Jack Cafferty (CNN) Rips Obama For Lack Of Tranparency, Openness

Bryan Dubois
Aug 29, 2010

He's finally admitting...

Obama-fan Commenters, be sure to aim your venom at Jack Cafferty.  After all, he said it.  Not me.


In The Light

Mikel said that "bush never got on tv a read from his teleprompter that told him to say" you are right , Bshwacker COULD NOT READ!!! EZBOB said " I'm not going to live every day life like I've witnessed and the suffering by many during WWII."  Where have you been since WWII? The only thing that exceeds your hypocricy is your lack of honesty about Bushwacker and all of their lies and causing the injury and death of so many people based on lies. Evidently you value something else over life!! SAM said "Obama has done more to destroy the middle class in 20 months than any other president in history." SAM you need to stop watching the "Soaps" and make an effort to present some ADULT solutions, but I guess that you have to be an adult!!

All of you so-called conservatives must have used LEADER DOGS to get you past the Bushwacker blunders, lies, false wars, creating the largest Federal Government in History, exporting jobs, created more billionaires and millionaires than ever existed, and just what did it profit any of you? Also what are you trying to conserve, keeping the rich richer? Any intelligent person would understand which economic group that Bushwacker supported, one Hint, It WAS NOT YOU AND YOURS.

Show some independent thinking and stop readinf the script that your Masters wrote for you!! Any intelligent person would not be loyal to any political party, but again it does require intelligence. What do either one of you get for cheer leading for your Masters? I still can not believe that anyone would reference WWII as a basis to criticize a current POTUS and not be honest enough to admit how badly Bushwacker Played the Role of POTUS. When his term ended there was little remaining of the "Middle Class."


6079 Smith W


  In The Light wrote:   POTUS Bush “COULD NOT READ!!!” ?   When traveling, Mr. Bush was often seen with a book. What’s Mr. Obama reading currently; does anyone know?   Compare Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush’s reading habits:   http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/06/02/obama-keeping-up-with-bushs-reading-pace/  

 Regardless, being omniscient Mr. Obama probably doesn't need to read. :)


in the light..i think that you are just pi$$ed that you did not have the brains or fortitude to become better off during the bush years.  i hope that you were not planning on that happening with obamass in office because if you did you are really going to be pi$$ed now! 

brutus smith

 There are people on here talking about having high expectations for President Obama. These people always have high expectations for everyone else except the person in the mirror. You sat around and did nothing while the Repubs dismantled the middle class. Now you whine because the black man in the Whitehouse is trying to fix 30 years of disaster. The only thing you consistently do well is hate. You would rather see our country collapse than support anything the Prez does. 


Repubs have nothing, nothing but hate and contempt for our country.


    To all the Liberals that Bush "Supposedly" broke.  He sure didn't cost you enough.  You still have most of  the jobs that continus to lead us into bankruptcy: teachers, government workers, newspaper reporters, most TV stations, radio shows; plus you have enough money to buy computors and post negativity on anything you don't agree on.  You post a series of negative comments about Conservatives and the Tea Party while supporting Foreign Governments and the killing of innocent Americans.  You honestly make me sick to my stomach.  You support Illegal crossing our border and fail to defend "Americans" who want to protect their States, homes, property, and most of all, their families.  No respect for the Twin Towers area and the Flight 93 crash site.  You probably see no wrong with the 170 tombstones that were over-turned in Clyde.  It's all the same thing--RESPECT-- and love of country and our Freedom which you have no problem giving away. 


Re: Bush reading - can't believe no one has posted this old one:



i was unaware that the republicans have been in power for the last thirty years..wow!  just thinking that somewhere along the line we have had a few dem presidents in the last 30.

brutus smith

 We had 1 mikel, and he was Repub lite. You never here me sticking up for Clinton when it comes to policy.


F. ear  O. ligarthy  X. enophobes.



I noticed that you said President Obama is trying to repair 30 years of damage. I am surprised that you did not include four additional years to make it a 34 year downturn that Obama is so courageously attempting to fix--considering the horrible condition our country was left in by President Carter.
The General

Pack up all your care and woes..here I go singing low,.... bye, bye O-Bye-Ma.......

brutus smith

 so lucifer, I mean lucius, are you saying Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush2 continued Carter policies? Really?


F. ear  O. ligarchs  X. enophobes.

Jonathan Beck

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Brutus, I would appreciate it if you show some class and address me by my actual username. I am afraid that this childish game of name calling has become so second nature in the political arena that people accept it as appropriate. Unfortunately, you are demonstrating a major concern I have with politics today. Secondly, I do not think that Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr. carried on Carter's policies. I was merely pointing out how ridiculous your previous comment was that grouped Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr's policies together.

brutus smith

 They were the same.


Wow! I must say that I am flabbergasted by your statement. I am not quite sure how you came to that conclusion, but the great thing about America is you are entitled to your opinion even if it lacks any trace of validity. I would, however, encourage you to delve further into your studies of our current and previous presidents' policies before making hasty decisions and comments.