UPDATED: You're In AWESOME Hands With Allstate!

Bryan Dubois
Aug 10, 2010


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Of course you've heard of insurance companies that operate on the "risk sharing" business model, but have you ever heard of an insurance company that operates on the "force-field disaster prevention" business model?

Remember that intense hail storm that wreaked havoc in the Sandusky area back in May?

I was caught driving in the family van when the storm tore through Sandusky.  Thinking I had time to make a quick trip to Target before it came through, I left with the storm looming on the horizon.  When the rain came down in a steady torrent, I was forced into the Meadowlawn gradeschool parking lot for lack of visibility. 

Then the hail started. 

It sounded like I was caught in the middle of a shootout on Hancock street.  I literally pulled up next to the school to avoid getting the van roof dented-up, but that did no good.   The hail stones were bouncing off the school roof and smacking the car as if I had parked right in the middle of the parking lot.

When I got back home I checked on the wife and kids and then walked around the house to assess the damage.  To my surprise I only found about 6 or 7 places where the stones had punctured our vinyl siding.  I could only imagine how bad the roof was damaged.  After talking with several neighbors, I decided to call my insurance company to figure out where we stood on making a claim for hail damage.

Every one of my neighbors who had insurance adjusters inspect their properties had been told that they needed to have their roofs replaced, so I was sure that I'd be told the same thing. 

But that's not what happened.  Instead, after a brief roof-top inspection, I was notified by our Allstate claim adjuster (a member of Allstate's crack national disaster team!) that Allstate had turned on "force field disaster prevention" coverage days before the hail storm and that there was no hail damage whatsoever on my roof! Even though every property around me was hit hard enough to have their roofs replaced, and the adjuster said that the siding on our house was damaged extensively - he claimed that we sustained no hail damage on the roof at all!!

How cool is that?!

Imagine!  I was surrounded by unlucky people who paid their expensive insurance premiums hoping that their property wouldn't be damaged during an act of God like a hail storm, but low and behold, their properties were damaged and had to replaced.  Why pay insurance with one of those companies, when you can pay premiums to a company like Allstate?   After all, what other company has the power to actually prevent storm damage? 

You truly are in good hands with Allstate.


August 10, 2010

I stand satisfied.

My agent, Jarrod Gennari, reviews each claim made by his customers.  After reviewing our claim, he asked for an additional review by another adjuster.  The next adjuster paid us a visit, conducted a lengthy inspection - and paid for all damage caused by the hail storm.

I'm now being told that several other Allstate customers complained about the previous adjuster and that that person is no longer working in this area.  From the stories I'm being told, he sounds like a rogue adjuster.  No claim is final.  They can be adjusted upon request and proof.

In fairness, I have to say that I'm completely satisfied by the outcome thanks to the diligence and customer service of my local agent.

There's a lesson to be learned here:  If you don't complain to the right people, you might as well not complain at all.



Please tell us who your agent is !

Bryan Dubois

Joker and lifetimeresident,

We really like our agent.  Been with him for over 10 years.  Unfortunately, he's not the one making the decisions on behalf of the company.  I guess once you file a claim, you're in a whole new world.


Sounds like you go through Agent Epic Fail

William Jeffers...
Could be as simple as they had Owens-Corning shingles and you had Certain Teed. 

The other houses around you didn't need new roofs either.  These so called hail damage experts did nothing more than bilk insurance companies in the area out of millions of dollars.  Understand that everyones premiums in the area went up thanks to these shysters including mine which went up $400 this year.  The insurance company flat out told me it was due to this.  Hope these morons enjoy the new roofs that all of us will have to pay for.

Bryan Dubois

Hugh, the insurance company flat out told you that?

(What did you think their position would be?)

old dog

I wonder if you can dispute the claim and have it looked over again? Otherwise, I think I would look for another company, which I am sure that you have allready done. Good luck!

old dog

While driving thru the Larchmont area, it looks like a huge yard sale area with all of the roofing company signs in all of the yards. I noticed 1 company had a huge trailer parked along the road just full of roofing materials, to work with. Kind of makes you wonder about being bilked. Just maybe Allstate was correct, after thinking about it.

