For A "Post-Racial" Country We Sure Are Obsessed With Race

Bryan Dubois
Jul 24, 2010

After having elected the nation's first black president, we were told that a great hurdle was cleared.  That the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was reached because we elected a man based on the "content of his character" and not the color of his skin.   Two years after the election, we see that this country's obsession with race has only intensified. 

We're told that race doesn't matter - shouldn't matter, but the race factor is pounded into our heads as if it's the deciding factor.

From Border Patrol agents who act in an inexplicably racist manner to the weekly all-things-racial agitprop from newspaper columnists - if race can be an issue, it seems that race is the only issue.  (In Rufus Sander's latest column, can his praise of a conversative like Herman Cain be explained any other way than by pointing out that Cain is black?)  A new law in Arizona is construed as "racist" because 99% of the people who violate immigration laws in Arizona are of one particular race.   Is there a way to protect the US border without it being described as racist?

The era of hope, change, unity has devolved into a racially charged shouting match.

Be on the lookout for the ulterior motives of anyone who cries "racist" too quickly.  (Not the Border Patrol guys, mind you.  I can only imagine both of those agents will be fired in the near future if what was written in the pages of this newspaper was accurate.)  In political debate, claims of racism are often abused to distract from the main issue in an argument.

In Arizona, the claims of racism are being used to distract people from the issue of whether or not the government is upholding it's duty to secure the US border.

Tea party activist are regularly maligned with accusations of racism to distract from the issues on which they attempt to focus:  Out-of-control govenment spending will never be addressed if the left-wing is able to cut the conversation short with a flippant accusation of racism.  (Which I've heard is a tactic being promoted among left wing groups who see how effective it can be.)

A phony charge of racism seems to be lurking behind every political debate.  One dare not make a simple observation if it involves race for fear of being branded a racist.

Where are we headed on this issue?



Third person Up Chuck Lee, you might want to update your facts from 1978 but, whatever for argument why would the "first post racial president" call himself either black or white, would he not call himself biracial to be truly post racial.  He had a great opportunity to go beyond race but choose to call himself "black",  once again using race as a political advantage.  My disagreement with him is with his politics,  The  far wacked out left feels good about themselves for voting for a "black man" no matter how unqualified he is. I think Hillary would have been a better president, at least I know she does not hate the American way of life and has never been ashamed of her country.


Let me say this, I have CD's chock full of the racist emails sent to me.

They include the email addresses of ALL the people that passed them along, most wingnuts are not computer savy enough to clean out previous recipients, and have not yet learned what BCC is or does.

I have one that has four pages, three pages are email addresses. They are some of the most racist trash I have ever seen.

All this to say, some of you posting the trash; may be one of those people?




I just hit the link to Guidelines.


Making changes as we go along???????

Yo Chung ever feel like the old boy at the wailing wall?

Julie R.

You go, Chung Lee!!

hancrack me up

 Moderators don't even bother flagging my posts that use such words as "black", "gangsta", "thug"  & "NAACP" anymore. Now they just completely delete the post. I honestly believe they have a new group of mods at the SR & one of them is "Ms. Sally" from Romper Room.


You people are a trip. Why is it when one side of the fence criticizes an administration for perceived failings, it is racist. But when the opposite side of the fence criticizes past administrations for perceived failings it is okay. Who is really hiding behind the racism allegations? A perceived ineptness of an administration has nothing to do with the color of a man's skin. Ineptness is ineptness. 

6079 Smith W

Kimo writes: 

“Let me say this, I have CD's chock full of the racist emails sent to me.” 

And you take the time and spend the money to save “racist emails” to cd why?

And why are people sending you racist emails in the first place?






brutus smith

 Because they are probably like you and don't think they are racist. Like you referring to him as the "boy" in the WH.



When someone sends me an email, it becomes my property. I can save it, I can delete it, and the choice is mine. I back up my data on a regular basis, keep most of it on a CD. What’s the old saying? “Say what you want, don’t put it in writing”. As to why they send them to me, I’m sure the reasons vary. I happened to see one of those people at a gin mill, I had not seen him for ten years. It didn’t take long for him to start smearing any and all democrats. I let him go on for five minutes or so. I looked him in the eye, smiled and said, “I’m a registered Democrat”. He looked shocked, he said, “You can’t be, you are too smart for that”. I just smiled and said, “Maybe you overestimated my intelligence”. Followed by “Good to see you, I hope it’s not another ten years”. When he and I did business, twenty years ago we never discussed politics. He got my email address from a mutual friend. Don’t send any emails you would not be comfortable seeing on the front page of the Sandusky Register. They might show up there someday.



Google: michele obama monkey, see what you get. Or follow link below.

This went email version and was traced back to guess who?????

