There's Blood In The Water

Bryan Dubois
Sep 5, 2010

Who here doesn't believe there will be a Democratic blood-letting in November?

They're giving up on their most vulnerable.  (In keeping with the party's ideals.)

The left is hopelessly out of touch.  

They insult the opposition by calling them "teabagging rednecks" and their most blind faithful still believe that holding the current suicidal course is the way to go.

The beautiful thing about this situation is that a Democrat's only chance to hold onto their office is to distance themselves from the radical agenda of Obama - which weakens the president.  Not that he needed any help with that - it's just easier for the average person to admit the emporer has no clothes when the president isn't surrounded by nodding Democrats blindly and unquestioningly supporting his agenda.  The supporters in office are dwindling - and the average Joe is questioning what Obama is doing for him.

Meanwhile the right is rallying...

November will be most entertaining...


Erie Voices

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With a unified majority comes the power of Subpoena..

Julie R.

Mr. Dubois: I saw the comment made by Erie Voices and could make no sense of it so I'm curious as to why it was deleted for personal attacks..............

Julie R.


I missed the comments by Erie Voices. Can anybody give me a general idea why the comments were deleted or what Erie Voices wrote?

Julie R.

Salvatore, I think it said something about getting fired from the railroad and something about Republicans.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


I guess I am old when I recall what a what a great president said many years ago on his Inauguration Day; "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". President John F. Kennedy said those words on January 20, 1960. It took eight years for this country to get into the mess that Bush put us in. He spend our money like a drunken sailor while in office. I will give President Obama more time because it will take time for the country to get back on its feet after King George's regime. The Republician Party has been critical of everything that  President Obama tries to do. They think this coming election will be a cake walk for their party. I did not see many Republicians asking Bush to help them campaign when running for office. If people would look back to 1980 and realize that only one Democrat held the presidency in the last 28 years. Times were good those eight years under President Clinton. Look what the Republicians did to this country their twenty years in office.


I agree that President Bush's spending was more than what it should have been, but if it is the issue of spending that has you concerned then I am perplexed by your ability to stand by President Obama. Just briefly looking at his spending over the past year shows that Mr. Obama is a profligate politician whose spending has been ridiculous and out of touch with the American public since he took office in January of 2009.

Just remember that a government that is powerful enough to provide you with everything first has to take everything away. It really has become about the redistribution of wealth, and I do not feel that it is the government's right or responsibility to be in charge of such a task.


I completely understand what you are saying.When President Clinton left office this great country had a surplus and never depended on other countries for money. After President Bush's failed presidency, why would anyone ever want to be president is beyond my imagination? Coming into office and inheriting two wars, incouraging mass exit of companies overseas, unemployment rising, his blunder in New Orleans, and I could go on further. What would you do in that situation? Senator McCain saw what was happening in 2008 and the Republician Congress did not try and stop our eventual recession. Bush just kept spending like a drunkin sailor. President Obama started working on our countries problem long before being sworn in as president. What did Bush do? Spend more money and put the country further in debt. I do not have the answers but I sure pray that President Obama does.

Please tell me why the United States ever invaded Iraq. I have been trying to figure that question now for years. After all, most of the terrorist came from Saudi Arabia. That's the country the United States should have invaded. I understand the Bush family are very friendly with the Saudi's and made millions of dollars in Arab oil. Maybe that's the reason? Whatever the reason for invading Iraq, over 4,000 Americans soldiers (heroes) died for what. To make the rich richer. 

brutus smith

Reagan and Bush redistributed the wealth from the middle class to the rich. Well guess what, we come to get our money back.