Just Thinkin

We had Allstate for the 92 Twister, Guess what we had to get an attorney to PROVE it was a Twister ,Allstate tried to say STRAIGHT LINE WIND which is an ACT OF GOD therefore NOT COVERED!!! We still have issues with the home and our local judges who promised to protect us voter's tossed it out, Why because it went on to long !! whose fault mine or the courts No The insurance company kept putting it off and I paid the price !! Maybe the insurance guys won the dimissal by betting the Judge at a round of golf ? Anyhow our STATE REPS should be checking on this kind of cheating but we all know insurance company's are in most of the elected reps pockets, By the way in OHIO we have insurance for those who are high risk? and paid for by the state YOU think because it's a STATE PROGRAM you can get it WRONG the INSURANCE guys run it THEY can turn you down for a STATE run policy !! This would make a great story for a NEWSPAPER ? WOW LOL



Bryan Dubois

Thinktwice, I've been told by several roofers that Allstate is the most difficult to deal with.  I had one of them them simply walk away once I told them my insurance was with Allstate.


When you get right down to it, ALL weather damage is an "act of God." To exclude such a thing in a homeowner's policy -- which you get at least partially to cover weather damage -- seems not only mean-spirited, but just plain unethical at BEST.

That being said, I've also seen all of the signs around town and all of the roofs being replaced. I'll bet whatever any of you like that not all of those roofs needed replacement, and a few probably didn't even need patches. I actually had one roofer tell me that it didn't matter what damage I did or didn't have, that he'd FIND damage so that I could get a new roof. From him, of course! This insurance issue sounds very real and problematic, but all of the insurance companies are also having to deal with the dishonesty of those who think they're entitled to something for nothing, and the crookedness of those who are willing to say whatever they need to say to facilitate what really amounts to theft.

Shame on ALL of the liars!

Bryan Dubois

Samadams,  I'm sure that all of that goes on.  Shame on liars and unethical business practices!


Oy Bryan! First an agent represents the insurance company and not the homeowner. Allstate is one of the worst insurance companies. They advertise on TV several times a night with a black spokesman. Years ago, I read somewhere that Allstate scr*wed blacks royally on claims. Insurance companies pay lots of money to the election of judges in the state for favors. Your policy can state what is covered or not covered. Even if your policy says something is covered, they can still scr*w you out. Why? Because they can. It is called BAD FAITH which is a civil offense. You hire an expensive attorney because you try to enforce the policy. But if you try to cheat the insurance company, it is called FRAUD, a criminal offense. Those insurance companies are slick. Watch out for those adjusters. There is a reason why they are called adjusters. They deduct 50% of the actual damages and cut you a check. Once you cash that check and nobody will do the work for the adjusted price, you are stuck. http://allstateinsuranceonline.com/View_Complaints.htm

Mrs. Smith

I don't believe those signs mean a roof has been replaced or even patched at that property.  

A neighbor has a sign in his yard, and I happen to know he hasn't had any work done. 


My agent is located in Republic, Oh and he does a great job for me.  He has alot of people in this area insured and is an independant agent.  So, if a company does not treat their clients well he just stops using them.  Look him up and give him a call.

Julie R.

Everybody around knows that insurance companies are 150% profit. You can have insurance for over 20 years without ever using it but just wait until you finally need it! The will balk and come up with one excuse after another.  If they do end up paying it they will get their money back one way or another. They usually do this by raising your premiums.

Julie R.

P.S. Your're in AWESOME hands with Prudential Life Insurance Company and Key Bank, too. Just don't become elderly and incompetent.


The hail storm was an excuse to get on the band wagon with claims.  We will all suffered in higher premiums.  I can see if you had a bad roof or a cheap roof to begin with, it would cause damage and I would get it replaced, but having a good roof put on with heavier shingles shouldn't have to be replaced.    I had a rubber roof on one section of my house and the hail did no damage so I figure the shingles are alright.  I think people are taking way too much advantage of this event.  Long ago, you would have to fight with your insurance man to do a claim and now, some of them aren't blinking an eye over giving out claims.


It is well known that when storms like these pass through, predatory contractors sweep in and use the storm as an excuse to win business to repair roofs. They go to a house that has a twenty year old roof and 'claim' it has been damaged by hail. Of all the houses in your neighborhood that had their roof replaced, how old were the shingles on each roof? How old are the shingles on your roof? 

 I am in "good hands" with Allstate.  I have been with Allstate for over 10 years.  I have a great price on both my home and auto insurance...and a great agent, who I can call on the phone any time and I am always able to reach him. I never get a hassle and he actually calls me with advice on how I can lower my rates from time to time. After reading this blog...I felt I needed to say something.  I too was caught in the middle of the hail storm.  I called allstate and filed a claim.  Adjuster came out and spent a while checking out my house.  He came off the roof and said "boy, your roof got hit hard". He also found damage around my windows that my contractor missed.  He cut me a check and I got everything fixed.

