BLOG: Astroturfing & Exhaustion From Supporting The Obama Administration

Bryan Dubois
Sep 22, 2010

Astroturfing is a dishonest technique that large organizations use to give the impression that a movement has more support than it really does.

I'm embedding this video for your viewing pleasure.  If you've never seen a guy single-handedly stand up to an angry, hateful, slogan-chanting crowd to ask pointed questions - which result in blank, questioning stares and eventual retreat -- here's your chance.

Get over the fact that Glen Beck has anything to do with this video.  If you want to attack the man, do what the gentleman in the video says:  Support your jingoism.  "Glen Beck is hateful?  Give me one thing - one thing that he said that's hateful -- not 100 things -- just one thing."


The other interesting video of late:

An Obama supporter asks the President if the current state of America is her "new reality."

She starts talking at :45

What kind of person believes that the President of the United States is the be-all, end-all key to American success?  The sad reality here is that this supporter is shocked that Obama could not deliver all the hopes and dreams he promised.  Did anyone actually believe that he could?



Would the people protesting Bush carry signs like these Brutus? Actually threatening the life of a President?

The New World Czar

When you don't have a platform for your candidates to run on, the next best thing is to resort to name calling. Attached is an amusing video of "tough guy" Chrissy Redfern and his way of calling the Tea Party on the carpet.

Better yet, when you don't have anything positive to say about yourself, then make up something on your opponent...and get called on the carpet by a news source who up until a few months ago was your own mouthpiece...


Astroturf is carpet, and the Democrats have poop stains all over.


6079 Smith W

Re: Velma Hart

"Mr. Hope and Change Can Feel No One’s Pain":

Here's the meat:

“Now, as I said before, times are tough for everybody right now, so I understand your frustration,” he told Hart, after rather clumsily praising her as part of “the bedrock of America” and before citing new credit-card rules and student- loan procedures as evidence of progress.

“As I said” always carries with it the implied question, Weren’t you paying attention? “For everybody” telegraphs you’re one out of millions, nothing special.

And “everybody” isn’t suffering, which is the truth that gets to the heart of Obama’s problem and makes his brushing off Hart as much substance as theater."

Ya gotta luv the deep felt passion of ol' Mr. Hopie-Changie.



brutus smith

Published on Friday, April 29, 2005 by the Associated Press Kerry Supporters Arrested at Bush Rally Sue Law Enforcement    

IOWA CITY -- Two women who were arrested at campaign rally for President Bush last fall and strip-searched at a county jail say law enforcement officers conspired to violate their constitutional rights.

Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson are suing the U.S. Secret Service and three of its agents, the Iowa State Patrol and two patrolmen, and Linn County.

The two women, both school teachers in their 50s, were among scores of people who were arrested, removed or barred from Bush rallies last year for wearing shirt or buttons favoring his Democratic rival, Sen. John Kerry, or for vocally criticizing the presiden

When Bush came to the Pittsburgh area on Labor Day 2002, 65-year-old retired steel worker Bill Neel was there to greet him with a sign proclaiming, “The Bush family must surely love the poor, they made so many of us.” The local police, at the Secret Service’s behest, set up a “designated free-speech zone” on a baseball field surrounded by a chain-link fence a third of a mile from the location of Bush’s speech. The police cleared the path of the motorcade of all critical signs, though folks with pro-Bush signs were permitted to line the president’s path. Neel refused to go to the designated area and was arrested for disorderly conduct; the police also confiscated his sign. Neel later commented, “As far as I’m concerned, the whole country is a free speech zone. If the Bush administration has its way, anyone who criticizes them will be out of sight and out of mind.”

8/17/2007- Couple Arrested at Bush Rally Settles Lawsuit for $80,000


Couple Arrested at Bush Rally Settles Lawsuit for $80,000   by Andrew Clevenger Published on Friday, August 17, 2007 by The Charleston Gazette (West Virginia)

The federal government has agreed to pay $80,000 to a Texas couple arrested for wearing anti-President Bush T-shirts at a 2004 event with the president in Charleston.


Quoting things from 5 & 3 years ago again Brutus? Still living in the past I see. Your hatred for GWB is rather remarkable really. To hold it for over two years and still have such passion about it. Amazing

But alas, he is NOT President anymore. Cheney isn't VP. Newt isn't Speaker. MASH has been canceled too


6079 Smith W


@ bs:   Sen. Kerry is now the richest politician on Capitol Hill.   According to you, he obviously had to @#$%& the poor and middle class to get there right?   In fact, 7 of the top 10 are Democrats - they musta @#$% a lot of poor people to be so rich don't you think?   ---------

I recall Mr. Clinton's SS arresting a few people too. I'll bet you could find some for Mr. Hopie-Changie if you looked.

brutus smith

 pete, and when did your video occur? You are such a tool. Think before you post and quit letting your hatred for Dems get in the way.


As soon as yours for Bush does Brutus

brutus smith

 I would have said Nazi effers. Instead of putting you in an oven the Repbs will make sure you can't get healthcare and let you die a slow death.

brutus smith

Funny thing, I don't hate Bush, just his policies. And I always talk about his policies, not him personally.


Funny thing: I have actually voted for Democrats in the past. It is just the useless policies they have now that I hate


Can ANY of you liberal freaks explain WHY all these people who posted signs and chanted to "kill Bush" were not arrested??  Have all of you forgotten all about that??  I am sure you conveniently have.  And how many signs are there about the "anointed" one YOU voted for with this type of HATRED?  Ha! Ha!  I did not think so.  Oh, you liberals do NOT want to be reminded of your own sect, your own party or your own race?  Ha! Ha!  WHO are the HATERS and the RACISTS?? 

Oh, you will NOT find this collection of photos with your great liberal news agencies.  Just scoll down and view pictures of yourself.  In fact, I am sure a few of YOU are pictured or WISH you were pictured with your fellow losers.  So how many liberal democrack politicians make you feel so proud of being citizen of the great nation?  Well, after viewing this pictures, I can see WHY you HATE the United States so much.  Ha! Ha!


6079 Smith W


bs writes:   “Funny thing I don't hate Bush, just his policies. And I always talk about his policies, not him personally.”   If true, then why did you write the following on Sept. 22:   “Could you imagine a Bushbot questioning der leader?”  

“Der leader” isn't personal? LOL

brutus smith

How many people came packin to a Bush event? 


What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? WOW. You sure are hung up on GWB. Obsession almost


I can understand why democraps are exhausted, How many lies, half truths and wasted federal spending can you defend, knowing full well that Nov. 2 is Independence Day and the beginning of the end for the regime.  

Warning, warning, stand by for a brutie babble & rant.

democraps, higher taxes, unemployed Nov.2......