BLOG: Guerra goes on food binge

Annette Guerra
Aug 10, 2010


Well, I'm not really sure what to say about this past week. To be honest, it hasn't been that good for me.  

For some reason, I have craved every bad food possible. And resisting that craving I did not do. I had everything from ice cream to french fries to even pop.  

Thank goodness I am meeting with my "friend" to discuss what the heck is going on. I haven't been to the gym since Aug. 4  At that time. I did weigh in and I was down 1 pound for the month.  Of course, that was before all this food madness was going on. So, I am going Aug. 10 and will weigh in to see what all this "bad food" has done to me.

I know I promised myself that I was going to do this month the "right way," but man is that tough.

My week has been so busy, thinking about eating healthy was the last thing on my mind.

Earlier this week, my husband and I were approved for a home loan, so our whole week has been filled with excitement and looking for a house.  That's a lot of stress in itself.  Maybe that's why I wanted to eat a bunch of junk.

I will definitely be back in the gym on Aug. 11 to work out with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher, of Anytime Fitness. Hopefully, then I will already be back on the right track again.

Oh by the way, I did buy a new swimsuit this weekend. When I started this competition, I was wearing a size-24 swimsuit. I now wear a size 14. Nice right? I'm loving it. Now, if I can only get into the single digit sizes by the end of the year. Boy will I be so amazed!




One thing about eating good tasting food like ice cream and french fries is that they taste so good. Good tasting food is a pleasure which in turn makes one happy. When one is happy, depression fades away. There is nothing wrong with going off of a strict diet from time to time to enjoy some pleasure at times. Strict diets often fail because one cannot have some great tasting food. I think that a good diet is where one can eat healthy foods but also at times, enjoy some great tasting junk foods. What matters is what kind of foods a person eats over the course of months and years. Going from a size 24 to a size 14 is a great accomplishment. There is nothing wrong with having some good tasting comfort foods from time to time.


Salvatore is right.

Think back to how you used to eat, and what you considered "overeating" back then...chances are what you are describing as a bad food "binge" this week is nothing like it was before you started this competition.

  You can & will have diet setbacks on a long-term goal like this--the important thing is "getting back up on the horse" and getting back into the swing of good habits as soon as possible, and not letting "treating yourself" turn into your standard diet.


Well I appreciate all of your comments.  I just wanted to update everyone and I did weigh in today (August 10) and my "food binge" didn't hurt me at all. Actually I lost a pound!  So I'm back on track and hoping for a good weight loss again this month!  Thanks to everyone for following and believing in me!  I really appreciate it!!!

Annette Guerra


 I May be "off-topic" with this comment....But, so be it!..

I think the REAL accomplishment is getting approved for a home loan!!  CONGRATS!  These days, I hear, it is VERY difficult and time consuming to be approved!

I remember( way back when) lol...Both times we bought our homes, it was VERY stressful and seemed like we signed away our first-born child AND grandchild!! Can't IMAGINE what it must be now...

Just a little FYI.....INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE!!!!  BEFORE you get your heart set.....We looked at 88 homes before finding our 1st and 46 before our 2nd!!  I wish we would have looked and dug deeper before the 2nd!!!  Thought we did, but not deep enough... :(   Knock on neighbors doors..Ask LOTS of ????s  If they don't want to be "helpful", they won't be good neighbors anyway....

GOOD LUCK!! and happy house-hunting!!!  Take your time! You will KNOW the right one when you find it!!  :)