BLOG: Clark breaks free from food hostage

Ellyn Clark
Aug 25, 2010


 This past week was week 32 of the FIT Challenge. It's been a rough road to losing this weight and I'm not done yet! We have at least 20 more weeks to go!

Like one of my friends has said to me, "if losing weight were that easy then there wouldn't be so many overweight or obese people in the world." 

I guess I agree with that statement to a certain extent. I mean some people are overweight or obese due to circumstances beyond their own control. But then there are people overweight do to their own self-induced circumstances, like myself for instance.

For example, I chose to eat sweet, salty and fatty food. And I especially love these types of foods when I'm stressed out! I touched a bit on this subject in my last blog. The reason I am mentioning this subject again is because I have received a few comments on it outside of this virtual arena.

The comments were basically about how I must be a very strong-willed person to change my eating habits and stick to the new regimen during times of stress. I appreciate those comments and thank you for the continued encouragement.

I believe anyone with the will to change can do so when it comes to eating or changing any area of their lives they are unhappy with. Sure, changing requires strength and a desire or will to do so, but even the strongest people have times of weakness. I have said this before, it's pushing through the weakness that creates a stronger individual.

Because I am a member of the human race and we number in the billions, I do not believe the feelings and thoughts I have are exclusive only to me. It's just that I have an opportunity to express mine in a more outwardly fashion and do not hesitate do so. Therefore, I am in a position to share my experiences and or strengths with others in hopes of helping them to do the same.

So, those of you who are in the process of losing weight or who have the desire to do so, and stress is holding you hostage, break free by reaching for the low sodium, salt free or sea-salted snacks. Break free by reaching for the all-natural sweetener. If it says sugar free, it's not. It contains FAKE sugar, which is way worse for you than regular sugar itself. 

Break free by reaching for snacks that do not contain trans fats. Those are the processed or man-made fats. Stick to all-natural snacks, such as frozen fruits, nut butters, seeds, hard-boiled eggs, and all-natural trail mix.

Once you conquer the stress binges holding you hostage, you will feel empowered to conquer even more in your life.