Clark's workout set to change

Ellyn Clark
Aug 10, 2010


This past week, I did not get to work out much with T.J. Temper, my personal trainer from the Northern Ohio Fitness Center. Whenever our schedules don't "jive," I take the exercise classes offered at the fitness center. If I can't make the classes, then I run/walk at home.

Once again this month, I am going to try to avoid the scale. This is so that I will, hopefully, be pleasantly surprised by the amount of weight I have lost. I hope and pray that I will avoid another plateau. Plateaus are so frustrating, not only for me, but for T.J. He is quite competitive, and I really do want to do him proud.

T.J. has designed my workouts to try and break through that plateau, and it appears, I have finally done so, therefore, he intends on changing the workouts again. So, I have no idea what I am in for next week. This can be a bit daunting at first, but will be a good thing.

My workouts now consist of the following:  I start with 60 seconds of step-ups, then "suicides" or sprints. Then, it's 30 push-ups and a sprint; after that, it's "flies" with 5-to-6- pound weights, another sprint. 

After the "flies" and another sprint, then it's a 20-second wall-sit as low as I can sit, while doing arm curls with 10-to-12 pound weights. Then, it's another sprint followed by 20 dumbbell dead-lifts and another sprint followed by 30 crunches, while holding a small stability ball in-between my legs. Then, it's another sprint followed by 30 seconds of mountain climbers. This completes one circuit. 

After the mountain climbers, I rest for a full minute, then complete the circuit two more times for a total of three. After completing the three circuits, then it's 30 minutes of cardio. Woo hoo! I'm done for the day. I do this workout three times a week, plus attend any of the exercise classes that I can.

As for what I'm eating, I continue to eat as all natural as I can. I stay away from processed foods as much as possible and especially foods that contain trans fats. I eat fresh or frozen fruits and veggies and try to stay away from canned. I've begun taking a multiple vitamin on a regular basis and not just whenever I remember to take one. I've started to carry them in my purse so forgetting is not an option.