BLOG: Guerra doesn't want to slip up when publicity is gone

Annette Guerra
Sep 15, 2010


This past week has been kinda different for me.  After coming back from vacation and gaining 4.5 pounds, I decided I wanted to change things up a little bit and see what life if gonna be like after the competition is over.

So I asked my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, if I could have a week to myself to do my own thing.  My own workouts, my own workout schedule and trying to stick to a good eating habit  without having anyone to report to.  

He agreed and well I'm happy to report that I'm about a half week into this experiment and things are looking up for me. I did manage in this week to lose the 4.5 pounds that I put on over vacation, soo at least I know I'm on the right path. 

I needed to find out for myself that when all of this is over, the trainers are done and all the publicity is gone that I won't go back to the old me. I am so disgusted with the old me and can't believe that I ever let myself go that far into obesity.

I know I have come along way in this competition, especially when it comes to the eating healthy part. But I think I have gotten a good grasp on what works for me. Now, of course, the foods that work for me to lose weight may not work for someone else.  Each person that is trying to diet needs to experiment and find what works for them.

There is a girl at Outback Steakhouse, where I work, that has lost 13 pounds.  I'm really proud of her accomplishment.  It just takes that one step to get you going and you should never look back.  

She came to me over the weekend asking me what she should eat.  I managed to give her some suggestions, but in the end told her to do a little exploring and that obviously what she had been doing for the 13 pounds was working. 

It made me feel really good that people look up to me and trust me to ask for my advice.