For A "Post-Racial" Country We Sure Are Obsessed With Race

Bryan Dubois
Jul 24, 2010

After having elected the nation's first black president, we were told that a great hurdle was cleared.  That the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was reached because we elected a man based on the "content of his character" and not the color of his skin.   Two years after the election, we see that this country's obsession with race has only intensified. 

We're told that race doesn't matter - shouldn't matter, but the race factor is pounded into our heads as if it's the deciding factor.

From Border Patrol agents who act in an inexplicably racist manner to the weekly all-things-racial agitprop from newspaper columnists - if race can be an issue, it seems that race is the only issue.  (In Rufus Sander's latest column, can his praise of a conversative like Herman Cain be explained any other way than by pointing out that Cain is black?)  A new law in Arizona is construed as "racist" because 99% of the people who violate immigration laws in Arizona are of one particular race.   Is there a way to protect the US border without it being described as racist?

The era of hope, change, unity has devolved into a racially charged shouting match.

Be on the lookout for the ulterior motives of anyone who cries "racist" too quickly.  (Not the Border Patrol guys, mind you.  I can only imagine both of those agents will be fired in the near future if what was written in the pages of this newspaper was accurate.)  In political debate, claims of racism are often abused to distract from the main issue in an argument.

In Arizona, the claims of racism are being used to distract people from the issue of whether or not the government is upholding it's duty to secure the US border.

Tea party activist are regularly maligned with accusations of racism to distract from the issues on which they attempt to focus:  Out-of-control govenment spending will never be addressed if the left-wing is able to cut the conversation short with a flippant accusation of racism.  (Which I've heard is a tactic being promoted among left wing groups who see how effective it can be.)

A phony charge of racism seems to be lurking behind every political debate.  One dare not make a simple observation if it involves race for fear of being branded a racist.

Where are we headed on this issue?


brutus smith

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brutie, Bryan, & Kimo, bad, bad boys!!!!!!!!!

brutus smith

 Which tea baby is moderating today?


Sometimes when I tell the story of my dad's comments, I make this observation: "Not bad for a Hunky with a fifth grade education".

That will get deleted because it's a personal attack on my dad?

Another of his "comments", "you are kinda like a republican flashlight, not too bright".

Havta delete that puppy.





6079 Smith W

 @ Kimo:

So you chose to ignore your father’s admonition against the purchase of foreign-made tools, but willingly accepted his prejudice regarding Repubs?

Chung Lee

Chung Lee just curious........ since so many wingnuts get their talking points from Fox and Fox is owned by a foreigner Rupert Murdoch and one of the largest shareholders is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.....does that make the followers "foreign tools". 


Hail ye, Border Patrol ! ( as I bow )  Sounds like Arizona could use some help with real issues. Why cant our guys go there to help with such hostile situations.


 So, Kimo, which would your dad support...Buying a Honda that is built in America by Americans or buying a Ford built in Mexico by Mexicans?  And Kimo, since liberals say they are all about the working man and hate big business, isn't it more important for the workers in this country to be employed than it is for the corporations to make big profits?  Please use your democratic flashlight to enlighten us. 

6079 Smith W

 @ Kimo: 

After your father’s scolding: Did you return the foreign-made tools to the place of purchase and exchange them for American-made tools or did you keep them? 

How did your father come to know that the tools that you had purchased were foreign-made? Did you boast to him about your frugality or did he ask? 

If you had purchased the more expensively priced American-made tools would your father have given or loaned you the difference? 

In the 1950s, the U.S. was the sole industrial power – we can’t go back to some kind of mythical Golden Age by throwing up trade barriers. 

The U.S. is the third largest exporter in the world, if we go throwing up trade barriers, the rest of the world will react accordingly and our society will be that much poorer. 

Taking your thinking to its extreme: Perhaps consumers should only buy items and services from companies domiciled in Ohio or for that matter, Erie or Huron Co.?

6079 Smith W

If merely by speaking ill of Mr. Obama's policies makes one a racist, couldn't criticism of Japanese-made tools also be construed as racism?


hancrack me up

 The gangsta rap these thugs listen to has every other word "ni__a" or eff this eff that.  If I were to know one of those songs & a thug pulled up next to me pounding it out of the trunk & I were to mouth along with what they say, am I considered a racist ? I heard some cracked out looking thug in the store the other day saying it was racist for him not to be able to buy his 40oz , Black & Milds & Chore Boy with his welfare card. I say neuter them & put them to work with mandatory drug screening for any able bodied welfare recipient. 

brutus smith

 I see nobody responds to the Faux news, Rupert Murdock thing. Their brains can't compute that.


brutie wetis, Fox & Murdoch is laughing alll the way to the bank, "Fair & Balanced"  Read & weep............ 

Its called the Neilson ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka a good old fashioned butt kicking!!!!!!!!!

posted on 29 July 2010 by Robert Seidman

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Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for July 28, 2010
P2+ Total Day
FNC – 1,191,000 viewers
CNN – 408,000 viewers
MSNBC – 353,000 viewers
CNBC – 178,000 viewers
HLN – 305,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time
FNC – 2,187,000 viewers
CNN – 630,000 viewers
MSNBC –670,000 viewers
CNBC – 201,000 viewers
HLN – 466,000 viewers

25-54 Total Day
FNC –319,000 viewers
CNN –125,000 viewers
MSNBC –102,000 viewers
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MSNBC –201,000 viewers
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FOX & Friends- 997,000 viewers (333,000) (513,000)
American Morning- 322,000 viewers (124,000) (174,000)
Morning Joe- 359,000 viewers (95,000) (157,000)
Squawk Box- 145,000 viewers (56,000) (112,000)
Morning Express w/ Meade- 421,000 viewers (246,000) (270,000)

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Glenn Beck – 2,296,000 viewers (576,000) (999,000)
Situation Room—537,000 viewers (122,000) (218,000)
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Fast Money– 191,000 viewers (a scratch w/46,000) (106,000)
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brutus smith

 Hitler had the most popular paper and radio program. Hmmmm.