FIT CHALLENGE: Clark plays Barbie doll

Ellyn Clark
Aug 3, 2010


Wow! Where in the world did the month of July go? I'm like, really? Already? It's August?

This past week end was spent shopping at JCPenneys with my husband. I work at Penneys and, at special designated times, employees can get some great discounts! So some shopping was at hand! I was down to one pair of jeans that fit and wanted a bra with straps that could be worn in four to six different ways.

As Scott, my husband, and I began looking at clothes I started looking at tops while he began looking at dresses. 

I love cute pretty tops. I haven't felt much like wearing cute pretty tops for the past couple of years. That's why I wanted the bra. A few weeks ago I bought some cute pretty tops that were cut in such a way as to where I didn't want my bra straps to show. I think with certain tops showing bra straps just looks tacky.

Now as far as dresses go? I haven't worn a dress in a little more than one year. The last time I wore a dress it was to a wedding and it was a dress I made for myself. 

I made it myself because I was having trouble finding cute dresses for overweight women. Not only that, but finding a cute dress that fits not only an overweight woman, but a busty woman to boot is next to impossible unless I wanted to spend a small fortune or wear a self-described "moo moo." 

That's why I decided to make myself a tailored dress. It was made of cotton and I really liked the style, but still didn't like the way it fit. That is because I perceived myself to look fat in everything I put on my body, and let's face it, I was. It didn't matter what I wore, I never thought I looked good in anything, especially not anything "dressy."

So, when I saw Scott looking at dresses, not just any dresses mind you, but dresses with pretty decorative accents, dresses that were sleeveless and backless, I was like, get outta here!! No way!! But he talked me into playing "Barbie doll." As he calls it. His own personal "Barbie doll."

So, I tried on the dresses he picked out. Several pretty calf-length black cocktail dresses. A just above the knee, red plaid, button down the front, shirt dress with a wide double buckled belt, very cute! A purple backless dress, just below the knee, an empire waist with a sequined waist band, gorgeous dress! 

I tried on a lot of dresses and to my surprise, I actually looked good in them. It was the first time in years that I was actually pleased to look at myself in the mirror and not be completely repulsed by what I saw. I actually looked rather thin. 

And you know what was really amazing to me??? The dresses I tried on were not sized 18 or above. The dresses I tried on were sizes 12 to 14! I did try on some size 16s, but it wasn't to accommodate my waistline but my bust line. It felt awesome!

I told Scott, after seeing myself in those "fancy" dresses and actually feeling like I look good in them, I never ever want to go back to allowing myself to get overweight again!! Never!! I told him he has to help me stay accountable so that both of us can enjoy this weight loss permanently!!

And my goal is to lose another 30 to 40 pounds. Can't wait to play "Barbie doll" again!