FIT CHALLENGE: Guerra gets recognized at Outback

Annette Guerra
Aug 3, 2010


So, July didn't end the way I wanted it to in terms of weight loss, but I'm still satisfied that I lost.  

I've come to the conclusion that I find myself really slacking on the whole "diet" thing the first two to two and a half weeks of the month.  Then I try to cram as hard as I can toward the end of the month to make any weight loss at all.  

And at the beginning of every month when I slack, I land up gaining so I have to work twice as hard to just get that off. Somehow I manage to do it, but this month I'm gonna try the "right" way.  Meaning, be consistent in my diet starting with day one.

This past month has also been amazing for me clothes wise.  At one point this year, I was wearing a 2XL work shirt. Well, I'm happy to announce that this past weekend I wore a size Medium shirt to work.  Boy oh boy, were the compliments overwhelming.  

My co-workers and managers at Outback Steakhouse are so supportive of what I'm doing and accomplishing. Every time I work, at least two to three co-workers tell me how great I look and how proud they are of me. 

And for the first time I actually had a customer recognize me from the paper. It really makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something and people really do care.

For those of you that have consistently followed me, you will know that I have a secret "helper."  Well, this helper has really been my backbone this month. When things were down and I was gaining, he was right there to pick me up and get me back on track.  I am so happy to have this person in my life and to help me succeed.  And to them, I give many thanks.

So for those of you who would like to see me in my first "girl" shirt, make sure you check out the August 10th edition of the FIT Challenge in ths Sandusky Register.  I'm sure you will be impressed as everyone that has seen it so far is.