BLOG: When Good Animals Go Bad

Jason Singer
Jan 4, 2011


Last month, a bear killed one of its caretakers, Brent Kandra, 24, just outside of Cleveland.

In February 2009, a chimpanzee mauled the face of Charla Nash, leaving her blind and disfigured for life.

In 2005 in Minneapolis, a pet tiger left a 10-year-old boy paralyzed and on a respirator after it got loose and attacked him.

Gov. Ted Strickland recently made it illegal to sell or own exotic pets in Ohio, but in many other states, it's still legal. A new documentary, "The Elephant in the Living Room," explores the arguments between those who oppose exotic pets and those who support and own them.

Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore called "Elephant" "one of the scariest, most entertaining and technically perfect documentaries" he's seen. It will debut in Cleveland on Oct. 15 at the Cedar Lee Theatre.

I'm going to interview the director, Mike Webber, art the premiere, as well as public safety officer Tim Harrison, a talking head in the documentary. In his career, Harrison has captured more alligators, crocodiles, lions, bears, tigers and deadly snakes than anyone on the planet. (You may have seen him on Animal Planet, CNN or the Discovery Channel).

But for now, I'll leave you with this trailer for the upcoming movie. Hopefully, I'll see you at the premiere on Oct. 15.



If you don't tease the animals, they won't bite your face off.


The human species is really stupid compared to animals. Only stupid people would treat a chimp as a human or keep dangerous animals. Almost every week I read where a mother allowed a live in boyfriend to abuse or injure a child. Animals take care of their young. Check out this doe protecting her fawn. 

nosey rosey

In the case of the bear and the chimp, the human was at fault, not the animal.  The woman who was attacked by the chimp was called by the owner to come and help her get the chimp back under control.  She went and because she did, she paid the price.  The man with the bear either trusted the animal too much or was reckless.  Either way, he was wrong. 


Awesome video Salvatore.


There are no such thing as bad pets, there are only bad owners !