BLOG: Mortus sticks to healthy eating during day trip

Gary Mortus
Sep 8, 2010


The month of August and summer have flown by and I seem to be on track for September. I feel am doing better with the diet and moving toward my goals.

On Sept. 14, FIT magazine will be published in the paper and my results for August will be included. 

This past week, I worked with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance on Aug. 31 and Sept. 3.

Derek was out of town on Sept.3, so we worked on a couple sets of muscles each time to cover missing the third session. I know Derek is heading me in the right direction, but I still need to drive myself harder on off days.

This will always be a challenge due to my schedule and making the time to

work out. It is surprising how guilty I feel when I don't make the time. I

guess that is a good thing.

This past weekend, I was busy around the house and did venture out for some day trips. On Sept. 5, my wife, Carrie, and I decided to venture to Frankenmuth for the day and had an enjoyable trip. We did eat at Zenders restaurant and had the buffet. I stuck to my diet and still enjoyed dinner. 

I am starting to see how it is easier to eat in moderation and not over indulge. This is very important for my ongoing change of eating habits. I’m now at the point where I stop and think before ordering or making a selection from a buffet. I admit that I did have dessert, but only ate half.

On Sept. 6, I attended a memorial service and reception for my sister-law's mother. I had many comments on my weight loss, which is always good to hear. That same day, I enjoyed cooking on the grill and having a picnic with the family at home.