BLOG: Mortus aims to lose 20 more pounds

Gary Mortus
Aug 31, 2010


 We are heading toward the last four months of the FIT Challenge. I have finally lost a couple more pounds - I guess I have broken through the wall I hit. I still feel confident I can reach my minimum goal of 80 pounds and I hope a few above that number.

The sessions with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance are going well, and I continue to gain strength and push towards the weight loss. Derek continues to mix up the workouts to help with the weight loss.

On Aug. 24, we worked on legs, and I truly went home hurting for a

couple days. "No pain, no gain" I hear. On Aug. 27 and Aug. 28, I worked with Derek and I can see the benefits of training in endurance and strength. 

I continue to hit the cardio on the other days of the week. I did take Sunday off with only an early morning bike ride and I worked in the yard and around the house.

I want to compliment Ellyn and Annette on their weight loss. You can tell how successful both have been thus far.  Both are looking very fit and healthy. What a difference this competition has made!

On Aug. 26, Ellyn, Annette and I participated in a MetaCheck at NOMS. This test was provided to us to find out our target caloric zones and the test took about 20 minutes. The results tell you how many calories you burn with 30 minutes of exercise, how many you burn during normal daily activity and how many you burn resting. Based on those numbers you can see how much you can eat to maintain your weight or how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.

The test showed I burn 2,912 calories a day and I would need to take in 1,637 to 2,045 calories a day to lose 20 pounds in the next eight to 10 weeks. 

I really appreciated this test being offered to help us see the numbers of calories taken in and burned to lose or maintain weight. Look in FIT for some interesting pictures of the three contestants participating in the MetaCheck.