BLOG: Guerra splurges on clothes that fit

Annette Guerra
Sep 8, 2010


This past week has been sooo awesome! My family and I finally went on our first family vacation and it couldn't of been better.

We had so much fun visiting Kings Island and the Cincinnati Zoo, but I have to say my favorite part of all had to be the outlet mall shopping!  Before this challenge, I used to absolutely HATE shopping. I would always walk into a store and have to shop in the men's department or the plus department cause that was the only stuff that would fit.  

It felt so good to go into a store this weekend and buy women's clothes!  I spent so much money, but it was clothes that I needed. I'm tired of wearing baggy 2XL shirts. I love my size large shirts now and I love to shop!

I also decided to take a new photo in my new swimsuit.  I uploaded it to my computer and WOW!  What a difference since the first swimsuit photo at the beginning of the competition.  And even after looking at the rest of the vacation photos, I am so happy with myself as how far I have come and I feel great!

So obviously with me being gone on vacation, I haven't been able to workout with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, much.  But I did manage to use the hotels fitness center a few times while I was there.

I have definitely switched over from vacation mode into "lets get down to business" mode.  I have a feeling this month is going to be great if not one of the best yet!

Don't forget to be looking for new photos and article in the Sept. 14 Register.