BLOG: Guerra doesn't have an eating disorder

Annette Guerra
Aug 31, 2010


 This week has been an interesting one. On Aug. 26, the Northern Ohio Fitness Center offered us contestants a chance to get our metabolic rate tested.  So, we all went.

We were supposed to fast for 12 hours. Since the appointment was at 11 a.m., I obviously had to stop eating at 11 p.m. the night before. Well, for me that was a little hard because I worked the night before and we all know that I can't eat while I'm working.  

Well, before taking my test I had been telling the trainers there that I hadn't eaten for 24 hours because I couldn't eat at work. 

But little did they know that was a little white lie (which anyone who is concerned had no affect on the testing). 

I did eat at 11:30 p.m. the night before. But I didn't want to tell them that for fear I couldn't take the test. But the thing is, I didn't actually take the test til almost noon. So yeah, I did do a 12-hour fast.

So, I went into it thinking that my metabolism is slow. Well, slow isn't even close. My metabolism is like extremely slow. No one could really believe that it was that low. But the funny thing is, they are all blaming it on me not eating for 24 hours.  

So since that's not the case, what is it that is keeping my metabolism so slow?????

Well, someone on Aug. 30 came up with a concern to my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, that I have an eating disorder. That I'm basically starving myself to lose weight.  

In a way, I find this quite funny and in other ways it pisses me off. Yeah, I do basically starve for six to eight hours while I'm working. I do get in lots of fluids, though. But the thing is, I only work one, maybe two days a week. So, if that's considered an eating disorder than by all means, say it. If anything I think sometimes I overeat! 

I really don't know what to take of this.  At the beginning of the competition, there was a trainer that didn't even want me to compete and now there's a person who says I possibly have an eating disorder?!?!

If anything, you people just lit my fire! I may have not done the greatest this month and I have figured out personally why, but watch out. 'm out here to prove you and every other non-believer that I'm gonna achieve my goal and win this competition. I've got enough supporters behind me that believe in me, too!





By law, your job  cannot keep you from eating after working 4 hours. 

That's  with ANY employer.  Restuarants are  not  exempt.


Actually, according to the Department of Labor website for Ohio it states:  Federal law does not require lunch or coffee breaks.

Soooo, no employers do not have to offer lunches or breaks.


I suggest you check with the EEOC.     Imagine if an employee is a diabetic.


Lady, I don't know who you are trying to bs, or who's leg you are trying to pull, but you are lying through your teeth about not being allowed to eat at work. I was in the restaurant business too many years(40) to know for a fact that is in no way the truth.  Ohio law and fair labor practices say different.

I sincerely hope no one is believing this bunch of garbage.



Really? Do you work in the same restaurant as I do?  In the state of Ohio, like it's stated it is not illegal to not give breaks.  It is under the companies discretion, so unless you work with me you have no room to talk.  And even if you did work with me, you would see there is no breaks or eating until either before or after your shift.

I looked it up on the EEOC website for ohio and this is what it states:

Nineteen U.S. states have laws requiring meal breaks, but Ohio is not one of them.

However, an Ohio employer can make a meal break mandatory, and fire any employee who does not take one. Many employers correctly figure that employees are eating snacks and wasting a half-hour daily, anyway. So they resent paying for that time.


Which proves  my point.   Anyone that has been in the business knows that there is most generally a slow/slack period when there are no customers. My people always used that time to do up their side work, restock, do a little cosmetic cleaning, and of course go to the bathroom, get something to eat, and etc.

You are trying to make it sound as though you're working all of those hours straight without a break, which is obviously not true.  So, it stands to reason if you don't eat something or go to the restroom during those periods, that's on your head, not the employer, either that, or there's a lot of goofing off  going on and people are not making good use of their slack time.