Now, this being said..I had two "storm chasers" knock on my door that same week.  The first guy stopped at my door and I told him I was with Allstate and he just turned around left, didn't say another word. I thought that was strange.  The next chaser was a cool guy, but he too was not happy I was with Allstate either.  So I had to ask..."what are roofers problem with allstate?"  He was straight with me...he said "Allstate checks our work".  I said..huh?  He said, "Some companies, it's like an open check book.  I tell them how much, they cut me a check.  Other companies may not even come out to look at the roof" He went on to tell me "I have never climbed up on a roof that didn't have damage"...and then laughed.  I got to thinking, If other companies are just "cutting checks" and Allstate is actually "policing" these roofers...My insurance rates probably reflect that.  That may be why may rates are so good.  Now granted, I am probably going to see a home insurance rate increase...everyone will.  But I like to think mine won't be quite as bad.

No one is asking the most obvious question of Brian Dubois - you showed cool pictures of the hail... you showed pictures of  "all the houses around you that got new roofs"...I get that.  But where is the picture of YOUR roof showing us the ACTUAL hail damage?

Bryan Dubois


I like my agent as well.  He's always been helpful and has treated my family well.   It's the adjuster with whom I don't agree.  

By the way:  The age and brand of the shingle is irrelevent.  The post is a sarcastic joke about how the adjuster found damage all over the sides of my house - but found the roof to be damage free.  Posting pictures of the damage to my roof would have nullified the joke.


I think Allstate is building a reputation of being like any other insurance company.  Remember the tornados that hit Bogart road in the early 90's?  There was a sign posted on the house that sits on the corner of Bogart and Columbus that read something to the effect of Allstate stinks. 

The bottom line here is that ALL insurance companys find a reason not to honor a claim. Especially health insurance.  We pay our premiums then get bent over and not by the Doctor!


Many insurance companies will use the term ACT OF GOD to deny coverage. Atheists, and there are many, often write up these policies with exclusions. If a policy holder decides to fight the insurance companies in court, the judge will rule that the flood, tornado or other catastophies were an ACT OF GOD which allows the insurance companies to win. If the act of God is being discussed in court, why wasn't God called to the witness stand to testify that God was the cause of the damage?  Why do atheists who deny the existence of God stand behind the ACT OF GOD statement in a policy?

brutus smith

 Good question Sal.




Song I wrote about the number one WORST insurance company, Allstate.

Title of song, You're NOT in good hands!


Mama Mia!!!!  What a great sounding song. What a great sounding voice. Is that your voice? Where can I find the lyrics to this song? http://www.youtube.com/laylafanucci2#p/a/u/0/Sx5KnOcgXDM

Allstate is rated #1 as the worst of the worst insurance companies. http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/The-10-Worst-Insurance-Companies/941748


Will Bryan keep handing money over to Allstate for insurance that refuses to pay? These adjusters get rewarded for denying claims. Will Bryan spend thousands on an attorney to enforce the policy? Bryan's insurance payments helps pay for all of those Allstate commercials on TV several times a day to sucker in new people to replace all of the people that left Allstate.


BTW, adjusters dont get paid unless they buy a claim.....its like commission

brutus smith

 bryan will just fall in line like a good little Republican.


Let me straighten you all out on this Allstate deal.....I am not only an adjuster who has worked for Allstate, as well as every other major carrier out there, I am a Hague certified adjuster. I have also worked as a "storm chaser", a roofer who simply follows the work around the country, depending on where the most demand is. No one is afraid of being "policed" by allstate adjusters....in fact Allstate employs the most under-trained adjusters in the industry! However, there are quite a few that are trained very well . They are afraid of what Allstate pays to do the repairs...its  comical..... policy holders dont know what fair market value for theses repairs are, they just assume they are getting enough! Well I challenge any policy holder to pick up a Lowes or Home Depot add.....do the math based on the amount of material needed for their repairs.....Its not enough to pay trained crews to do the work, In fact in a lot of cases its not enough for the policy holder to buy the supplies and do the work themselves! And guess what.....Its a numbers game to Allstate.....most policy holders dont know theyre being screwed and wont do anything about it.....Until a good contractor points it out.....


And 1 more thing.....Insurance companies dictate where the storm damage is.....all shingle manufactures have a limited warranty on their products.....wind over 50 mph and hail the size of quarters void any and all warranties....it takes a trained adjuster to see hail damage on roofs right after a storm....because shingles bruise like flesh does....if i hit u in the arm right now, its gonna hurt, but you arent gonna bruise right away...shingles are the same way, but when they bruise they let water into your home causing all kinds of damage...including mold! Thats wh7y insurance companies run out and replace your roof, its much cheaper than mold remediation!


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