people so we can continue having the Brutus' of this country equate us to Himmler and Hitler


Yes and yes?  Most americans are as bad as nazis?????????   WOW!!!!!!!!

As Nov. 2nd gets closer, and the handwriting on the wall gets clearer, Brutus is really showing his true colors.  The bitterness and hatred are thick enough to cut with a knife.

brutus smith

Once again I must remind you, the only poll that counted was in November 2008 when 80% wanted healthcare reform. And it sure seems funny the Repub health plan released yesterday looks familiar. Let me think ........, oh yeah, looks like Obamacare!

brutus smith

 stormy, I wasn't polled, nor anyone I know of. Were you?


Don't back track now Brutus. Too late. You have already stated, plainly and on here, that any American that doesn't agree with with your position about health care is a Nazi and as bad as the Waffen SS. The people that operated the Death Camps.

If it is 60%, or even your noted number of 20%, I have a hard time with the fact that you think 3/5 or 1/5 of the citizens of the country are as bad as the people who committed genocide

Signature updated to reflect the position of Brutus on his fellow Americans. He thinks we are all killers like Himmler if we do not agree with him



user profile." href="../../../../../../../../users/pete">Pete says

The 60% of people in this country who do not want socialized health care are as bad as the Nazis Brutus? You are saying that your Progressive Party stance is that the majority of Americans are like the SS?

brutus smith says

 pete, yes and yes


Preserved in case he tries to edit or delete his post

brutus smith

 Who would want to deny people healthcare because of a pre existing condition? Patriotic Americans? I don't think so. Who would want to put a cap on cancer treatments? Patriotic Americans? I don't think so. Only someone who had hate and disdain for fellow Americans.

Massengill Wins...

Just curious... what should we call 50 million people without insurance?


Redfern is losing it but, considering what is going to happen on Nov.2, can you blame him.

democrapers, higher taxes, potty mouth, and unemployed Nov.2


Well Masse, since I am one of them and don't like the idea of socialized medicine, I guess we call the Nazis. As we all know, if one person in a group is against the wishes of the Progressives, every one in that group is against it

Example: Racists in the Tea Party

The New World Czar


Q: Just curious... what should we call 50 million people without insurance?

A: 10 million unfortunate and 40 million underachieving. Do you continue to feed someone who continually begs for food or do you teach them how to fish?

brutus smith

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Right wing to bottom dweller? Nice change

Maybe it is because we didn't kick back all that money to the DEMOCRATS running Cuyahoga County to get work. Ethics ya know. Well, no you wouldn't know about ethics would ya. Democrats don't appear to have any


 Oh, and Masse, union contractors don't pay benefits? Some one better call National!

6079 Smith W

Speaking of Nazis; has anyone noticed the eerie similarity in the hair style and mustaches between Obama’s top political advisor David Axelrod and Adolf Hitler?


And what's with the name "AXEL-rod"? Reminds me of the word: Axis.



brutus smith

 Excuses, excuses. Learn how to do your job and maybe someone will hire you.


I thought an axle WAS a rod; the name seems redundant.

brutus smith

 I'm not backtracking. By the way, explain this so called "socialized medicine" you are referring to. I wish we had Socialized medicine, that way we would pay half of what we pay now, no private insurance skimming off the top.

6079 Smith W


bs writes:   “I wish we had Socialized medicine, that way we would pay half of what we pay now, no private insurance skimming off the top.”   If you can construct a miraculous 50% reduction in health insurance premiums, then why not nationalize the auto, the property and casualty and the life insurance industries as well?   In your low-cost health care utopia, can lawyers sue for unlimited dollar amounts for malpractice?   Since the govt. owns around 68% of GM - why aren't the cars priced less than before?


brutus smith

 If people received regular health care malpractice lawsuits would go down, which by the way only account for at the most 1.5% of costs. It would take the guesswork out of a lot of medical decisions thereby reducing mistakes.

And what price do you put on a child who was butchered by a Doctor? Spell out what a human life is worth winnie. Let us know what you think a child's life is worth.

And the healthcare industry is nothing like the others you mentioned. Why do you hate the American people so much?  Does that Foreign company that writes your check pay you that much to be against America?

6079 Smith W


@ bs:   Preventive health maintenance as a cost reducer is a myth. Even when covered, people will still overwhelmingly only go to health care providers when they are ill.    It ain’t the legal settlements alone; it’s the excessive tests and procedures (defensive medicine practices) that help to push up medical costs.   So lawyers will still be able to sue in your health care utopia?   Doctors are butchering children? Wouldn’t it be less expensive to have a meat cutter do it?   If as you claim that you can reduce premiums by 50% in health care, why can’t you don’t do the same by socializing other insurance products? One provider = no competition = cost savings right?   Why do you believe in Marxism and cling to your faith in Obie?


brutus smith

 C'mon winnie, tell us what a child's life is worth. C'mon, go on record and tell us.


Redfern will have enough to apologize for on Nov. 3 when the democraps have record amount of losses.


democraps, higher taxes, potty mouth, unemployed Nov.2......

6079 Smith W


The worth of a child’s life? Why stop there?    Let’s see; Obama’s crazy socialist notion that by fiat that benefits can be increased while costs can be reduced will help to bankrupt the country.   Is total U.S. economic and fiscal collapse, leading to a lower standard of living for every American a satisfactory enough price for you?


Captain Gutz



 Let us know what you think a child's life is worth?

I can't put a dollar amount on it, how much does a pro-abortionist/pro-lifer like yourself think a childs life is worth?

brutus smith

 gutz, I can't put a dollar amount on it either. That is why it should be up to the courts to decide. And the courts decided the other issue already. Roe vs. Wade.


brutie, typical lib, it's OK to kill innocent unborn children, but capital punishment is inhuman.

democrapers, higher taxes, defended criminals, unemployed Nov.2....


Why is it lawful to have an abortion because the courts say that an unborn child is not a human being? Yet the courts go after people who kill or injure an unborn child whether on purpose or accidently? Why is that? Why the double standard for an unborn child? Abortion okay. Injure or kill an unborn child not okay.

Captain Gutz

Well brutus,

If an erudite scholarly sort such as yourself can't decide, do you believe "the court" is wise enough to pass judgement on such an issue?

brutus smith

 gutz, you make no sense. I'm saying each case is different and jurys and courts should decide.