BLOG: Mortus struggles to lose additional weight

Gary Mortus
Jul 27, 2010


The month of July is coming to and end and summer is flying by too quickly. This past week, I worked out with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance on July 20 and July 24. 

The workouts are now focusing on burning calories, as well as cardio and core. On July 24, the session went well, but my energy level seemed down and I don't know the reason.

This month I am hoping to maintain my weight loss as it has been a struggle to lose any additional weight. Derek and I talked about this on and I understand I have to increase my cardio sessions on off days. That should help in pushing the weight loss and I think I might have to eat more often. I find myself reducing the times I eat as I am not hungry.

I still feel good about my weight loss and I am getting my health in order. These next five months will be a challenge, but if you want something you must work at it and overcome the obstacles. I will make my goals of weight loss, reduce my medications and improve my overall health.



bodinbalance's picture

When you have a long term goal like losing 100 lbs, you are sure to go through periods of reduced motivation.  I am glad you have seen the health benefits that you mentioned in your last blog.  Fitness is considered entertainment by the government, but the health benefits are tremendous. 

When we do the math we also see that of all the weight you have lost only about 5 lbs is unaccounted for.  All of you weight loss is due to body fat reduction.  All of this plus you have increased your lean body mass at the same time. 

Keep it up!  As soon as the weather changes we will be able to pick up some new stuff and wake up your hidden athlete. 

You are doing great for only working out 2-3 times a week for 1 hour.