BLOG: Will Guerra break the 200-mark this month?

Annette Guerra
Aug 19, 2010


Right now, my life is a roller coaster. It's got its high hills and steep falls.  And, of course, my weight loss can be attributed to that, too.  I don't deal with the roller coaster of life very well.

When you think you are doing something well and then the outcome isn't what you expected, that's not good for me. I usually hit a hard depression when this happens.

So, I'm starting to think when I will ever break that 200-mark. I keep telling myself, it has to be this month. It has to. And when I think I'm doing good and the scale doesn't reflect it, not good. I know my stress level is contributing to the non-weight loss.

I also haven't been able to workout with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, lately due to my husbands conflicting work schedule. I know once the kids go back to school there won't be any reason why I can't get to the gym.  But, unfortunately, that won't happen til the end of the month.  

I'm trying to get a little workout in here and there at home, but anyone with kids knows, it's not that easy. Every time I try to workout, someone is bugging me and needs something.

Hopefully, when I write my next blog I will be at the top of the roller coaster with no way of going down.  Because being down your whole life isn't much of a life.