Video: Sandusky Ironman Finish

Bryan Dubois
Sep 13, 2010


I'm surprised that we haven't seen much coverage of the Rev3 Triathlon over the weekend.

Not knowing how how big of an event this was,  I was suprised to see a half dozen film crews, helicopters and tractor trailers full of equipment parked in the CP parking lot.

We were at the finish line when the winner came across...

Keep in mind this man just swam 2.5 miles, biked 100 miles - and then ran a full 26 mile marathon - in just over 8 hours:

Revolution 2 Ironman Sandusky Ohio from Hippocampus Digital Media 

And he had energy left to celebrate at the end...



I sure hope the Register covers the results of the competition.  These folks were still running through the downtown after 9 p.m.  


wow i didn't know ironman was in town!! Was warmachine with him?

Bryan Dubois

Yeah, never mind about that "lack of coverage."  Today's print edition of the SR has several articles on the triathlon.


 The race was awesome! This was my first Ironman attempt & finish! The volunteers and staff were wonderful. They even put a pic of me running on the sports page! Great stories today!


good job Fiddledee

That was a very tough event and for you to finish is a great accomplishment!!!

Bryan Dubois

Fiddledee, I'm envious!  Congratulations on finishing and way to go!

Bryan Dubois


And these are the cheap ones! 

And it doesn't even have the wheels on it...sheesh.


 Thanks for the kind words! it was a very tough  accomplishment and took a year of training! Finishing was worth it though!


 Just as a matter of clarification. The number on the calf of each runner signifies the runner's age not their registration  number.


 As a matter of re-clarification, the left calf normally has the age and right calf has the racer least where I've been.


Glad to see the local guy, Alex Etchill, was 20th overall and 15th out of the men in the full "rev". And I thought he was just crazy for riding his bike down near Norwalk (and back)......Great job Alex! Race Results:

duh goat

this was a good "happening" for the area.We b on the "map". YA BABY.