BLOG: Redfern On Cuyahoga Corruption: Yeah, I Guess They Should Resign

Bryan Dubois
Sep 19, 2010


As you all know, Cuyahoga County public officials are falling asleep at night praying that they don't somehow get implicated along with the already indicted former auditor Frankie Russo and Jimmy Dimora.  (And a long list of family members, acquaintances and business associates of these two mobster-throwbacks)

As I flipped through the Register the other day I saw this piece about Ohio Dem chairman Chris Redfern and how he supposedly very concerned about the corruption charges among fellow party members in Cleveland:

Not having seen a press release regarding Redfern's opinion that the indicted Democrats should resign, I emailed Tom Jackson to see if Redfern's statements were sent in a press release or if they were a result of a phone call made to Redfern's office.  The difference being that press releases are proactive, while answering questions is a reactive response.   If Redfern sent his statements out in a press release - he really meant what he was saying.   If Redfern made the statements when asked specifically about the situation he was only saying what he had to in order to make it appear that he was against public corruption.

Turns out that Redfern made the statement only when pressed during a phone conversation with Jackson.

Look at Redfern's frequently updated twitter feed and see if you can find any statement Redfern made about the Cuyahoga County situation.  I read back into July and saw nothing.

IMO: Redfern couldn't care less about the Cuyahoga County situation.  He probably cares about it only to the extent that it embarasses the party.  And this is not the time to embarass the party.


Julie R.

You can bet Redfern knew what was going on just like that joke Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason did!  That's one boy (Mason) that I would LOOOOOVE to see go down-------along with a few of his good old buddies from Erie County.


you hid behind elsbeth for all those years, destroying your family, losing your job, getting arrested. 


Julie R.

RE: johnsmith100

Your comment doesn't make any sense.  Who are you referring to that "hid behind elsebeth for all those years, destroyed their career, lost their job and got arrested?"  Are you referring to Chris Redfern?