BLOG: Clark doesn't set goals

Ellyn Clark
Jul 27, 2010


This past week of the FIT Challenge was week No. 28. We are headed into our seventh month of the competition. Time has really gone by so fast, but yet it seems so slow.

My weight loss has been steady. I continue to move down on the scale at a slow pace. I'm done fretting about how quickly I am losing and just concentrating on losing. With working out, changing my eating habits, juggling a home, work, family, etc. etc. I just don't need, nor do I want the added stress of the scale. So, my goal is to keep going downward and not worry about how quickly I get there.

My intention when I entered this competition, has always been to lose weight, develop new eating habits and to begin exercising. I feel good and proud of myself because those intentions have become a reality.

One of T.J. Temper's pet peeves is that I do not have concrete goals. T.J. is my personal trainer at the fitness center where I work out. I work out at the Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center. 

I have never been one to set major goals. I've always been the type of person to take each day as it comes and whatever happens happens. I'm laid back and easy going. The idea of not setting major goals might be upsetting to some people. "What? How can you go through life and not have any goals?" they say. 

Well, OK, I can't say I have never set any concrete goals. I mean, I always wanted to get married, be a mom, have a job, maybe a career, go to college. So, I guess I have set some goals that were reached. 

If I set the goal of getting the dishes done for that day and I do not get them done, I'm like, "Oh well, they'll still be there tomorrow." 

If I set the goal of doing laundry that day and I don't get to the laundry for some reason, it will still be there tomorrow. 

Now mind you, I am not a messy person. Quite the opposite. I very much need order. There is a place for everything and everything must be in its place. I can't stand clutter on the floor or on my tables and can't stand it if the dishes go undone for more than a couple of days. This might sound gross to some people, but there are only two of us living here and we are not at home at the same time that often, so there really aren't a whole lot of dishes to do. 

As for the laundry if Scott, my husband, or I really need something washed, I will make sure it gets clean. I just don't fret over the small stuff.

As previously stated in one of my blogs, my body does not handle stress well. Maybe that's one of the reasons I do not set definite goals. Then, if for some reasons the goal is not reached then I am not disappointed, nor do I disappoint anyone else. Disappointment causes stress.

I'm completely changing the subject here. The other day I totally surprised myself. I actually ran/walked two miles. I mean I actually ran, not jogged, but ran. I alternated between power walking and running. Two miles! I was quite impressed. I had no idea I had that in me.

T.J. and I have not been able to work out together as much for what seems like the past three or four weeks. My work schedule has interfered with our regular routine. This is why he has required me to take advantage of the classes offered at NOMFC on the days he and I don't work out together. 

I think the classes have really helped with the weight loss, as well as the rigorous workouts T.J. puts me through. 

I got on the scale at home July 26, it read 169 pounds. Woo Hoo!! At 210 pounds, I never thought I would see the 160s again in my life. I'm avoiding the scale at NOMFC until the final weigh-in for July. I hope it will be a pleasant surprise for all of us.

So, in conclusion, I'm not a goal setter, but I've become a runner, and I continue to steadily lose the weight.