Perkins To Go To One-Hauler Monopoly?

Bryan Dubois
Sep 3, 2010


I'm posting this flyer I just got in the mail for anyone who has insight on the topic.

Just wanted to get a dialogue started in case anyone else has questions for the trustees.  (I'll ask the trustees if you post your questions.)

It had a Pipe Street return address, so I'm assuming it came from the Canfield Hartley office...


old dog

I am from Huron Township and have used this Pipe Street hauler for about 20 years. They have gone  out of their way to provide the best service thruout the years and at a very reasonable cost. I have never had to pick up any waste from the yard or road after they have by, where I can not say that about some of the other big contractors. I have seen one mess after the other after they went by. I certainly hope that the people of Perkins keeps this thought in the back of their minds.


I agree with Old Dog. I too use Canfield Hartly for our trash service.  They are extremely responsive and customer friendly.  Now mind you, this is just trash pick-up.  But we are one of thousands of customers and they follow our unique preferences every single week they pick-up.

If the Erie County Gang of Three deem local trash hauler competition to be based most likely on cost comparsion only (eliminating our option to choose based on what is more important to us), we lose but one more freedom.  And likely, we will lose one more business.

And most of us work still work for private employers (hopefully... after all... someone has to pay for these governmental idiots).   But they are not entirely to blame.  On the May 4th ballot Erie County voters were given the choice of giving the Erie County Gang of 3 authority to use the jack boot of government (you know… the guys that use guns when we don’t like their decisions) to bully business with aggregation authority.  Naturally the Erie County voter (Mensa candidates all) gave them this authority.  

Clearly, Central Planning of the People's Republic of Erie County know what's best for us.  They will decide who you can and who you cannot purchase these services.   And they will drive all these undeserving businesses out businesss for our own good. 

So Erie County voter, continute to stand around looking at all the empty buildings that used to house thriving businesses and wonder why they closed or moved to Mississippi (the places where government is still small) and wonder where all those ex-employees work now. 


I also use Canfield and while my neighbors sometimes wonder where their hauler is, I never do.  They go out of their way to help and are extremely reasonable and customer-friendly. 

It would be horrible if government once again works to put a small business owner out of business.  Government isn't supposed to make all of our decisions for us are they? 


I voted to let them bid. This is total bs to allow a one trash hauler, Why possible put more people out of work?

Bryan Dubois

Are there any advantages to a one-hauler system?  (Just trying to understand why the gov wants to consider this.)


 Folks, this is just a money grab by the county to cover some of their debt. The cost of my refuse pickup will increase by 200%. My father-in-law's cost will increase 400%. We both recycle. This is another way the government is forcing people into recycling and making some more money on the side. Just say no. The government cannot force you to use their special plan.


The one-hauler system isn't about efficiency. We've got efficient haulers in Erie County (Canfield-Hartley being one of them). In fact, a count-wide system would DECREASE efficiency. And it isn't about cost savings. Cost would RISE. It's not even about recycling. You'd like be forced both to recycle and to pay for the privilege. (Didn't anybody read last week about Cleveland putting RFID tags in refuse containers to monitor everyone's trash so it can actually go after those people who don't recycle, or who don't recycle "enough?") And it SURE as heck isn't about creating jobs since jobs would be LOST under a one-hauler system!

What, then, is a one-hauler system all about? GOVERNMENT CONTROL, including an insatiable desire to bend the taxpayer over at any possible opportunity to extort still more taxes and "fees" to feed its own greedy existence.

Voting to let government officials have the authority to play with your pocketbook like that was idiocy. Letting them actually DO so will be insanity!


We also received this flyer in the mail. I am from Perkins (and a home-owner) and I can say this will be a huge raise in refuse hauling for me & my husband. We pay for bags and only put out what we need to, which is one bag every 2 to 3 weeks. We used to have a big can and we put it out about once a month. Changing to the bags has saved us considerable amounts of money. We also recycle everything that we can to help us. To pay for a one-hauler system is totally out of our budget and not something that we should be forced into doing. I really hope and pray they do not install this system!!

Keep Focused


I am not a total expert on this topic, but I am well informed and I will share some interesting points with you.   The State of Ohio (Environmental; Protection Agency) is requiring County’s that operate landfills, to put less solid waste into the landfill. Re-cycling is the best, most direct way to accomplish this objective.   Re-cycling is the right thing to do.   If the governments in Erie County do not figure out how to implement re-cycling the state EPA will set up the program for Erie County.   Perkins is a large population in the county. Perkins can be seen as having a key responsibility to help our county meet the standards we set for ourselves and the standards that the state sets for us.   Perkins Trustees are working on this project so they can keep the development of a recycling program local, where the best balance of procedures, resident’s interests, and vendors can be found. The State of Ohio will not do this as well as the local government. I feel it is best to have the Trustees work on this project. Perkins Trustees are doing the best ting by trying to figure this out for us.   It appears that a one hauler set up, will give most residents a lower cost for trash pick-up and curb-side re-cycling will be included at no additional cost.   The trustees have an option to set up the program where a resident can choose to not participate in the one hauler program and keep the same routine they have right now. I am sure this will be an important option to many.   Well, I could go on, but you get the main idea of what is going on here.

