What's Next In The Nuesse Case?

Bryan Dubois
Aug 16, 2010


Couldn't agree more with the SR's Sunday opinion pieces on Nuesse.  They even questioned whether Sandusky "deserves" Nuesse.  I believe that the answer is clearly "not."

The case goes before the 6th District - the last court and the final appeal - but what would happen if the city simply stopped fighting it?  What if they decide, 'this is nonsense, we're not spending any more money on this.'

The city manager has already said that the person who opposed her return is gone.  So who, exactly, is pulling the strings here?

The city hired Nuesse to enact change.  They lost at least 2 years of traction, but if they make it right at this point, at least the battle wasn't fought in vain.

To the Nuesse haters:

Please include the answer to the following 2 questions in your comments:

Is there such a thing as 'absolute honesty'?

Did the city of Sandusky level false allegations against Nuesse?

People wonder why forward progress is slow in the city.  People, look no further than this case.  It's a perfect example of...

Unprofessionalism Willingness (even eagerness) to backstab, backbite, and infight. Sexism Poor communication Poor conflict resolution Lack of reason Lack of vision

How do city leaders let a meritless case like this drag on for over 2 years?


Driving in Circles

Are your questions limited to Nuesse haters?  I don't hate her, I don't even know her.  I have simply tried to follow this case, amongst others, and try and determine if justice is being done. 

It is particularly difficult in this case.  The SR declared her innocent before any evidence was even heard.  Now that evidence has been heard and evaluated, a judge (two actually) have ruled against her.  It is hard to imagine the SR admitting they have practically destroyed Sandusky over a shoot from the hip decision.

The judge recognized the he said, she said problem and gave her the benefit of the doubt in most cases.  He did identify seven falsehoods contained in her testimony.  Since no one  believes anyone anymore, consider just the following two of them. 

Ms. Nuesse states under oath that the Cedar Point PD is co-equal to the Sandusky PD.  It is easy to verify that she is either wrong or lying.  Does she really thinks a private police force run by a corporation has equal standing with the department she was supposed to be running?  What if CP doesn't want a crime investigated, is the Sandusky Chief powerless?  She either has a very fundamental ignorance or she is lying, which is it?

Ms. Nuesse states under oath that computers were not removed from patrol cars.  I don't know one way or another but it seems that the evidence shows this to be untrue.  I think it would be rather easy to verify from the electronic trail of just about any computer.  So either she is wrong, or she is lying.  I believe that having these computers has a large impact on the day to day operations of the department.  So we are again left to wonder was she clueless or lying?

If I have missed something here, please enlighten me.  I do have an open mind and am just trying to follow the actual facts, not the spin.

Personally, I don't think she is dumb or ignorant which leaves lying as the most likely alternative.  As far as what happens next, that is up to her.  The city is not likely to rehire her as they just won the appeal.  Her best bet on returning to law enforcement is running for Sheriff.  With all the cheerleading from the county's largest media presence she might actually get elected.  If she lied under oath, as the judge has said, it is unlikely she will win further appeals.

I have a question for the legal experts out there.  How long does she have to file an appeal?



Outside lookin in

The Legal Industry has to go....Lets see who made money on this whole fiasco?  Joe Cirigliano, K. Ron Bailey, Judge Scherk, the firm representing the city of Sandusky, et al.  I believe the decision to fire Nuessee is a Void Judgement.  Lawyers will NEVER fight over jurisdiction or void judgements because they don't make money on the ordeal..Like I said...The Whole Legal Industry has to go...Starting with the prosecutor!!!

Julie R.

I'm no legal expert but I do know one only has 30 days to file an appeal. I know this because there was a Hearing held in the Common Pleas Court that I was never notified of. (Ohio Law states that all parties, with or without an attorney, are to be present at any and all Hearings)  At the Hearing the Judge ruled that property I had inherited-----that didn't even belong to the deceased owner in its entirety-----was to be sold at a Sheriff Sale through a partition action that a sneaky Clevleand attorney had filed immediately after the 2nd owner's death. (take note that the sneaky attorney did this because he knew the property could not be sold through normal channels because a title search would discover the fraud committed on the 1st owner's half prior to her death)

Neverthess, I did not receive the Judgment Entry from this Hearing until 26 days after it's filing because the Magistrate gave the Clerk of Courts an incorrect address. (take note the Clerk of Courts had the correct address on file) I then filed an Appeal and I explained why the Appeal was late. They totally ignored my explanation, not to mention they totally ignored the serious issue that the property had to be put back into the correct owner's probate estate and they DENIED the Appeal because it was beyond the 30-day time limit.

That's why when the attorneys for the Prudential-Stadtmiller realtor that bought the property whined that he couldn't obtain title insurance because of the invalid (nice word for fraud) of the 1st owner's half prior to her death, which made all acts upon the property thereafter also invalid, PLUS a 4th beneficiary had a legitimate claim to the property,  (nice way of saying the 4th beneficiary had been DEFRAUDED)  I asked them why they were whining to ME-----I told them to go whine to the Common Pleas Court, the Probate Court, the Sheriff's Department and even the 6th District Court of Appeals! 

P.S. Sorry, but I do have a habit of repeating myself.


Mr. Dubois,

Please answer me these 3 questions:

1) Is there such a thing as honesty and integrity? Yes

2) Was she found to be dishonest, which diminishes her integrity by 2 judges? Yes

3) Is she the Police Chief anymore because of her dishonesty? No

As far as I'm concerned, it's over. 2 years was long enough.


Hey,safecracker2! I believe the term was absolute honesty! Are you absoluty honest in your life? White lies count!!!


I wish the people at the sandusky register who keep writing about Kim Nuesse would resign the same way R. Budd Dwyer did


She is done and has no hope of winning any other appeals, that is the honest truth.  She was dishonest and there is no getting around that with any pretzel logic that even K.R.  Bailey could dream up.  All prolonging this is going to do is further drain her pocketbook and the city's.

Let's put this behind us and move on as a city, together.  Let the healing begin.


Captain Gutz

"They even questioned whether Sandusky "deserves" Nuesse.  I believe that the answer is clearly not. "


One could argue that no municipality deserves Nuesse.

Woody Hayes

Juliebeth R sezs:

I AM NO LEGAL EXPERT. For once, lady, you have said something that makes sense.