Be a know-it-all with email newsletters Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:19 PM EDT

Mar 23, 2010


This afternoon we debuted a new email newsletter from our sister site The newsletter will be sent out every Wednesday and will highlight events in the area, including those we think sound the most fun, those that would be especially good for families, and those that we plan to send Spotted shooters to.

We've also started a Special Alerts, Special Deals newsletter at We'll use that newsletter to alert you whenever something unexpectedly wonderful happens, or when we get wind of an especially wonderful way to save some green -- on something really fun, of course.

Anyway, you can sign up for the newsletters at, but you have to be a registered user -- we swear, it only takes a second to register. Once you're registered, you can manage newsletter subscriptions on your profile page. If you're already a registered, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter using a link at the bottom of the page -- but of course, you'll want to keep getting the newsletter so you won't be needing that...



It takes more than a "second" to register. Just sayin.


dude, you're terrible.


Everyone in this town hates you


Hey Mr. White, If you're so proud of that video system of yours, why is there nothing on the Norwalk Furniture situation?

I've checked the Cleveland TV stations - nothing.

This ain't big enough news for ya?


We're already know-it-alls, Nick! Read our posts!


Seriously folks - take it easy on Nick. He's just doing his job. Sounds like this e-mail newsletter will come in handy! Keep up the great work Nick!