Keep Focused...

 Like you, I am not an expert on this issue. Of course, unless you are a mercenary government bureaucrat, who is an expert?    These are not real world issues, these are governmental bureaucratic issues.  It takes more energy and $$ to recycle paper than it takes to harvest trees and and make paper than it takes to recycle paper.  So this is really about the emotion of the issue, and not about rational consideration.   If it pays to save aluminum cans for recycling, the real world determinant of value, people will sort aluminum, copper, and other precious metals and deliver it to Sandusky Steel for compensation. The jack boot of government is an artificial force and an unqualified in this whole Gaia equation.   An elected group of "decision makers" are not qualified to make these decisions. If we abdicate this authority to them, welcome to George Orwell's 1984.     "Newspeak" should not supplant rational thought. Just because you think it seems nice, does not mean it will save Gaia one iota of resource.   Use your head, not your heart!!!  Market forces are far better at sorting out these issues than the Supreme Soviet Central Planning of Erie County.
Bryan Dubois

Publius, I'm most interested in the "Wal-Mart" effect of this proposal:

Wal-Mart gives consumers "low prices" in exchange for allowing the flow of money and capital overseas.  This results in the the outflow of jobs as demand for American-made products decrease. 

Simply put:  Low prices (for goods or services like trash hauling) have a high price in the long run.  Especially if they force local businesses out in the name of the low prices.

Keep Focused

To: Pubilus

One of the most re-cyclable materials is Cardboard. Sandusky Steel is hungry to get cardboard right now. Much of the cardboard is shipped to China.

Curb-side recycling will get the most material into the world markets; cardboard, aluminum etc.

As a society, we value convience more than taking the time to figure out the best thing to do. Given this, their is a real opportunity for a partnership between privite business and government to make it easy for people to do the right thing. Many times, a lot of information is needed to know the right thing to do. While government often doesn't get it right, they come close enough, often enough to be beneficial. Roads, traffic control, police services, fire services are good examples. Even the EPA  and OSHA has done some good work.

Market forces will eventually drive any issue. But for market forces to have their effect, the people have to become knowledgable and recognize how to use their knowledge to their own benefit. Oftentimes this is a complicated series of events and continous study. Government can help resolve problems when the solution involves repetitive actions.

Thus, waste removal, designed by government , in my opinion, has value.



Bryan Dubois

Keep Focused,

In your view, what is the "problem" here?  (You spoke of government resolving a 'problem.')


Just tell your Perkins Township Trustees to vote it down like they did in the city of Sandusky. The trustees work for the voters, not the County Commissioners.

Falling Down

Like srreader I use the bags from AW and only place trash to the curb every two or three weeks and recycle everything else. If more people already recycled this would not be an issue. The only problem here is that most of the haulers have failed to find away to provide the recycling service of their own accord. So like every social issue that big business has been slow to address the government gets involved and now some of the businesses are crying foul because they have not met the demand for a service.

I agree that people like srreader, seasonal residents and myself should not be forced to pay more for a service that we will not use that often. Besides what I have seen some people still do not care to recycle and will cause problems with the system or just like others due when the pile their stuff outside the recycle bins and throw their trash in the recycle bins.

I think if the county, city and townships spent this money on a staffed recycling center with compactors they would have fewer issues with the currect collection sites and be able to haul more for their money. That sounds alot simpler than what you are trying to accomplish now.

My questions to the Trustees would be: 

How much does the Township currently recycle in paper, cardboard, cans, plastic, used motor oil,  etc ??

Who provides this service if the Township is recyling??

Does the Township encourage employees to recycle??

Will I be allowed to opt out if I do not wish to use their contracted provider??

Falling Down

The only reason I asked these questions about the Township is where due they get the experience or knowledge to make choices about recycling. If you can not set the example do not tell me how you want it done. Thanks Tax Payer

Falling Down

I saw in the paper today that Officials want 50% of Erie County Residents to recycle by 2015, how about these Officials tell us taxpayers what steps they have taken too recycle within the city, county and townships. Also that they want to eliminate most or all of the drop off recycling centers, advise Do Not. Recycling should be an expanding process not a diminishing one, but then again what can you expect from elected officials.

What services are going to be offered to businesses???

Are they planning to increase recycling in the future or is this as much as they want to due???