Update: I AM in Good Hands with Allstate

Bryan Dubois
Aug 10, 2010


The Allstate-Hail-Damage story has turned 180 degrees. 

I now stand satisfied.

My agent, Jarrod Gennari, reviews each claim made by his customers.  After reviewing our claim, he asked for an additional review by another adjuster.  The next adjuster paid us a visit, conducted a lengthy inspection - and paid for all damage caused by the hail storm.

I'm now being told that several other Allstate customers complained about the previous adjuster and that that person is no longer working in this area.  From the stories I'm being told, he sounds like a rogue adjuster.  No claim is final.  They can be adjusted upon request and proof.

In fairness, I have to say that I'm completely satisfied by the outcome thanks to the diligence and customer service of my local agent.

There's a lesson to be learned here:  If you don't complain to the right people, you might as well not complain at all.

For this whole story in context, click here.



Well, I am certainly interested.  What is the story on this hail damage  anyway.  How can you just pin point one insurance company and not cover what is really going on with the insurance companies?  How is it that most of the insured are getting complete makeovers and I am wondering if the insurance agents are looking out for our best interest and our pocket books.  I am terrified of opening my insurance billing up next time around.  I don't think it is fair for all of us who didn't claim to make up for the difference of those who did claim and force our premiums to go through the roof.  Long ago, you used to have to fight the insurance companies to even give you a claim and I understand most of them are writing checks out and not even questioning the damage.  The home insurance companies should do like the car insurance people do, if you put in a claim, just your insurance will go up and not everyone else's.  I think the insurance companies are being taken advantage of by their clients and the roofers.  You cannot have a roofer giving you an estimate of which he will get the job of roofing your house. 


It was much cheaper to pay off Bryan's claim than to lose a bunch of Allstate customers in the Ragister's viewing area. Bryan is now the local spokesman for Allstate.

Bryan Dubois

That's a good one Salvatore.

In the other thread you asked if I'd keep handing money over to Allstate if they refused to pay my claim.

The answer to your question is no.  Why would I spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to enforce the policy when all I have to do is ask for a second opinion?   By the way:  I will not keep paying insurance to a company that doesn't settle claims to my satisifaction. 

If the company changes their position to my liking, does that make me an Allstate spokesman?

I do think it's cool that you think that blog post had that much influence.  I don't think it did, but if you do, that's pretty cool.


 My house insurance went up $100 a half when I got my last bill.  I had made no claims. When I called to ask why it went up, I was told that everyone's rates went up because of a large number of claims.  


Actually I think that the Allstate big shots saw your blog and decided to go into damage control. You had someone from California comment and wrote a song not favorable to Allstate. http://www.youtube.com/laylafanucci2  Don't be too naive that Allstate doesn't google any anti-Allstate blogs online. If you had not complained online about Allstate's treatment of you for the entire nation to see, you would have been like other former Allstate policy holders that had worthless policies. The person from California that posted that youtube jingle would have not known about your Allstate problem. Why don't you chastise all of the people that posted their experience and problems with Allstate and tell them they are full of it. Why didn't your agent take care of the problem in the first place? That way, you wouldn't have mentioned your Allstate problems in the first place for everybody to see.

Bryan Dubois

I can't prove any of that theory - and neither can you.  I choose to simply tell the truth about what happened to me.    If my claim was resolved and I didn't disclose it, I'd be telling only half the story - and that's not right.  I chose to write about it in the first place - so I have an obligation to let people know if the situation changes.

Or do you think I should simply bash Allstate with no regard for what actually happened?

William Jeffers...

What a joke.  This only mkaes them look worse.

Bryan Dubois

Allstate resolved my claim to my satisfaction.  Isn't that how it's supposed to happen?

Julie R.

I'm surprised Allstate didn't say you were wearing a tin foil hat.

schnauzer mom

I am in Fairmont City and everyone who does NOT have Allstate is making repairs because they have their checks the average claim is 23000.00 for siding and roof for house and garage.  I have house garage and extre building and was offered 13000.00.  Not enough to make repairs.  the house roof and siding is only two years old.  I have another claims adjuster coming hopfully it will get better.  Allstate was a mistake, I should have pick another insurance.