BLOG: A Weekly Roundup

Bryan Dubois
Aug 30, 2010


This week's Darwin Award goes to:

It's like your mom used to say:  "Nothing good ever happens after midnight."

The Register asks:

Are airsoft rifles "real"? 

Let me hit your bare skin with a plastic BB fired at 200 feet-per-second from the muzzle of an airsoft rifle and then you'll know the answer. 

Yes, Airsoft guns are "real."  That's why some of them don't have orange plastic tips which are required on toys.


Sandusky's Fire Chief is retiring.  Now Sandusky can move toward a "new era."  So says Mr. SANDUSKY REGISTER STAFF.   (That guy always has to throw in the unecessary editorial comments!)

Ah....a "new era."  And with it will come the same 'ole habits and thought pattens that guided the old era.  It'll be a "new era" alright - but it won't be different - or better.

Wish I could find it right now, but since Don Lee cartoons aren't catalogued anywhere that I know of, I can't link or republish the cartoon he referenced on Friday's Between the Lines.  I believe it was from 1995.  Lee explained that the cartoon could be republished today because history does repeat itself.

Quote of the Week:

"Here's a dozen salmonella-free eggs."  -- Lauren Berlekamp, at the Farmer's Market on Friday.


Hey, what's for breakfast at any-local-grade-school-you-can-think-of?

The refined answer?   Sugar.

From a local school breakfast menu:

No wonder the kids are bouncing off the walls and their teachers are writing nasty-grams to you about their misbehavior. 

(Hat tip to 'Paula' for that graphic.  The lack of a nutritional school menu is just one of the reasons she won't send her kids to school.)


Can we please just mass-produce a model that just does 70 mph and gets about 100 miles to a charge?  Is that too much to ask?


Has anyone here seen Charles Krauthammer's latest from the Washington Post? 

An excerpt:

Perfectly captures the 'progressive' mindset.  Read the whole thing here.


6079 Smith W


@ Mr. Dubois:

Regarding Darwin Award:

Reminds me of the last words of the good ol' boy as he rode in a speeding pickup:

“Here, hold my beer and watch this!”


Alcohol and firearms - can there be anything more fun?

brutus smith

 Wasn't Charles Krauthammer a prison guard for the Nazi's in WWII?


Repubs have nothing, nada, zilch.

6079 Smith W


Re: Mr. Krauthammer:   The liberals repeatedly show themselves to be intellectually vacuous and so they must resort to demagoguery.     It’s not unlike the vile rhetorical tacitcs and promotion of the big lie, made famous by the likes of the German Nazis or the Russian Bolsheviks which ultimately resulted in societal destruction and the deaths of millions.  

History may not repeat, but it often rhymes.

Captain Gutz

Wasn't  Brutus an assasin ?

Caesar was stabbed 23 times.