BLOG: Mortus works to increase heart rate

Gary Mortus
Aug 10, 2010


The first week of August went well working with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. Derek has increased the intensity of my workouts to help shave off the calories. The challenge is to keep my heart rate up while working with Derek, as well as on my own.  

The hardest part so far has been working out on my own, so I purchased a monitor to keep track of my heart rate, while  working out at home.

This past week, Derek even texted me to remind me to get my cardio in and work at a level to keep my heart rate up. I appreciate his follow-up and dedication to help me reach my goals.

I hope to get back into the losing the weight and make the turn to reach my first goal of 80 pounds. I still feel very confident that the goals I have set to get healthier, reduce or eliminate medication, and lose between 80 and 100 pounds are very attainable.

The challenge I still see is to push myself on the days I don't work out with Derek. It is too easy not to do the exercise, but I know I must do so in order to lose the weight and to change my habit of not exercising.

I am still pleased with the number of people still commenting on the FIT Challenge. I don't go a week without someone making a positive comment. This has been a great experience for me being involved in the FIT Challenge with Ellyn and Annette. There is no doubt that without this process, I would have not started my health improvement and would still be making excuses why I did not start.