BLOG: Personal trainer pushes Mortus

Gary Mortus
Aug 19, 2010


The past week has been a push to increase my weight loss and it is helping. Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance has really started to push me during the sessions.

On Aug. 13, while working with Derek, one of the members mentioned to me that Derek was pushing me hard and it was making him tired just watching. I have really appreciated Derek's commitment to helping me reach my goals. It shows how a trainer can help keep you on track.

I have worked on cardio and keeping my heart rate in the target range on the days I don't work with Derek. I continue to remind myself that this is a habit that I must maintain from now on and even after the FIT Challenge.

I can see how someone could get aggravated when you struggle with not

seeing weight loss. I have kept a positive attitude and realize that I must change things up and keep moving forward to reach my goals.

This past week, I was questioned by a friend about the program I was using to lose weight. It is refreshing to see others wanting to get healthier and change their lifestyle. I know there are many people wanting to change, but undoubtedly the hardest thing is just starting.