Chung Lee

Sam it is quite clear that you have know idea what you are talking about.  Get the facts before you display your ignorance.  The definition was set forth in 1978 and didn't change.  Have you ever done any academic reading with citations and footnotes and such?  Chung Lee already knows the answer to that one because the only books at your level only have pictures. 

Emmitt Smith was recently on a PBS program that traced his ancestors and they found through DNA testing that he was less than 90% black!  And the DNA expert said that was high and that most blacks are in the 60-75% range.  Anyway, Emmitt is pretty dark so by your hilljack definition Emmitt Smith isn't even black!  You are clearly hopeless.  Maybe you should try to get your information from legitimate sources?

6079 Smith W

@ Kimo: 

Thanks, but no thanks for the links. I don’t seek out garbage regardless of the source or political persuasion. 

Remember the ‘docudrama’: ‘Death of a President’ about the assassination of POTUS Bush? Same garbage, different political persuasion. 

Why not use inexpensive USB drives as opposed to cds to save your stuff? 

An email is like a post card – no privacy. 

I have longtime friends who are libs; we just stay off politics.



I think it’s quite selfish, and reflects the greed, when a wingnut posts a picture of the Statue of Liberty as if he or his movement owns her. She belongs to every American regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, etc, etc. BTW In France, public fees, various forms of entertainment, and a lottery were among the methods used to raise funds. In the United States, benefit theatrical events, art exhibitions, auctions and prize fights assisted in providing needed funds. Given the fact that some of her was French money, and wingnuts eat “Freedom Fries”. It seems odd you would claim her as symbol of your movement. You do remember the “Freedom Fries movement”, It was your people bub. Rush, Beck, Fox Views, etc.

Knowledge is power.

The more you know, the harder it is for someone to blow smoke...........................

A very close friend of mine, republican, "You want to find out what someone is made of; ask them a question you already know the answer to". "If the (...........) Lie to you, never trust them".


6079 Smith W

Kimo writes:

“Knowledge is power.”  

Perhaps. More like: Perception is reality.


Bwahahaha! Like your avatar, 6079 Smith W!


Third party upchuck lee, Since the 1967 Supreme Court decision that deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional, there has been a considerable increase in the number of interracial couples and mixed-race children. Until 1989, children continued to be classified as belonging to the race of the non-white parent, reflecting historical hypodescent laws. Since the 1980s, the United States has had a growing multiracial identity movement, culminating in the 2000 census, which for the first time presented the opportunity to self-identify as multiracial.  You avoid the question. if he is indeed "post racial: why proclaim yourself black when you are multiracial. Ashamed of his white heritage or use of being black to appease the limp wristed libs like you.  If indeed ignorance is bliss, you must be very happy.


Perception "IS" reality to a wingnut.

If Glenn Beck said it on TV, it must be true, that's reality in a wingnut world.

Like the kids say, "it is what it is".




You want "Freedom Fries" with that?


It's time for the SR to clean "House".

Bryan Dubois

Kimo, say whatever you want as often as you like.  And keep clicking "refresh" to see if anyone has answered.   (Don't burn up too many brain cells trying to understand this particular joke, non-capitalists.)

Bryan Dubois

Hey!  What's going on?!   Kimo doesn't want to debate "reality" anymore?!

6079 Smith W

 Kimo writes:

“Perception "IS" reality to a wingnut.”

Thank you for lending validity to the metaphysical point I was expressing.  


Kimo also writes: 

“It's time for the SR to clean "House’. 

A saying from the Vietnam era:

You have not convinced a man because you have silenced him.




6079 Smith W

 @ Sam:

Ya gotta give the man credit as our first metros*xual president.

He probably has a lot of those manly 'skin softeners' on his bathroom counter. I'll bet he smells pretty too.



I have posted this before. All of you people that think you are more intelligent than the rest of us, may or may not have read it. In 1956 I had a 1930 Model A Ford. In those days a lot of us worked on our vehicles. I needed a couple of tools, so I drove to Sandusky, bought the tools headed for home. I got home my dad looked at the tools, and asked me why I bought Japanese tools and not American made tools. I told him I could not afford American made tools. His comment: “You can’t afford not to buy American made tools”. “If Americans don’t support American workers and factories, all our jobs will disappear”. He then went on to say, “The problem they will have is that if Americans don’t have jobs how can they buy anything”? This was a man with a fifth grade education. I sure all you “intelligent” people would have had a field day with anything he may have written. Fast forward 2010. A few other players are in the mix, China, Korea, etc. Americans shipped jobs overseas, Americans are out of work, and the country is broke.
Bryan Dubois

So what you're saying is that as a younger person, you made the mistake of buying foreign goods.



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Bryan Dubois

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brutus smith

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