FIT CHALLENGE: Mortus eases his diet; sees the effect

Gary Mortus
Aug 3, 2010


The eighth month of the FIT Challenge is now starting. I am glad we are past July because it was a month when I struggled with weight loss. I believe this past month will serve as a challenge for me, especially since the first six months went very well and the weight came off fairly easy.

I now know I have to increase my exercise and adjust my eating habits some more. I did ease up on the type of food I was eating, which obviously has made a negative impact. I wasn't eating more food, but I did make different choices in type while watching calories.

I continue to enjoy the FIT Challenge and feel I can still reach my goals, but I need to step up the pace. My health is still improving and I feel much better with more energy. I do know I am still a long way from being in the shape, both physically and overall health. The FIT Challenge is helping with both goals.

This past week I was on vacation taking several day trips and two overnight trips. I find myself watching what I eat, but I don't exercise like I should during vacation. I guess it is a good thing that this was my last scheduled vacation for the year.

This past week Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance has tried to keep me on track and increase the workouts to help with calorie loss. We worked out July 27 and 28. Derek understands what I need to accomplish to be successful in obtaining my goals, but I need to increase the cardio on off days and watch what I eat and how often.



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Keep in mind that this has been a several step process.  First was your heart strength, second was the muscular strength and endurance.  With this came some weight loss while you learned to eat a balanced diet.  Now you are ready to really burn some calories and kick it in when the summer distractions are over.  Our long term planning for overall health and weight loss is very effective.  I think you are going to be challenged in the next few months.  "The Squirmin German" has a plan.  Do you have ballet shoes and a chain saw with at least an 18 inch bar?  Oh and how long can you hold your breath?